Best Running GPS Watches for 2018

Looking to pick out a new GPS watch to track your running?   Here’s my run-down of some of the best running GPS options as of early 2018. Having a GPS watch is an awesome way of tracking your run.  As you’re running, you can instantly see information about your run –...

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What You Need To Bring To A Marathon

Remembering everything to take with you on the day of your marathon can be a tough task.   In between the nerves and the last-minute checks, it is easy to overlook a part of your marathon gear. This post is all about everything you either need for a marathon or should...

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Why Marathon Pace Is So Important

Running the right pace in a marathon is critical to a successful finish.   But so many people get marathon pacing all wrong - they don't have a plan, they go out too fast and they crash and burn.   Here, I unfold the reasons why your marathon pace is so important, and...

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The Post-Marathon Blues

Completing a big challenge such as a marathon is a huge accomplishment, but can often be followed by a feeling a bit low.  Let’s look at what causes the Post-Marathon Blues, and what active steps you can take to avoid them affecting you too much after your big day....

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How Long Does It Take To Train For A Marathon?

Running a marathon is a serious personal challenge, and your success depends a lot on how much marathon training time you have invested in the months leading up to the big day. But how long does it actually take to train for a marathon? It all depends on your base...

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How To Run a Marathon In Six Steps

Running a marathon is a mammoth task.  With so much training and things to consider, it is easy to forget crucial things or be under-prepared in one element.  In this post, I've boiled down the essential points required to run a marathon into six steps. Last week I...

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Apple Watch 3 – A Runner’s Review

I picked up an Apple Watch a few weeks ago, and have been training with it since – culminating with a marathon last Sunday.   Here are my thoughts on how it weighs up as a runner’s watch, and how I’m getting on with it in general. I bought the Apple Watch 3 - Nike+...

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How to Prepare For A Marathon – The Essential Guide

I’ve written a lot about running marathons – whether it’s how to beat the 4-hr mark, how to train for one in under three months or why you shouldn’t run one. In this post, I’ve distilled down all the discussion and advice into seven key points. Without further ado,...

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How To Listen To Podcasts On Your Apple Watch

Like many runners, I often use my runs to catch up on some of my favourite podcasts. When I bought an Apple Watch, I thought it would be the perfect accompaniment to my runs. I presumed I could load the watch up on podcasts, then listen using my Bluetooth headphones -...

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The Stage Race Handbook

The Stage Race Handbook is my all-new book: it is a comprehensive guide on how to train, prepare for and complete multi-day races like the 4 Deserts series and Marathon des Sables. I've spent months writing it and putting it all together, and had help from a group of...

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Ode To Old Running Shoes

Normally I write straight-shooter tips on running tips and strategies. Today I thought I'd write about my old pair of running shoes which I still wear. They're still with me after over two and a half years of pounding. They're old and beaten, completely lost any form...

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