Hydration and Salt Levels For Runners – Explained

Hydration for runners levels explained here!  Keeping yourself hydrated is important during long runs, but that doesn’t mean you should just drink as much water as you can.  There's an appropriate amount to drink - not too little, not too much.   Salt balance is also...

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Best Running GPS Watches for 2017

One of the things I love about running is the minimal amount of kit you need to do it.   I’ve seen myself go for hundreds of runs over the years with nothing more than my shorts, shirt, socks and running shoes. However, the one extra piece of gear I’ll almost always...

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The Sub 4 hr Marathon : Essential Guide + Training Plan

In this post, I look at how to train and pace yourself in order to guarantee a sub four hour finishing time. It requires a good base level of fitness and an extensive training plan (I’ve included one here) – but in the end, a sub 4 hr marathon comes down to focusing...

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My New Marathon eBook – Marathon In 3 Months

This week I’ve launched my latest Marathon eBook – Marathon in 3 Months. It’s an 87-page guide focused on getting you race ready in just twelve weeks.   The book includes training plans, training advice, expert tips on nutrition, preparation and injury prevention....

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Introducing: The Half Marathon E-Coaching Online Course

Are you looking for a comprehensive online course to help you meet your half marathon goals?  We've introduced an E-coaching course that takes you through your half marathon training step-by-step, offering access to running experts and a big support network.   Having...

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How To Train For A Stage Race (+ Training Plan)

Stage races (also called multi-stage races) are completely different animals from regular, one-day races.  Be it the Marathon des Sables, a 4 Deserts race or any of the other stage races popping up, you have to be able to run well over several days - which takes a lot...

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Cross Training For Runners

For runners, cross training means doing any type of exercise which compliments your running training.  Almost any form of work out or exercise will complement your running fitness, though some are better than others.  Here, I explore the different options runners have...

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How To Prepare For Running At Altitude

Running at altitude comes with it’s own set of rules.  Altitude affects runners in different ways - shortness of breath is common, and dizziness or nausea are possible.  Older runners tend to get affected easier than younger.    Some runners are interested in training...

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An Introduction To Stage Races

A Stage race is a foot race that takes place over more than one day - or stage.   They typically cover between two and six stages.   Given there are so many stage races with different formats and elements, it’s a wide field to try and categorise. So here is a brief...

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How To Choose Running Shoes

Looking to find your next pair of running shoes?  Or even your first?  Here’s our definitive guide to finding the right running shoes for you.  We look at how to define your running shoe needs, finding the best place to get shoe advice, what to look for when you try...

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