My Pre-Race Checklist – 24hrs Before the Race

The 24hrs prior to a running race can be frantic – you have to prepare all your equipment, think about logistics, remember what to eat – and all the while, you’re meant to be relaxing. It can be tough to keep things in order the day before the race.   Over the years,...

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My Pre-Race Checklist – The Week Before The Race

In the run up to a running event, its easy to get caught up in the excitement and overlook something critical. Whether you're running a 10km or a 100km, your first race or your 50th, having a to-do list can help give your preparation some structure, and help you relax...

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A Four Hour Marathon Training Plan

A 4-hr marathon is a very common goal for runners - here is our training plan to achieve that goal. It just so happens that the average marathon time is somewhere between four and five hours.   This has meant that the 4-hr mark is a significant barrier many...

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Ultramarathon Preparation: Researching Your Race

Besides training, a large part of your ultramarathon preparation should involve researching your race well beforehand.  This is especially true if you're travelling to an exotic location to run an ultra. You want to know exactly what you're going to face during your...

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Stage Race Equipment Lists

Having a good equipment list is a key part of stage race preparation, whether you are running a self-supported race like MdS or one of the 4 Deserts races, or a supported one such as the Global Limits races. I find that by far the best way to track my equipment when...

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How To Choose Running Sunglasses

Thinking about wearing sunglasses when you go for a run?  If you're going out in bright conditions, then it's always best to wear eye protection.     Running-specific sunglasses can cost over $200.  The good news is that you don’t always have to buy these, and you may...

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How To Choose a Stage Race Backpack

One of the biggest challenges of a stage race is getting the right backpack.   Here I explore what your criteria should be, how to test a good backpack and give some recommendations based on experience. A stage race is a race over two or more days, and they are...

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Gaiters for Runners

Gaiters are designed to prevent sand, dirt and other debris from entering your shoe.  They fix onto your shoes and come in a few different designs.    Gaiters are certainly not required for every type of  race - however, if you are venturing into the desert (Marathon...

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How To Choose Running Socks

Socks are easily overlooked, but they are probably the second-most important piece of kit for runners, right after your shoes. Poor sock choice can lead to all kinds of foot conditions.   Some common issues caused by incorrect sock choice include: blisters due to...

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How To Choose Running Shorts

Running shorts.  Every runner needs a pair, and while you can usually get away with any old pair of shorts when you start out, once you start doing long distance runs it's a good idea to invest in a dedicated pair of running shorts. This article looks are what to...

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7 Great Audiobooks For Runners (And How To Get 2 Free)

I find that running is a great way to read more books on the move. Reading is one of my favourite past-times - along with running - but I sometimes struggle to find the time to sit down and focus on a good book.   So instead, I load up my iPhone or old iPod with...

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Distance Running Foot Care

Foot care is a subject all distance runners should know about, preferably before they suffer from foot problems!  No matter how well you’ve prepared and conditioned your feet prior to your run, you can’t predict what’s going to happen when you’re out on the trails....

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