Equipment Spreadsheets

Setting up an equipment and food spreadsheet is key to planning your self-supported stage race.   We recommend using a spreadsheet in your preparation for Marathon des Sables, 4 Deserts series races or other self-supported run.

Here is a great example of one which you can download, customise and use as you wish:

Click Here To View Our Equipment List Spreadsheet (Google Drive link)

  • This is based on a stereotypical multi-stage race format.
  • we’ve included a ‘Calories’ column in the food section so you can measure the cal input/day.  Note that some races have a minimum requirement of 2000 calories/day in your food stocks.
  • We’ve also included a calories/gram column.  This can be useful in checking out which foods actually give you the maximum energy per unit of weight – a key parameter when you’re running a self-supported race!
  • We’ve included a column showing how much your bag will get lighter by each day.  It’s a nice thing to think about as you set off!


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