How To Choose Running Shorts

Running shorts.  Every runner needs a pair, and while you can usually get away with any old pair of shorts when you start out, once you start doing long distance runs it's a good idea to invest in a dedicated pair of running shorts. This article looks are what to...

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7 Great Audiobooks For Runners (And How To Get 2 Free)

I find that running is a great way to read more books on the move. Reading is one of my favourite past-times - along with running - but I sometimes struggle to find the time to sit down and focus on a good book.   So instead, I load up my iPhone or old iPod with...

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Distance Running Foot Care

Foot care is a subject all distance runners should know about, preferably before they suffer from foot problems!  No matter how well you’ve prepared and conditioned your feet prior to your run, you can’t predict what’s going to happen when you’re out on the trails....

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Best Running GPS Watches for 2017

One of the things I love about running is the minimal amount of kit you need to do it.   I’ve seen myself go for hundreds of runs over the years with nothing more than my shorts, shirt, socks and running shoes. However, the one extra piece of gear I’ll almost always...

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Cross Training For Runners

For runners, cross training means doing any type of exercise which compliments your running training.  Almost any form of work out or exercise will complement your running fitness, though some are better than others.  Here, I explore the different options runners have...

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How To Choose Running Shoes

Looking to find your next pair of running shoes?  Or even your first?  Here’s our definitive guide to finding the right running shoes for you.  We look at how to define your running shoe needs, finding the best place to get shoe advice, what to look for when you try...

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How To Start Running

Thinking about taking up running, but don't know how to start - or what to expect?  Here's our tips for getting going, starting from zero. If you aren't used to running, starting at zero can be very intimidating. You've probably heard people talk about running 10km...

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Running Motivation – How To Kick-Start Your Enthusiasm

Why signing up for an event today is the best way to drive your training forward and boost your running motivation. Running Motivation Slumps in our training, waning motivation and a general lack of interest when you even think about going for a run - we've all...

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