My Pre-Race Checklist – The Week Before The Race

In the run up to a running event, its easy to get caught up in the excitement and overlook something critical. Whether you're running a 10km or a 100km, your first race or your 50th, having a to-do list can help give your preparation some structure, and help you relax...

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Introducing: The Half Marathon E-Coaching Online Course

Are you looking for a comprehensive online course to help you meet your half marathon goals?  We've introduced an E-coaching course that takes you through your half marathon training step-by-step, offering access to running experts and a big support network.   Having...

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12 Tips For Your Half Marathon Preparation

Here’s my bullet list of 12 half marathon tips - the important things to remember before your half marathon. Regardless of whether it’s your first or your 50th race, it never hurts to run through the checklist below and make sure you’ve considered all the points. Note...

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