Like many runners, I often use my runs to catch up on some of my favourite podcasts.

When I bought an Apple Watch, I thought it would be the perfect accompaniment to my runs. I presumed I could load the watch up on podcasts, then listen using my Bluetooth headphones – eliminating the need to carry my smartphone with me when I run. Not the case!

The Apple Watch currently has no podcast support, which I found kinda surprising. But anyway, I’ve found a workaround to share with you here that works quite well – although it does take a bit of time to load the podcasts onto the Apple Watch.

(My method involves spending $3.99 in the App Store)

Step One – Download the MiniCast App to your iPhone

MiniCast is an app designed specifically for what we’re trying to do.   The app itself is free to download here from the App Store.

Step Two – Select a Podcast to Send to Your Watch

Go to your Podcast app.   In the options section, there is a ‘Share With’ option.   With MiniCast installed, you’ll see the opportunity to ‘Send to Watch’.   Do it.

Step Three – Send in MiniCast

Now, in the MiniCast app, you have to confirm the action of sending your selected podcast to your Apple Watch.  Note:  the first time you do this, MiniCast will charge you a $3.99 In-App Purchase fee to unlock the ability to send podcasts to your watch.   This is a one-time fee.

Step Four – Download the podcast onto your Apple Watch

Now you should have the MiniCast app on your Watch.   Open it up and select the podcast to transfer.   The transfer happens over Bluetooth and is sllooow.…like, expect a one hour podcast to take an hour to transfer.   So set it up in the morning and have the podcast transfer as you work.

I’m guessing this slow data transfer speed is the reason that Apple is yet to support podcasts on the Watch.

This workaround takes some planning and isn’t perfect, but I do enjoy running with my Bluetooth headphones and no clunky iPhone strapped to my arm.   What about you guys?  Is this something you’d use?





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