Marathon Handbook : How To Train For And Run A Marathon

Signed up for your first ever marathon?

Don’t know where to start?

We de-construct the act of getting to the finish line comfortably.

Our FREE 100-page eBook contains exclusive training programs (3 and 5 month plans), advice on nutrition, shoes, clothing and gear, and expert advice on every part of your marathon preparation.


Inside, you’ll find chapters on the following:

  • Getting started. This section is all about preparing you mentally.  Why run a marathon, anyway?  We look at the mental and physical commitment you’ve made, and discuss what you’ve got ahead of you in the coming weeks and months.
  • Training. We go into in-depth detail on how to get from your current state to race-ready in a few short months.  We believe 3 months is adequate with a good base fitness.  Marathon training is now a science, not an art – which means the lessons learned from countless other runners can be de-constructed and applied to your own training.  In this section, you’ll find detailed guides on assessing your current level of fitness and determining exactly how much training you need to be race-ready, how to train and how to make your own training plan (we include examples and templates).   We also discuss injuries – and exactly how you are going to overcome them.
  • Shoes and gear. Have the correct shoes and running gear is fundamental for success.  We break down every piece of gear you need to run a marathon, and all the optional extras too.  We discuss what to look for when you’re buying shoes, how to approach hydration, and give you
  • Nutrition. Fuel is what gets you round the race, but it comes in many different forms – and everyone’s stomach is different.  We look at the various fuelling options to have before and during a race, as well as discussing your fuelling strategy and how to road-test it before the race.
  • Pre-Marathon – the 4 weeks before the marathon. We explain where you focus should be at the following milestones – 4 weeks before the race, 1 week before the race, the night before the race and the morning of the race.  Here we discuss tapering and cross-training, diet and mental preparation so you get to the start-line in optimal condition.
  • The Marathon. The actual marathon is the culmination of all your training in one event.  Here we go through what to expect on the day itself – this section contains a lot of advice and tips from experienced marathon runners rather than science and deconstruction.
  • Post-Race. What to expect, how to minimise recovery time – and how to retain your new level of distance running ability.


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