A Four Hour Marathon Training Plan

A 4-hr marathon is a very common goal for runners - here is our training plan to achieve that goal. It just so happens that the average marathon time is somewhere between four and five hours.   This has meant that the 4-hr mark is a significant barrier many...

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Distance Running Foot Care

Foot care is a subject all distance runners should know about, preferably before they suffer from foot problems!  No matter how well you’ve prepared and conditioned your feet prior to your run, you can’t predict what’s going to happen when you’re out on the trails....

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The Sub 4 hr Marathon : Essential Guide + Training Plan

In this post, I look at how to train and pace yourself in order to guarantee a sub-four hour finishing time. It requires a good base level of fitness and an extensive training plan (I’ve included one here) – but in the end, a sub 4 hr marathon comes down to focusing...

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My New Marathon eBook – Marathon In 3 Months

This week I’ve launched my latest Marathon eBook – Marathon in 3 Months. It’s an 87-page guide focused on getting you race ready in just twelve weeks.   The book includes training plans, training advice, expert tips on nutrition, preparation and injury prevention....

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How Nike Almost Broke The Two Hour Marathon

Nike’s audacious #Breaking2 campaign – attempting to run a marathon in under 2 hours – came up 25 seconds short on Saturday.  Despite not succeeding in breaking the 2hr mark, it set a new record. And Nike and it’s athletes are proving that challenging perceived limits...

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How To Train For A Marathon In 3 Months (+ Training Plan)

Running a marathon with only 3 months of training and preparation – can it be done?  Although far from the ‘recommended’ schedule, it’s possible to be ready for a marathon in 3 months – here’s how. UPDATE: I've actually written a full eBook on how to prepare for a...

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Why You Shouldn’t Run A Marathon

Our counter argument against the marathon - a call to action for everyone who just wants to run for the sake of running. People put a lot of weight into the significance of running a marathon. It's an achievement that is universally applauded, a badge of honour.  You...

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Why You Should Run A Marathon

Considering committing to a marathon?  Read on for more on the health, psychological and social benefits of signing up for a marathon: "The journey to the finish line of a marathon is like any great one – it’s long, it requires a lot of effort and pain, there will be...

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Virgin London Marathon – Race Report

26.2 miles of rhinos, velociraptors, carnival music and high fives – the London marathon is one of the most surreal and wonderful road races to experience in the UK.  Coming back from a dislocated knee, Megan Davies shares her experiences from her comeback run . . ....

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