How Nike Almost Broke The Two Hour Marathon

Nike’s audacious #Breaking2 campaign – attempting to run a marathon in under 2 hours – came up 25 seconds short on Saturday.  Despite not succeeding in breaking the 2hr mark, it set a new record. And Nike and it’s athletes are proving that challenging perceived limits...

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How To Train For A Marathon In 3 Months (+ Training Plan)

Running a marathon with only 3 months of training and preparation – can it be done?  Although far from the ‘recommended’ schedule, it’s possible to be ready for a marathon in 3 months – here’s how. UPDATE: I've actually written a full eBook on how to prepare for a...

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Why You Shouldn’t Run A Marathon

Our counter argument against the marathon - a call to action for everyone who just wants to run for the sake of running. People put a lot of weight into the significance of running a marathon. It's an achievement that is universally applauded, a badge of honour.  You...

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Why You Should Run A Marathon

Considering committing to a marathon?  Read on for more on the health, psychological and social benefits of signing up for a marathon: "The journey to the finish line of a marathon is like any great one – it’s long, it requires a lot of effort and pain, there will be...

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Virgin London Marathon – Race Report

26.2 miles of rhinos, velociraptors, carnival music and high fives – the London marathon is one of the most surreal and wonderful road races to experience in the UK.  Coming back from a dislocated knee, Megan Davies shares her experiences from her comeback run . . ....

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Mumbai Marathon (SCMM) – Race Report

City marathons are a total different beast from trails and ultras, and the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon offers a unique chance to see the Island city from streets that are usually teeming with black-and-yellow taxis, cars, bullock carts and the odd Bombayite. ...

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