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A comprehensive gude on How to Train, Prepare For and Complete Multi-Day Stage Races like the 4 Deserts series and Marathon des Sables.

Includes:  Extensive chapters on how to research and prepare for your race, effective training recommendations and sample training plans, a breakdown of every piece of gear you will need (or would ever want to take), advice on how to manage during the race, how to deal with injuries and when things go wrong, as well as tips from several stage race veterans

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An Introduction To Stage Races
How To Train For A Stage Race
Great Adventure Races

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Stage Race (definition):

A Stage Race is a foot race that takes place over more than one day – or stage.   They typically cover between two and six stages, and often involve the runner carrying all required food, clothing and equipment with them while they run.  Some stage races provide food and shelter at the end of each day, while others have a higher degree of self-sufficiency.  Given there are so many stage races with different formats and elements, it’s a wide field to try and categorise. Stage races are sometimes referred to as multi-stage races.


Stage Race Equipment Lists

Having a good equipment list is a key part of stage race preparation, whether you are running a self-supported race like MdS or one of the 4 Deserts races, or a supported one such as the Global Limits races. I find that by far the best way to track my equipment when...

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How To Choose a Stage Race Backpack

One of the biggest challenges of a stage race is getting the right backpack.   Here I explore what your criteria should be, how to test a good backpack and give some recommendations based on experience. A stage race is a race over two or more days, and they are...

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Gaiters for Runners

Gaiters are designed to prevent sand, dirt and other debris from entering your shoe.  They fix onto your shoes and come in a few different designs.    Gaiters are certainly not required for every type of  race - however, if you are venturing into the desert (Marathon...

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How To Train For A Stage Race (+ Training Plan)

Stage races (also called multi-stage races) are completely different animals from regular, one-day races.  Be it the Marathon des Sables, a 4 Deserts race or any of the other stage races popping up, you have to be able to run well over several days - which takes a lot...

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An Introduction To Stage Races

A Stage race is a foot race that takes place over more than one day - or stage.   They typically cover between two and six stages.   Given there are so many stage races with different formats and elements, it’s a wide field to try and categorise. So here is a brief...

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Marathon des Sables – Is It Still Worth It?

The Marathon des Sables is a 250km self-supported race over six days.  For over 30 years, runners have tackled the Sahara sands of Morocco, battling the heat as they take on the epic challenge.  But as prices and head-counts skyrocket, is it still the king of...

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Atacama Crossing – An Otherworldly Stage Race

Ash Mokhtari has run the 4 Deserts 'Atacama Crossing' 250km stage race every year since 2009. Here, he talks about the otherworldly setting of the event, challenging personal boundaries and what to expect when you head to the driest place on earth . . . The Atacama...

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Great Adventure Stage Races

Looking for a multi-day adventure race in a far flung destination?  Here's our pick of the best stage races in the world right now . . . The Marathon des Sables is the forerunner in this category - and easily the most popular.  The race calls itself “an extraordinary...

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The Way Of Legends – Race Report

In September 2016 I ran the inaugural edition of the ' The Way of Legends ' stage race through Northern Spain.  Steeped in local history, culture and gastronomy, this fantastically-supported event is a first-class example of boutique ultra-running, and is set to...

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