Why Run Far?

Alright, something about the idea of running has grabbed your interested and you’re curious to find out more.  So, why run far?

Well, for a start, it’s worth thinking about how unique an activity running far is.  it’s not a team sport, it’s not designed to be competitive.  There’s no special place you need to go or specific equipment you need to buy.  All you need is your running shoes, and somewhere to run – and there you are.



Running is an almost perfectly-designed activity, next time you’re considering lacing up your running shoes just think of these benefits:

  • Cardiovascular exercise.  You don’t get any prizes for knowing about this one, but it’s one of the key benefits of going for a run.  Health bodies, governments and your grandparents have told you for years that a regular cardio session leads to a healthy lifestyle and decreases the risk of major diseases!  Running is a fantastic form of cardio, it engages the whole body and can be done at whatever pace suits you!
  • No specialist equipment or facilities are required…have running shoes, will run!  Once you’re hooked on running, you’ll never go on another holiday without packing your running gear.
  • There’s no age limit, height restriction or weird door policy – anyone can start running now.
  • Endorphins (a.k.a. The All-Natural Feel Good Painkiller).   Runner’s high isn’t something dreamed up by a holistic cosmic healer – it’s real.  Sustained exercise, such as running far, makes your brain release these magical feel-food vibes called Endorphins – and the feeling stays with you long after you’ve stopped running and put your feet up.
  • Weight loss. This is another no-brainer – the more exercise you do, the more you’ll burn off the excess pounds.  An added benefit that’s not so well publicised is that quality exercise helps regulate your appetite – meaning those binge-snacking sessions become a thing of the past.
  • Running can be done alone or with friends.  For many people, running far is a meditative pursuit, akin to yoga or surfing.  For others, it’s a great way to catch up with friends, or get some space to listen to podcasts or audiobooks.  In other words, running far means different things to different people – everybody makes it their own.

Why Run Far


So, what exactly is running far?  Without putting a strict definition on it, let’s say that running for anything over 25 minutes could be considered as ‘far’ – anything shorter than this is probably too fleeting – the end is in sight as soon as you set off, so you never get the chance to get into that deep groove.

Most runners find a state of balance and flow (sometime’s called Runner’s High) that only surfaces after 40+ minutes into a run – and stays with them the rest of the day, long after they’ve finished running.

Why Run Far


Feeling intrigued?  Motivated?  The best way to stay motivated can be to have a goal to aim for – and if you’re getting into running, the ideal goal is signing up for a race.

Find out more about different Types Of Race →

Decide on a realistic and achievable target for your first race, such as a 10k, find one near you and tell your friends you’re doing it.  Three to six months is a good length of time to give yourself to prepare, depending on your starting ability.  Once you’ve committed to an event, you’ll find that the excitement and anticipation are all you need to motivate you to get out the door and get some miles in.   And while you’re motivated, draw up a structured training plan to map out your training between now and the event.


Do You Want To Run Far?

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