Ultramarathon Preparation: Researching Your Race

Besides training, a large part of your ultramarathon preparation should involve researching your race well beforehand.  This is especially true if you're travelling to an exotic location to run an ultra. You want to know exactly what you're going to face during your...

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Hydration and Salt Levels For Runners – Explained

Hydration for runners levels explained here!  Keeping yourself hydrated is important during long runs, but that doesn’t mean you should just drink as much water as you can.  There's an appropriate amount to drink - not too little, not too much.   Salt balance is also...

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How I Ran My First 100km – Race To The Stones

How I made the jump from 42km to 100km in a single event - Race To The Stones - with no specific training, and finished in under 12 hours . . . Last July, I ran my first 100km ultra-marathon - Race To The Stones, along the Ridgeway in South England.  Despite not...

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Run The Rann 101km – Race Report

Run The Rann is a series of trail races taking part over a weekend in the Rann of Kutch, Gujarat, India.  There are 21km, 42km, 101km and 161km events and the race could probably be more aptly described as ‘adventure racing’ rather than trails  - throughout the epic...

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Essential Guide To Running Your First 100km + Training Plan

Running 100km is no joke.  So you’ve conquered a few marathon-sized events and are intrigued by the notion of going even further.  Let's look at the best ways to prepare and train for running 100km - and what to expect. 100km Ultramarathon - How To Train and Run You...

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