28 Funny Marathon Signs: The Best Running Race Sign Ideas We’ve Even Seen

Time-tested marathon signs that continue to bring smiles to runners' faces.

Whether it’s your first or your twentieth, everyone needs a pick-me-up, or two or three, when running a marathon.

Whether you’ve hit the wall and are powering through or just chugging along at your planned pace, it’s never easy. Motivation and inspiration along the way can help a whole lot. 

There’s nothing better than seeing friends and family lined up along the sidewalks, cheering you on.

Still, a close second is reading all of the funny marathon signs people are holding up along the way. When you see a great one, a huge smile will surely spread across your face and a boost of energy right along with it.

We’ve gathered together some of the funniest and best running race signs to give you some ideas for the next time you are cheering someone on. 

Now, we all find inspiration in different ways. In this list of running signs, there is something for every type of runner, and sense of humor, for that matter. Whether you need to laugh, be motivated, made fun of, you name it, it’s in here. 

Our first one is a perfect classic for those die-hard runners where every second counts. Don’t worry; we won’t let one extra second get tacked on to your marathon!

#1: “If I see you collapse, I’ll pause your Garmin

One of my favorite spectator signs.

It gives us a brief moment to reflect after reading them. We actually may ask ourselves, wait, why am I doing this again, but then snap out of it and remember, oh yes, I love running! This is enjoyable; these people don’t know what they are missing out on!

#2: “This is a lot of work for a free banana

#3: “Smile, remember you paid to do this

That’s right; we pay to suffer! The flight, hotel, food, marathon entrance fee, the list goes on and on. But it’s all worth it, isn’t it?

One of the best signs! Don’t stop; you really did pay to be here!

#4: “You know you don’t have to do this, right?

Yes, we do. We have to.

Whether it’s the New York City marathon (NYC marathon) or just any old race day, you set a goal and follow through with it!

Or what about this next race sign that is so simple, yet says so much:

#5: Why?

The look on this little boy’s face says it all.

There are also some great marathon signs out there trying to make you feel regret or remorse for taking on this incredible challenge. We say it’s incredible, but they beg to differ.

Don’t let them get to you; they’re just jealous!

#6: “I bet you’re Second Guessing this new year’s resolution, aren’t you?

A great marathon spectator sign. Enough of the motivational quotes; I’m already at the marathon race; I need humor!

#7: “I’m sure it seemed like a good idea 4 months ago.

Yes, thank you very much; we are delighted with our decision! 

Running a marathon. Best. Decision Ever. 

Some of the funniest marathon signs are where the fans pretend to be confused about the whole ordeal. These certainly do bring a smile to your face and make you forget about your suffering, even if for just a few moments.

#8: “Where is everyone going?

#9: “Worst parade ever

But some of us dress up!

#10: “I’m just trying to cross the street!

A sign that says: "I'm just trying to cross the street!"
Source: @joggingjeans on Twitter

It may be a while, so get comfy waiting!

Of course, there are also those fans who are proud of us but still just can’t comprehend why we actually run marathons. The thought wouldn’t even cross their minds.

#11: “I don’t even want to drive 26.2 miles

You’ve surely heard this from your friends over and over again. It gets worse as you up your mileage and start running ultras!

#12: “You run marathons, I watch them on Netflix

Yes but you can do both, can’t you?

#13: “You think you’re tired, my arms are killing me from holding this sign

Let’s round these guys up and talk them into a Couch to 5k; maybe they’ll get hooked too!

#14: “I see crazy people

Okay, we’ll accept this race sign. We know all marathoners are a bit crazy, but we embrace our craziness. 

Then we have the runners who are “doing it for the Gram.” These next ones are for you.

#15: “I’m looking at your future profile picture!

Seeing that race sign along with way will surely make you smile and probably change your overall demeanor. 

We could be running on empty, hunched over, and on the verge of hitting the wall, but when a camera makes its way into the picture, we’re all smiles! Stand up straight, shoulders back, and smile for your new profile pic!

#16: “Tomorrow’s an off day!

Rest days are coming, yay! Time to eat, drink and be merry. Oh, and give your body a break from the constant wear and tear for the past 4 months.

Now for some marathon signs where fans actually appreciate our marathon running.

#17: “You’re my hero

This sure is inspiring.

The people holding this race sign could be our next proteges. Let’s reel them in!

#18: “Your feet hurt because you’re kickin’ so much butt!

That’s right, you are. Keep on trucking! Just to note, it won’t just be your feet; it will be your legs, toenails, eyes from sweat, and much much more…

Now we’ve gotten to a few cheeky race signs to share with you.

#19: “I love Your Stamina; call me!

#20: “Run like her dad just walked in” 

I told you they were cheeky.

Fans will get restless, or at least pretend to, so expect your friends and family to hold some race signs to try and convince you to drop out mid-race. They’ll complain about the cold, how tiring it is standing around, and, of course, try and coerce you with endless promises.

#21: “Forget the race, forget the pace, let’s go out and drink a case

You’ll also run into fans who just can’t believe that you would actually run a marathon in the first place and were perhaps confused upon signing up.

#22: “You thought it said rum, didn’t you?

Now, let’s move on to some funny running finish-line motivation. With these next marathon signs, not only will you want to get to the finish line, but you’ll want to speed up and get there even faster. Let’s go, negative splits!

Whatever your pleasure, there’s something for you.

Whether it be wine,

#23: “Whine now, wine later

or burgers,

#24: “Hotties and burgers at the finish line

or beer,

#25: “There Is Beer at the finish line

or food,

#26 “Hey marathoners, hurry up! The half marathoners are eating all the food!

or celebrating,

#27: “The faster you run, the faster we can get drunk!

There’s one there for everyone.

One classic fan favorite is Dory and her famous short-term memory loss. Does this sound familiar?

#28: “I’m never running again… Oh look, A Race!

This has happened to every single marathon runner, and not once, but over and over again. There is a point in every race where you question why you are running a marathon and swear on everything that this is your last one. 

Stop lying to yourself. You’re obsessed, addicted; you’ll be back at it in two weeks, max! 

I hope this compilation of signs has given you some great ideas for the next time you cheer on a friend or family member and need to make some funny race posters. The rest of the runners will also genuinely appreciate your effort.

Grab your markers and some bright poster board, and have at it!

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  1. I saw the “worst parade ever” sign at the Nationwide Children’s Hospital Columbus Marathon in 2013. I told the woman to join us next year and make it better. As I continued, I could hear her friends razzing her.


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