30 Profound Michael Jordan Quotes From The Legend Himself

In this article, we are compiled the best Michael Jordan quotes that will make you feel motivated, inspired, and boost your self-confidence.  

To many, Michael Jordan is unarguably one of the most inspirational figures of all time, and his quotes certainly reflect this. 

Throughout his professional basketball career, the 59-year-old superstar not only won six NBA titles and made the number 23 famous, but he also spoke frequently about success. Therefore it goes without saying that when he speaks about success, there’s going to be some useful advice on the table.

He is also a great businessman and showed his ability to generate millions through his financial investments.

Whether you’re frightened of failing or just need a little extra pep in your step, Jordan’s encouraging words can help you reach your goals. 

Ready to step it up? 

These 30 profound Michael Jordan quotes can help bring some slam-dunk success into your life.

Best Michael Jordan Quotes 

Here we have picked the best Michael Jordan quotes. If you are an NBA fanatic, you’ll love these Michael Jordan quotes. Additionally, you will learn lots of great lessons about sports, sportsmanship, and life through these quotes. 


“I want to be the bridge to the next generation.”

MIchael Jordan quote 1.1


“The game of basketball has been everything to me. My place of refuge, place I’ve always gone where I needed comfort and peace. It’s been the site of intense pain and the most intense feelings of joy and satisfaction. It’s a relationship that has evolved over time, given me the greatest respect and love for the game.”

MIchael Jordan quote 1.2


“Once I made a decision, I never thought about it again.”

MIchael Jordan quote 1.3


“Heart is what separates the good from the great.”

MIchael Jordan quote 1.4


“I’ve always believed that if you put in the work, the results will come.”

MIchael Jordan quote 1.5


“There is no ‘i’ in team but there is in win.”

MIchael Jordan quote 1.6


“The basketball court for me, during a game, is the most peaceful place I can imagine. On the basketball court, I worry about nothing. When I’m out there, no one can bother me.”

MIchael Jordan quote 1.7


“Limits, like fear, is often an illusion.”

MIchael Jordan quote 1.8


“When I step onto the court, I don’t have to think about anything. If I have a problem off the court, I find that after I play, my mind is clearer and I can come up with a better solution. It’s like therapy. It relaxes me and allows me to solve problems.”

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“The minute you get away from fundamentals–whether its proper technique, work ethic, or mental preparation–the bottom can fall out of your game, your schoolwork, your job, whatever you’re doing.”

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Amazing Michael Jordan Quotes Exhibiting His Views On Success And Failure

Michael Jordan’s career speaks of the greatness and success he achieved in basketball. His remarkable achievements were and are still being followed by people around the world. 

Here you will see some excellent Michael Jordan quotes that exhibit his views on success and failure. These amazing quotes will inspire you to achieve your goals in life.

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“To be successful, you have to be selfish, or else you never achieve. And once you get to your highest level, then you have to be unselfish. Stay reachable. Stay in touch. Don’t isolate.”

MIchael Jordan quote 2.1


“If you think and achieve as a team, the individual accolades will take care of themselves. Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.”

MIchael Jordan quote 2.2


“Always turn a negative situation into a positive situation.”

MIchael Jordan quote 2.3


“If you quit once, it becomes a habit. Never quit!”

MIchael Jordan quote 2.4


“I never looked at the consequences of missing a big shot … when you think about the consequences, you always think of negative results.”

MIchael Jordan quote 2.5


“The key to success is failure.”

MIchael Jordan quote 2.6


“I’ve never been afraid to fail.”

MIchael Jordan quote 2.7


“I’ve missed more than 9,000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. Twenty-six times, I’ve been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.”

MIchael Jordan quote 2.8


“I know fear is an obstacle for some people, but it is an illusion to me. Failure always made me try harder next time.”

MIchael Jordan quote 2.9


“I would tell players to relax and never think about what’s at stake. Just think about the basketball game. If you start to think about who is going to win the championship, you’ve lost your focus.”

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Inspirational Michael Jordan Quotes

Michael Jordan’s passion for sports and excellence on the court helped him to become a legend. He has a unique way of talking that makes us feel inspired and motivated.

Here’s an impressive collection of the most inspirational Michael Jordan Quotes. 


“My attitude is that if you push me towards something that you think is a weakness, then I will turn that perceived weakness into a strength.”

MIchael Jordan quote 3.1


“Obstacles don’t have to stop you. If you run into a wall, don’t turn around and give up. Figure out how to climb it, go through it, or work around it.”

MIchael Jordan quote 3.2


“The game has its ups and downs, but you can never lose focus of your individual goals and you can’t let yourself be beat because of lack of effort.”

MIchael Jordan quote 3.3


“If you accept the expectations of others, especially negative ones, then you never will change the outcome.”

MIchael Jordan quote 3.4


“Be true to the game, because the game will be true to you. If you try to shortcut the game, then the game will shortcut you. If you put forth the effort, good things will be bestowed upon you. That’s truly about the game, and in some ways that’s about life too.”

MIchael Jordan quote 3.5


“You have competition every day because you set such high standards for yourself that you have to go out every day and live up to that.”

MIchael Jordan quote 3.6


“You have to expect things of yourself before you can do them.”

MIchael Jordan quote 3.7


“Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen.”

MIchael Jordan quote 3.8


“Sometimes, things may not go your way, but the effort should be there every single night.”

MIchael Jordan quote 3.9


“If you do the work, you get rewarded. There are no shortcuts in life.”

MIchael Jordan quote 3.10

In The End,

Michael Jordan is undoubtedly one of the greatest athletes of all time, and we hope that you found some inspiration through this article. He will go down in sports history for his ability to pull off great plays, and for being an inspiration for generations to follow.

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