30 Powerful Female Fitness Quotes To Inspire And Motivate

Do you need some extra motivation to work out this morning, or having a hard time staying committed to your fitness journey?

Well, now you can inspire yourself with these female fitness quotes and learn how you can overcome your fitness challenges.

In this article, we’ve compiled some inspirational female fitness quotes from different well-known personalities and sources. We hope it’ll help you get started on your day. 

We don’t talk about it often enough, but being fit can be hard and challenging. 

Anyone who’s tried will know that some days, it’s hard to find the motivation to work out. But what is holding you back? It could be the idea that getting in shape is hard, or that it’s too much work. At times, the gym can certainly feel far away and boring. 

Whether you want to get fit for physical health reasons, mental health reasons, or to get strong, these female fitness quotes are sure to help along the way.

Excellent Fitness Quotes For Women To Help Stay On Track

There are thousands of women out there who want to get fit just like you.  

But it’s no secret that staying in tip-top shape or getting the body of your dreams requires a bit of effort. Oftentimes, the main problem is having or finding the right motivation to start a healthy lifestyle.

Luckily, we have compiled some amazing fitness quotes for women to help keep them forging ahead in their fitness journey.


“Train insane or remain the same.” – Jillian Michaels (American personal trainer)

Female fitness quote 1.


“Moderation. Small helpings. Sample a little bit of everything. These are the secrets of happiness and good health.” – Julia Child (American cook)

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“Never eat more than you can lift.”– Miss Piggy (Muppet character)

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“Instead of indulging in ‘comfort food,’ indulge in comfort meditation, comfort journaling, comfort walking, comfort talking, comfort manicures, comfort reading, comfort yoga, comfort hugging.”– Karen Salmansohn (Author) 

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“It is a shame for a woman to grow old without ever seeing the strength and beauty of which her body is capable.” – Socrates (Philosopher)

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“All the physical comes from the mental.” – Clara Hughes (Canadian cyclist)

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“Once you start to see results, it becomes an addiction.” – Anonymous

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“A diet is when you watch what you eat and wish you could eat what you watch.”– Hermione Gingold (English actress)

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“As much time as you put into it, that’s what your achievements are going to be when you come out of it.” – Mary Lou Retton (American gymnast)

Female fitness quote 1.9


“Nothing will work unless you do.” – Maya Angelou (Memoirist, Poet, and Civil Rights Activist)

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Inspirational Female Fitness Quotes

Being healthy and active is great for your overall health and it can mean a lot more to you in life. But getting started can be difficult if you don’t have any motivation.

Here’s a bunch of impressive inspirational female fitness quotes – these quotes will help keep you motivated, inspired, and on track to reaching your fitness goals!


“It is easy to find strong women. They are the ones who are seen in the gym!” – Unknown

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“My body is less judgmental of my diet than my mind is.”– Mackenzie Banta (Founder at Cut and Flow Co.)

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“I am a better person when I have less on my plate.”– Elizabeth Gilbert (American journalist)

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“If I don’t eat junk, I don’t gain weight.”– Paula Christensen (Actress)

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“Every morning I am a beginner.” – Hanya Holm (Dancer)

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“I push myself to be the best I can be. I don’t worry about what other people are doing, and I don’t think about things I can’t control.” – Annika Sorenstam (Swedish professional golfer)

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“I always try to start out with some type of goal. Then I work backward and think of what I need to do to get there, and give myself smaller goals that are more immediate.” – Kristi Yamaguchi (American former figure skater)

Female fitness quote 2.7


“I believe that the greatest gift you can give your family and the world is a healthy you.” – Joyce Meyer (American author)

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“When I buy cookies I just eat four and throw the rest away. But first I spray them with Raid so I won’t dig them out of the garbage later. Be careful, though, because that Raid really doesn’t taste that bad.”– Janette Barber (American television producer)

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“I always want to give more than I gave yesterday.” – Allyson Felix (American track and field athlete)

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Powerful Female Fitness Quotes To Kick-start Your Fitness Journey

Fitness is not just a physical trainer’s job anymore; it’s a lifestyle that you need to follow. 

Fitness quotes can ignite your fitness journey and get you past the tough times. They remind you why fitness is so much more important for you and make you feel good about your body. 

The following powerful female fitness quotes by successful women will push you to your limit, but trust me; these quotes are guaranteed to make you want to work out more often!


“If you want a beautiful body, then be ready for the pain, there is no beauty without it at all.” – Anonymous

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“Age is no barrier. It’s a limitation you put on your mind.”– Jackie Joyner-Kersee (American athlete)

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“You should never stay at the same level. Always push yourself to the next.” – Marnelli Dimzon (Filipina football coach and former player.)

Female fitness quote 3.3


“They say discipline and dedication and respect are the key factors, but patience is a virtue that is absolutely essential!” – Ria Ramnarine (Trinidadian boxer)

Female fitness quote 3.4


“There is always going to be a reason why you can’t do something; your job is to constantly look for the reasons why you can achieve your dreams.” – Shannon Miller (American gymnast)

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“If you think you’re done, you always have at least 40 percent more.” – Lauren Crandall (American field hockey player)

Female fitness quote 3.6


“The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, not to worry about the future, or not to anticipate troubles, but to live in the present moment wisely and earnestly.” – Buddha

Female fitness quote 3.7


“Set realistic goals, keep re-evaluating, and be consistent.” – Venus Williams (American tennis player)

Female fitness quote 3.8


“Continuous effort, not strength or intelligence is the key to unlocking our potential.” – Liane Cardes

Female fitness quote 3.9


“Someone busier than you is working out right now” – Unknown

Female fitness quote 3.10

The Wrap-Up!

Hopefully, these powerful female fitness quotes give you the push to continue along your fitness journey.

Remember, you have the power to create a life lived on your own terms. When you feel good physically, mentally, and spiritually, you find a new level of happiness. You see things differently. When you live with positivity, you are less likely to encounter negativity in your life.

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