6 Best Men’s Running Tights: Our Top Picks

Looking for men’s running tights? You might be tempted to grab the first pair you find on the rack, but there are a few tips you should consider before you buy. 

Running tights can be spendy, so “any old pair” is not a good approach.

if you’re running long distances, you need to be sure you’ve got the right ones for you that’ll keep you comfortable through the run. 

A bit of research and decision-making is well worth the time commitment. Especially with this guide. We narrow your search down to 6 options, with information on how to choose the best pair for you. 

men's running tights

Why Wear Running Tights?

Long-distance runs are hard on your body. That’s why we always recommend warming up before the run and allowing time for recovery when you’re finished. 

Making an effort to preserve your body for a longer running future is already a commitment – so comfortable running gear that aids your performance is an absolute must, whether doing couch to 5k or training for a marathon

Aside from being comfortable, running tights compress your muscles. This is important because they help to warm up the muscles (especially on cold days), and they help out with post-run recovery.

If you struggle with swelling during or after a run, tights can minimize that too. 

Running tights that fit well don’t restrict your movement the way bulky shorts or other leggings tend to do. 

And lastly, they’re an excellent solution to cold weather. They keep you warm without the annoying effect of bundling up with puffy, padded winter gear. 

men's running tights

When to Wear Them

Running tights can be worn just about anytime. While you might want to avoid them during hot weather runs, you can always find the right pair for any other situation. 

Just be sure to purchase appropriate to the weather you’ll be running in.

If it’s winter, you’ll probably want them lined with fleece to pad against the cold, but in warmer seasons you’ll want a thinner, more breathable fabric. 

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How to Wear Them

A lot of guys want to know how tight running tights should be. Some of you are perfectly confident donning tights in public, while others prefer something looser. 

The fact is, they’re called tights for a reason. They should feel like a second skin, and should not be loose or baggy at all…otherwise you lose the added benefits of the compression. 

The tights are most comfortable if worn by themselves, without shorts over the top.

But if you feel self-conscious in tights alone, you can always wear a thin pair of shorts without a bulky waistband or any thick layers. A long t-shirt is also a good way to cover up. 

You might wear the shorts or a t-shirt while you’re still getting used to the tights, and then decide the tights are just too comfortable to add any extra bulk and wear them alone. However, you decide to do it is fine. 

Most tights are meant to be worn without underwear.

Adding extra layers underneath the tights can make them uncomfortable and restrict your movement. But if you prefer to wear underwear, be sure not to wear any baggy boxers – keep it as thin as possible. 

men's running tights

What to Look For in Men’s Running Tights

When you’re choosing the right tights for you, you’ll want to keep these extra features in mind. 

Reflective details

 If you plan to run in early mornings or after dark, reflective details are critical for safety. Especially considering most tights are black or dark-colored, staying visible to cars and cyclists is key. 

Pockets with zippers: Unless you want to be carrying your phone in your hand or jangling your keys on your neck for the whole run, pockets are a life-saver when it comes to running comfortably. The zippers keep your valuables from falling out when you don’t notice. 

Warm, but not too thick 

You need warmth in the winter, but you also need a full range of movement!


Some call it sweat-wicking. Warm weather runs can get extremely uncomfortable if your clothes are laden with the extra weight of dampness. 

Compression support

This is where running tights differ from yoga pants or fashion leggings. Your muscles need that extra support. 

Flat seams

A small detail with big impact. Choosing seamless running tights will make a huge difference during a long run – will your seams be digging into your legs or will they be a non-issue? You decide. 

Our Top 6 Recommendations for the Best Men’s Running Tights

men's running tights

1. Best Winter Running Tights: ASICS

mens running tights

Why we recommend them:

  • They have a drawstring in the waistband for adjustability – you don’t want to be hiking up your pants as you run
  • They have a zip opening in the back, behind your ankle and calf, for extra breathability to cool down
  • A laminated pocket exists on the side to protect your phone from wet winter weather
  • Amazon reviewers said they were able to run “10 miles in Wisconsin winter weather.” Their legs stayed warm with no chafing. 

2. Nike Men’s Running Tights (Sweat-Wicking )

mens running tights

Why we recommend them:

  • These tights are lightweight and sweat-wicking, which makes them great for warm weather
  • They come in white and other lighter colors, which also help reflect the heat of the sun (and add variety)
  • They’re affordable! 
  • Amazon reviewers said they kept them warm in highly air-conditioned gyms, while still feeling lightweight and extremely comfortable. 

3. Reflective Tights: Brooks Carbonite

mens running tights

Why we recommend them:

  • For pre-sunrise and night-time runners, these are the safest tights for plenty of visibility on the road
  • They have nice long side seams and inseams for tall runners, so the fabric doesn’t ride up or cut off above the ankles
  • The fabric is soft and smooth, and doesn’t chafe

4. Hot Weather Tights: Adidas Alphaskin

mens running tights

Why we recommend them:

  • Adidas makes these tights specifically for hot days, when compression sounds unappealing but you still need support. They’re made with Alphaskin, which still gives you a tight fit but offers a bit more stretch. 
  • There are no seams in the front. Reviewers like this feature because it draws less attention during their workout. 
  • They have a windbreaker element which helps alleviate windy effects. 
  • They include anti-odor technology that doesn’t disappear in the washing machine. 

5. Eco-Friendly Tights: Rockay

mens running tights

Why we recommend them:

  • These tights are made from recycled materials. When you purchase, Rockay commits to removing 38 plastic bottles from the ocean. 
  • They include reflective pockets. 
  • The tights come with a one-year guarantee. 

6. Compression Tights: 2XU Elite

mens running tights

Why we recommend them:

  • For runners who lean more towards sprinting, agility drills, or other high-intensity crosstraining, ultra compression tights can help muscle recovery effectively. 
  • These tights offer Muscle Containment Stamping technology, which is strong compression, while still keeping the fabric light and comfortable (not too hot). 
  • While more expensive than some of the others, the MCS technology is directed toward the thighs and glutes, which helps keep pressure away from the knees and joints. This is a powerful way to prevent knee injury or knee pain
  • They have other helpful features like moisture-wicking and flexibility as well. 
  • Reviewers say they buy several pairs and wear them 3-4 times a week, or even daily with great results. 

How to Buy Men’s Running Tights: Purchasing Tips

Purchase a couple of different sizes and return the ones that don’t fit. 

Check sizing guides whenever they’re available. 

Follow the guide above to buy weather appropriate and fitted to your individual needs. 

Our guide offers a wide range in the pricing spectrum, so shop according to your budget.

Just don’t automatically opt for the cheapest pair – investing in the right tights will make a huge difference in your running experience!

men's running tights
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