Bob and Brad Eye Massager SD-300 Review

An eye massager is probably not the first thing that comes to mind when you think of self-care. However, this little product is becoming popular in the health industry and self-care movement! The Bob and Brad Eye Massager SD-300 offers a device that is packed full of innovation that will give you a relaxing and … Read more

The Bob and Brad T2 Massage Gun Review

Bob and Brad are back with another massage wonder in their four-part series – with the T2 massage gun boasted as being the most powerful yet. If you’ve heard about their C2, X6, or Q2 mini-massage gun, you’ll likely already know that Bob and Brad are experts in the game of massage guns, with their … Read more

Bob and Brad X6 Pro Massage Gun Review

Here it is folks! The mack-daddy massage gun you have been waiting for! Bob and Brad, the infamous “two-most famous physical therapists on the internet,” have topped off their massage gun series with the X6 Pro massage gun. This recent addition is one of their best models by far with more power, force, and longer … Read more

Bob and Brad Q2 Mini Massage Gun Review

The Q2 Mini Massage Gun is a powerful “pocket-sized partner” perfect for on-the-go recovery, and it is sure to benefit any busy athlete, runner, or individual! Bob and Brad, heralded as the “two most famous physical therapists on the internet” with their youtube channel boasting just under 4 million subscribers, produced this innovative miniature massage … Read more

Bob and Brad C2 Massage Gun Review

Bob and Brad are known as the “two most famous physical therapists on the internet”, with their popular youtube channel boasting just shy of 4 million subscribers. While their channel continues to grow, Bob and Brad are now using their expertise in movement and human biomechanics to design a range of high-quality, use-at-home physiotherapy products. … Read more

30 Practice Quotes To Keep You Motivated And Training Hard

Whilst it might seem that some are simply born talented, you can be sure that the pros never achieved their success without practice. Therefore, whether you’re starting a new hobby, job, or business, it’s essential to practice regularly. Practicing your skills ensures that you will progress, become more competent, and achieve success. In fact, practicing … Read more

Ticks And Lyme Disease: What Runners Need To Know

Lyme disease is caused by a bacterium called Borrelia burgdorferi, which is typically carried by black-legged deer ticks. Symptoms can span the gamut from fevers, malaise, a classic bullseye, and joint pain in the acute phase of the disease, to dizziness, arthritis, tremors, vision changes, cardiovascular complication, and more if the disease progresses and lingers. … Read more

Massage Gun Vs Foam Roller: Which Is The Better Option?

Massage guns are all the rage nowadays. Everywhere you look, an advert pops up. Should we believe the hype, wave our credit cards and jump on the bandwagon in order to enjoy the muscle-ache-relieving benefits of massage guns? There are many possible benefits of using a massage gun, such as increasing circulation, improving flexibility, and decreasing … Read more

Pain On the Top of Your Foot? 5 Common Causes + Helpful Tips

There are few things more frustrating to runners than injuries. Just when everything seems to be clicking with your training and you’re crushing your workouts, a niggle crops up, threatening to sideline you.  From knee pain to shin splints, there are numerous common running injuries, and studies show that up to 79.3% of runners deal … Read more

8 Causes Of Foot Pain From Running: Why Do My Feet Hurt When I Run?

Running is a cherished activity for many, yet for some runners, the joy of hitting the pavement is overshadowed by the nagging question: Why do my feet hurt when I run?

Foot pain is a common complaint among runners, stemming from a variety of causes that can range from overuse injuries to biomechanical issues.

In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the factors contributing to foot pain from running and provide practical solutions to alleviate discomfort and keep you moving forward.