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The 11 Best Marathons In The USA + 11 Honorable Mentions

For many runners, running a marathon is a bucket list goal. It’s an incredible accomplishment and one that’s completely attainable for experienced runners who put in the training. Picking which marathon to run is much like the proverbial kid in a candy store agog with an endless number of appealing choices. Although the factors of … Read more

Expert Coaches Examine ChatGPT’s Ability To Create Running Training Plans

ChatGPT, the artificial intelligence (AI) marvel that has swept the world in the past year, has emerged as a potential tool for runners seeking to optimize their training plans. Can this digital coach go the extra mile, or will it just hit the wall? The growing potential of AI goes beyond just having interesting conversations; … Read more

Running 6 Miles a Day: Health Benefits Of A Daily 10K

Running 6 miles a day—or running 10k a day—is a unique and ambitious endeavor. It requires a high level of emotional dedication and a hefty time commitment.  It also requires a base fitness level to ensure you’re up for the task.  6 miles is 9.66 kilometers, so a few hundred meters short of a 10K, … Read more

What Is Steady State Cardio? Our Complete Guide

In recent years, high-intensity interval training has garnered all the attention.  From Tabata sprints to HIIT spin classes, many of the workouts everyone buzzes about involve going full-out for short sprints and then recovering many times over. And while it’s undeniable that HIIT has many fantastic health and fitness benefits such as improving your VO2 … Read more

What To Eat The Night Before A Long Run For Maximum Results

Runners, especially those in marathon training and ultramarathon training, put a lot of effort into planning their hydration and nutrition strategies for while they are running, and especially while they are racing. While focusing on fueling during runs is important, preparing your body by establishing what to eat the night before a long run or … Read more

Does Running Make Your Butt Bigger? The Full Explanation

Although it can be a funny question to look up online, many people want to know how running affects the butt. Does running make your butt bigger?

Running can strengthen and tone the glute muscles, potentially enhancing the buttock’s appearance, i.e., making it bigger. However, its effect on size depends on individual factors such as genetics, training intensity, and diet.

How Long Is a 100k In Miles? 100k Ultramarathon Guide

How long is a 100k in miles?  100 kilometers is 62.13 miles. This is 49 more miles than a half-marathon, 36 miles more than a marathon, and even if you have begun ultrarunning, the 100k race distance is 31 miles further than a 50k.  Especially if you are jumping up from the marathon distance, preparing … Read more

What Serious Science Says About Ice Baths

Here’s the free but abridged version of the Run Long, Run Healthy newsletter. See the links below to subscribe to the full-text edition with more articles and deeper, more specific running advice. – Amby Today’s newsletter is presented by The New Hyperion Elite 4 by Brooks. Push limits, break tape, and make noise. “Train Your Brain” A New (And Better) Way … Read more

Injinji Toe Socks Review

Injinji is an innovative, California-based toe sock brand that was founded in 1999. Their dream? Foot comfort – and boy have they succeeded. Their unique five-toe sock design lets adventurers like you and I enjoy our journeys rather than worry about our feet. In this review, we’ll explore the outstanding benefits of the Injinji toe … Read more

Why Is My Heart Rate So High When I Run?

Whether you are a runner who specifically focuses on heart rate training or simply make note of your running heart rate when you check your running watch at the end of a workout, there can be times when you notice that you have a high heart rate, even on easy runs. You may even notice … Read more

What Is The Average Running Speed By Age + Sex?

When you run a race, it is easy to see how you compare to others in your age group or gender category as you can see the race results, or compare your best times with those of elite runners.  However, for everyday training or for runners who take a solely recreational approach to running and … Read more

What’s A Good 5K Time? Average 5K Times By Age, Sex + Fitness Level

One of the most significant and popular running benchmarks is the 5K race. There is an excellent variety of Couch to 5K programs for beginners to start their running journey, along with intermediate and advanced 5K run training schedules for more experienced runners to work towards a 5K PR. For new and experienced runners alike, … Read more

The 2 Day Water Fast: A Complete Guide [How To + What To Expect]

Although intermittent fasting diets seem to be a recent health trend and weight loss strategy, fasting has been practiced for thousands of years.  The most common intermittent fasting diets involve time-restricted eating patterns, such as 18/6 intermittent fasting, wherein each day includes an 18-hour fast and a six-hour eating window, or a stricter intermittent fasting … Read more