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How Long Should You Run A Day?

It can be difficult for runners who are not following a specific training plan to determine how long or how far they should run in a day. Is there an ideal duration or distance to run per day? Should you run every day? Do you have to run for a certain amount of time a … Read more

The 6 Best Sprint Workouts For Beginners To Help You Get Faster

When we hear the term sprinting, we most likely think of the famous Olympic champs Usain Bolt and his 100-meter world record time of 9.58 seconds and Florence Griffith-Joyner’s world record 100-meter time of 10.49 seconds. Their arms pumping, an inexplicable force driving these machines of human beings forward at unbelievable speeds; it all just … Read more

The Best Spring Marathons In The US

Choosing to train for a spring marathon can be very appealing for a variety of reasons. Spring marathons have a great chance of gracing their runners with ideal running conditions, such as moderate temperatures and blooming scenery. Cooler temperatures are known for improving performance and making the run more enjoyable. For those who live in … Read more

5 Ultimate HIIT Treadmill Workouts To Get Faster

The vast majority of runners would probably agree that running outside along your favorite trail or route on a beautiful spring or fall day is the best way to enjoy your miles.  However, when the seasons change and the bitter winter winds and dark, snowy mornings replace the mild temperatures you relished, many runners must … Read more

What To Eat After A Half Marathon: Helpful Refueling Tips For Runners

As a running coach, I notice that my athletes often focus on what to eat the night before and the morning of a half marathon race but don’t focus as much on what to eat after a half marathon, which is equally important.  Although there are limited studies on half marathon running specifically, research1Protein Supplementation … Read more

The Top 11 Benefits Of Running In The Morning

Most runners find that they are most consistent with their training if they establish a running routine, which typically involves running at roughly the same time of day every day that they run. Because of this tendency, runners usually fall within one of several camps: morning, midday, or evening runs. While there’s quite a bit of … Read more

What To Eat After A Marathon: Helpful Refueling Tips For Runners

There is often a lot of focus on what to eat before a marathon, focusing on carb-loading nutrition plans and pre-race breakfasts, or during a marathon to keep energy levels up, but what to eat after a marathon is equally important and often overlooked.  Although what you eat after a marathon won’t impact your race … Read more

Hot Vs Cold: Should You Use Heat Or Ice For Sore Muscles?

Have you ever finished a hard run or race and thought to yourself, “I’m going to be sore tomorrow.” Or, perhaps you twisted your ankle on a trail run or felt a niggle in your IT band at mile 12 of what was supposed to be a 16-mile long run. In any of these cases … Read more

Running & Mental Health: How It Improves Balance & Function

We run for different reasons. Many run for the physical benefits such as losing weight and reducing the risk of various lifestyle diseases. Others love to race and compete and chase big goals. Additionally, many are drawn to the mental health benefits of running. Running and mental health is a popular topic of discussion these … Read more

Run A Sub 4:30 Marathon: Expert Coaching Tips To Reach Your Goal

A 4:30-hour marathon is a reasonable but exciting finish time for many recreational runners. To run a 4:30 marathon time means you need to hold an average race pace of just under 10:18 minutes per mile or 6:24 minutes per kilometer for the duration of the race. In this sub 4:30 marathon guide, we will … Read more

What Is A Good Marathon Finishing Time?: Breaking Down The Data

When most people set their sights on running a marathon, whether the Berlin marathon, Chicago marathon, or New York marathon, they have no idea what their finishing time might be or even what is considered a good marathon time. Unless you’ve already researched marathons or been a mid-distance runner, it can be hard to gauge … Read more

What’s A Good Heart Rate Variability?

Measuring heart rate variability (HRV) has become an increasingly popular metric to monitor your stress levels, nervous system balance, recovery status, and your body’s “readiness to train“ if you are an athlete. But, what is a good heart rate variability? Does the average heat rate variability change with age? Is it good to have a … Read more