Does Yoga Count As Cross Training? + 8 Best Yoga poses for Strength

Yoga can be a great adjunct to running. It is a movement practice that complements running well because it’s nearly the yin to the yang so to speak. Where running is cardiovascularly demanding, yoga is generally low intensity when it comes to the aerobic workout.  Running is high impact, and yoga is a low-impact activity. … Read more

How To Run 10k In 35 Minutes: Complete Guide + Training Plan

Let’s get one thing straight: If you are looking into how to run 10k in 35 minutes, you’re going to be taking on a challenging goal and accomplishing something very few runners can achieve. After all, Running Level reports that the average 10k time across all ages and genders is 49:43, which is quite a … Read more

Running Goals: 96 Exciting Goal Ideas For Your Next Training Cycle

Every runner should have at least one running goal. You might want to run a 5k or finish your first marathon. Maybe you have a pace or time goal like breaking four hours in the marathon or running a mile in under 8 minutes. Goals for runners are like a bottomless gas tank: they are what … Read more

How To Run A 4-Minute Mile: Speed, Strength, + Workouts

There is something magical about the mile. Often considered the blue-ribbon event in athletics, the mile has caught the imagination of track athletics fans ever since Roger Bannister ran 3:59:40 in Oxford, England on 6th May 1954, breaking the once believed impossible feat of running this distance in under four minutes. What does running a … Read more

How Long Does It Take To Train For a 5k? + 7 Tips For Successful Training

So, you’ve decided to train for a 5k! What an excellent fitness goal you have set out for yourself. A 5k is the first big step in one’s running career, and believe me, after you cross this first finish line, you’ll be raring and ready to go for more.  Now that you’ve set this awesome … Read more

How Long Does It Take To Train For a 10k? + 8 Training Tips for Success

If you are asking yourself, how long does it take to train for a 10k, you have decided to take the next big step in your running career. You’ve likely run at least one 5k, hopefully, many 5ks, and are looking to bump up your volume a bit.  I told you this would happen, didn’t … Read more

Running For Weight Loss: Complete Guide, Training Plan + 6 Pro Tips

There are many fantastic reasons to run: improving the health of your heart and lungs, getting outside and breathing in the fresh air, decreasing stress and boosting your mood, setting and accomplishing goals, meeting new friends and having meaningful discussions mile after mile, and so on.   Another major reason that many people take up the … Read more

10k Walking Guide: Beginner’s Training Guide To Walk 10k

If you tell a runner that you plan to walk a 10k, they may look at you somewhat puzzled and ask, “Why walk 10k when you can run?” But, walking 10k is a great option for runners who have an injury, people who want to get a good aerobic workout without stressing their joints as … Read more

30-Day Jump Rope Challenge To Build Strength, Speed, Agility + Fitness

One of two images probably comes to mind when you imagine jumping rope: a famous scene from one of the Rocky movies, another boxer doing jump rope drills to train, or childhood memories of jumping rope on the playground.  Boxers are on to something because this childhood favorite outdoor activity is not just child’s play—jumping … Read more

30 Day Burpee Challenge To Build Full Body Strength

Runners love a good challenge. Whether it’s completing your first 5k or marathon, training to break a specific mile time, or working on an impressive running streak, fitness challenges are motivating and help us reach new levels of performance and grit. We tend to gravitate towards running-related challenges—mileage, pace, or other running-specific goals. However, it’s … Read more

How To Run 10k In 55 Minutes: Complete Guide + Training Plan

The 10k race distance is an alluring event for many runners because it’s long enough to feel like an impressive achievement but short enough to allow the training to fit in a busy schedule without getting in the way of work or family time.  Although just finishing a 10k can be a fantastic accomplishment, experienced … Read more

10 Knee Strengthening Exercises For Runners to Stay Strong + Run Long

As runners, we know very well indeed that we need to take extra-special care of our knees. We need to ensure ourselves we don’t run into chronic pain or overuse injuries that may put us on the sidelines from training for a while, as we all know that is a runner’s absolute worst nightmare.  Even … Read more

Speed Training With Resistance: 9 Workouts To Challenge You

If you’ve ever trained for a 5k, 10k, half marathon, marathon, or other distance race, there’s a very good chance you’re well-acquainted with speed workouts such as mile repeats and other track intervals, threshold runs, hills, and fartlek workouts. However, distance runners are typically unfamiliar with speed training with resistance, which is a highly effective … Read more

Running With Plantar Fasciitis: 12 Tips To Treat It With Success & Keep Training

There’s little more concerning to a runner than a little niggle on a run. You ice it when you get home, maybe stretch the muscles in the surrounding area, and hope that everything is back to normal for your run the next day. But what happens when the pain doesn’t go away? You now have … Read more