Is Overtraining Actually Just Undereating? Here’s The Compelling New Evidence

The term ‘Overtraining‘ is often misunderstood. You’d be forgiven for thinking that it just means training too hard, but in reality, it’s much more complicated than that. Overtraining is a physiological state caused by an excess accumulation of physiological, psychological, emotional, environmental and chemical stress. Crucially, it’s impacted strongly by how much you eat. And … Read more

How to Run A 9 Minute Mile: Training Guide

The average novice runner will complete a mile in around 12 minutes, so getting your mile time down to a 9-minute mile is a sure sign that you are becoming a strong and capable runner. It is around this time you will start to see some real improvements in your running. Maybe you are starting … Read more

The Ultimate Guide To Cross Training For Runners

Cross training for runners is an essential part of a sustainable, healthy, strong, and injury-free running journey. By mixing up your training plan with other activities – be it strength training, yoga, or swimming – cross training is important for helping you level up your running and hit new PRs. But when done incorrectly, cross … Read more