92 Fun Active Date Ideas: No More Boring Date Nights!

Spice up your relationship with our fun date ideas!

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If you have been in a relationship for a long time or just a short while, and are trying to navigate the time and energy commitment of dating alongside all of the other many responsibilities in your day, it can be difficult to put time aside for fun and active date ideas.

Before you know it, you can get into a relationship or dating rut where it seems like date nights are far too scarce.

Or, when you manage to find the time and energy to go on a date, instead of doing a fun activity date, you find yourself and your significant other continually falling back on going out to dinner or watching a movie or TV show at home.

So, what are the best fun, active date night ideas to shake up your dating routine? What are some ideas for activity dates for couples that will get you out of the house and moving your body?

In this article, we will discuss the benefit of doing engaging activity dates rather than just staying in together and provide a list of some of the best fun active date ideas that you can reference when date night rolls around and you are looking for something fun to do!

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Why Should You Do Active Dates With Your Partner?

While there is nothing wrong with enjoying a meal out together, cooking at home, or cuddling on the couch and watching a favorite TV show with your spouse or partner, there are many benefits of choosing activity dates over staying-in dates.

Choosing active date ideas can keep your relationship feeling fresh, and you can earn some bonus points with your partner, or they can be great for first date ideas.

This is because trying new things adds a sense of adventure and variety to your life,1H, W. (2018, July 9). Trying New Things Is Good For You. North Vancouver Recreation and Culture Commission. https://www.nvrc.ca/notices-events-blog/active-living-blog/trying-new-things-good-you both in terms of your social life or romantic relationship, as well as your growth as an individual.

Additionally, active date ideas help improve your physical health by getting your body moving and adding exercise or physical activity to your day. 

If you are not keen on working out alone or going to the gym for dedicated strength training sessions or cardio workouts, choosing fun active date ideas can be a great way to“camouflage“ exercise as a fun experience rather than an obligation or something you need to do for your health.

Two people kayaking.

You will be genuinely enjoying the physical activity with your partner.

Some of the best fun active date ideas are partner sports like playing tennis together or trying pickleball; many of these activities cannot be performed alone. When you do an active date with someone else, you have a built-in partner for the activity.

Studies2Pressman, S. D., Matthews, K. A., Cohen, S., Martire, L. M., Scheier, M., Baum, A., & Schulz, R. (2009). Association of Enjoyable Leisure Activities With Psychological and Physical Well-Being. Psychosomatic Medicine71(7), 725–732. https://doi.org/10.1097/psy.0b013e3181ad7978 have even found that enjoying pleasurable leisure activities such as physical activity dates (sports, games, hiking, etc.) is associated with many positive health benefits such as:

  • Reducing blood pressure
  • Decreasing cortisol (the stress hormone)
  • Decreasing waist circumference
  • Lowering body mass index
  • Improving one’s perception of one’s physical function 

Pleasurable leisure time activities are also associated with better psychosocial states, such as a more positive mood and a reduced incidence of depression and negative affect.

This means that if you take on a fun, active date activity with your partner, you will both enjoy better physical and emotional health.

Two men hiking.

The best active romantic date ideas also help bond you to your partner because trying something new together can help release oxytocin and other neurotransmitters and “feel good“ hormones that will help you feel more connected to your spouse or intimate partner.

You will also build lasting memories together when you try a unique, exciting, or novel activity date idea for couples because you will be stepping outside of your comfort zone or normal sphere of everyday activities and trying something new.

You may even find that you develop a new skill or find a new sport or activity that you love doing.

Finally, another benefit of active date ideas for couples is that you will learn new things about each other in a fun way because you will be out of the house and forced into different environments where you will find topics to discuss that you may have never addressed.

Here are some of the best active date ideas for when you are looking for a fun activity date to spice up your relationship:

Two women walking.

What Are Some Fun And Active Date Ideas For Couples Looking To Mix Up Their Routine?

  1. Fly a kite at the park or a beach.
  2. Go to a new park and take a walk.
  3. Check out botanical gardens or an arboretum in your area.
  4. Play wiffleball.
  5. Gather some friends to play kickball.
  6. Try badminton.
  7. Enjoy a night of Top Golf or go to a mini golf course.
  8. Experiment with playing frisbee golf.
  9. Go rollerblading or roller skating at a roller rink (don’t forget a helmet and kneepads!)
  10. Go skateboarding or see if there is a local skate park to try.
  11. Play pickleball in your community pickleball court.
  12. Play tennis or play doubles with another couple (double date!) 
  13. Try playing squash or take a lesson.
  14. Go to the batting cages.
  15. See if there is somewhere you can go horseback riding or take a beginner lesson together. 
  16. Go to a playground and either run around and play like you were children or use the equipment for an outdoor bodyweight workout.
  17. Find a park in your area with a fitness loop or circuit training stations (parallel bars, steps, etc.) and get physical and competitive.
  18. Buy a bocce set or croquet set and play lawn games. 
  19. Make a cornhole set that you can use in your yard.
  20. Play horseshoes.
  21. Go to the driving range or play a round of golf.
  22. Go to an escape room. (teamwork!)
  23. Play beach volleyball.
  24. Go to a town pool and swim laps.
  25. Have noodle races or float races at a pool.
  26. Jump rope.
  27. Rent stand-up paddle boards and enjoy some time on a local lake.
  28. Rent kayaks or buy an inflatable kayak that you can use in a local pond, lake, or river.
  29. Go canoeing.
  30. Try white water rafting.
  31. Swim in a river, pond, or lake, or go for a night swim (if it’s safe).
  32. Go to a farmers market and walk around.
  33. Download a scavenger hunt app or game when you are traveling or just in the nearest city and go on an adventure as if you are tourists.
  34. Kick around the soccer ball.
  35. Throw a frisbee or gather some friends to play ultimate frisbee together.
  36. See if there is a place nearby where you can do archery.
  37. Play paintball or laser tag
  38. Walk your dog together.
  39. Throw a foxtail or NERF football.
  40. Have a water gunfight and chase each other around.
  41. Try a ropes course together.
  42. Shoot hoops or play one-on-one basketball.
  43. Take a ballroom dancing class together.
  44. Learn some breakdancing moves.
  45. Take a Zumba class together.
  46. Stream a home yoga workout or try a hot yoga class together.
  47. Go ice skating at a local rink or pond.
  48. Take a yoga or Pilates class at a local studio.
  49. Join a gym together.
  50. Take a boxing class or kickboxing class together.
  51. Buy some home exercise equipment and do strength training together at home.
  52. Take a martial arts class together. 
  53. Play pickup volleyball or basketball at the YMCA or local gym.
  54. Take a spin class together.
  55. Join a CrossFit beginner workout class.
  56. Rake leaves together.
  57. Wash your car.
  58. Do yard work together like weeding or building a garden.
  59. Go candlepin bowling.
  60. Go to a country bar and try line dancing.
  61. Have fun at an indoor trampoline gym.
  62. Go indoor rock climbing at your local climbing gym.
  63. Go on a trail run together.
  64. Go running to your favorite coffee shop or brunch spot and then walk home afterward.
  65. Try a couch to 5k program.
  66. Do a tough mudder or a Spartan race together.
  67. Go to an amusement park and hit the roller coasters.
  68. Try a HYROX competition.
  69. Take an evening walk and go stargazing.
  70. Participate in a community 5K charity walk.
  71. Do a color run or themed running race.
  72. Train for a sprint triathlon together.
  73. Go skydiving. (If you are really adventurous!)
  74. Go snowshoeing.
  75. Try cross-country skiing.
  76. Go downhill skiing.
  77. Take a snowboarding lesson together.
  78. Build a snowman.
  79. Go sledding down a big hill.
  80. Build a snow fort and have snowball fights.
  81. Try orienteering.
  82. Download an app and do some geocaching.
  83. Go for a hike up a local mountain.
  84. Explore a local forest or conservation area that has trails.
  85. Try some beginner-friendly mountain biking trails.
  86. Rent a tandem bike and ride on a bike path.
  87. Rent beach cruiser bikes and ride along the beach.
  88. Go for a bike ride and pack a picnic lunch that you can enjoy at a stopping point.
  89. Bike to an ice cream shop.
  90. Join an adult recreational sports league.
  91. Volunteer to babysit some of your friends’ kids if you don’t have kids and take them to the park or play sports with them.
  92. Go apple picking.

Try out our creative date ideas, whether it’s for a first date or a date with your long-time partner, and have a blast!

For more information about rollerblading, which can be a great date idea, check out our guide to rollerblading as a workout here.

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