The Andrew Tate Meal Plan: Healthy Or As Controversial As the Man Himself?

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Although you’d expect a former professional kickboxing athlete to have a squeaky clean diet, in true Andrew Tate fashion (characterized by doing things according to the beat of his own drum), Andrew Tate’s diet is anything but ordinary.

So, what does Andrew Tate’s diet entail exactly? Does Andrew Tate eat a lot of calories? Does he take steroids? Does Andrew Tate smoke cigarettes?

In this article, we will take a deep dive to look at Andrew Tate’s meal plan, what he eats and drinks in a day, what he avoids, and whether or not you should consider replicating Andrew Tate’s diet in your own life.

We will discuss the following: 

  • Who Is Andrew Tate?
  • Why Do People Care About Andrew Tate’s Meal Plan?
  • What Does Andrew Tate Eat?
  • Is Andrew Tate’s Meal Plan Healthy?

Let’s get started!

Andrew Tate.

Who Is Andrew Tate?

Before we look at what Andrew Tate eats and doesn’t eat, let’s welcome those who are unfamiliar with who Andrew Tate is with a little bit of background.

Andrew Tate is a British American who first entered the limelight as a professional kickboxer.

Though he first competed just in the regional circuit in Britain, Tate eventually rose to win the prestigious British ISKA Full Contact Cruiserweight Championship in 2009 and nearly won the ISKA world title that same year.

By 2011, his patience and continued training paid off as he finally took home the world championship gold medal in a rematch against 2009 winner Jean-Luc Benoit.

Proving his dominance as a professional kickboxer, Andrew Tate repeated his gold medal-earning world title performance in 2013 in another weight class.

At this point, Tate was primarily well-known in the kickboxing sphere, but his global popularity and prominence exploded when he joined the cast of Big Brother, a popular reality TV show, in 2016.

There, Tates’s rather controversial and outward opinions on pop culture and other hot topics sparked even more discourse and intrigue in his entire persona.

A person kickboxing.

Unfortunately, Andrew Tate was removed from the cast of Big Brother after a video went viral that showed him allegedly hitting a woman with a belt.

It is important to note that the woman in the video admitted the concerning and violent actions demonstrated by Andrew Tate were actually consensual.

In addition to this disconcerting video, Andrew Tate received heat for his views on mental health problems, assault in general, sexual harassment, and staunch stance on traditional gender roles, which he expressed not only on the TV show but also on his social media accounts.

His outspoken opinions got him labeled as a “misogynist,” among other undesirable qualities, and he has been charged with rape and other serious allegations.

Andrew Tate has consequently been banned from social media with his accounts deactivated several times, though that hasn’t stopped him from staying “relevant” in the pop-culture zeitgeist.

In fact, Tate was the most Googled person on the planet in mid-2022, exceeding Google search volume by other extremely popular pop culture icons and public figureheads such as Kim Kardashian and Donald Trump.

Although his career as a professional kickboxer has ended, Andrew Tate has stayed present in the realm of combat sports and entertainment.

A kickboxing bag.

For example, Tate has collaborations with Sean O’Malley and other UFC superstars and spars verbally with Jake Paul, a boxer who first rose to stardom as an internet sensation, taking sort of the reverse trajectory of Andrew Tate himself.

Leaning into his “no holds barred“ approach to expressing his polarizing opinions and arguably lack of tact in expression, Andrew Tate verbally attacked bodybuilders as a group in August 2022 when he called them “p***y cowards” for not being “real fighters” and just wanting to look the part without the toughness to actually fight the fight.

Unfortunately, he has also used homophobic slurs to characterize the sport of bodybuilding. 

In addition to his clearly controversial and off-putting views on a range of topics, Andrew Tate is also of interest to many people due to his incredibly ripped and shredded physique.

This has led people to believe that he takes steroids or is on testosterone replacement therapy, TRT.

These speculations increased when Tate was released from Russian prison after serving time earlier this year and looked even more jacked when he likely had fewer resources and less time to strength train.

Despite the allegations, Andrew Tate has not been publicly exposed for taking steroids or failing a drug test related to performance-enhancing substances to date. 

He also vehemently attests that he has never taken testosterone or steroids and that his physique is the result of hard work and diet. 

A muscular man.

Why Do People Care About Andrew Tate’s Meal Plan?

Many people have a fascination with what celebrities eat, particularly when the celebrity is a notable athlete or has what is considered to be a conventionally “desirable“ physique.

For example, what Wim Hoff’s diet entails or how The Rock (Dwayne Johnson) eats to keep up with his workout program and get such a chiseled body are common queries among athletes and non-athletes alike.

Recently, learning about the meal plan and dietary practices of Andrew Tate has skyrocketed in popularity, largely due to the paralleled rise in the notoriety of Tate in general, thanks to his social media fandom and outspoken and often polarizing views and personality.

Plus, for as much as Andrew Tate’s social media stardom has landed him in the limelight and piqued the interest of many people in his lifestyle outside of his loud internet presence, Andrew “Cobra” Tate is also a former kickboxing world champion.

Due to the rigorous nature of being a professional athlete in any sport, let alone something as high-intensity as kickboxing, knowing the full details of a professional athlete’s diet is always going to be appealing for athletes competing at a high level in similar sports disciplines.

Thus, the combined intrigue surrounding Andrew Tate’s meal plan has finally resulted in answers—Andrew Tate has shared what he eats (and what he doesn’t) on the PBD Podcast.

Cooked steak.

What Does Andrew Tate Eat?

So, what is Andrew Tate’s meal plan that reportedly gives him such a shredded physique without the use of steroids?

In a recent YouTube video, internet sensation Andrew Tate shared his meal plan.

According to the video, this is the crux of Tate’s diet plan:

  • Intermittent fasting using the one meal a day (OMAD) approach.
  • His one meal a day is almost entirely meat, so it is very protein-centric and is eaten at dinner time.
  • Tate consumes 10-15 cups of coffee per day.
  • He smokes two to three cigars per day. 

In his own words, Andrew Tate describes his meal plan as follows:

“Nicotine and caffeine are what I run on. I have about 10-15 cups of coffee a day and two or three cigars a day, and I only eat once a day.

It’s funny because people look at my physique when I put pictures up, and they’re like, what’s your meal plan? I’m like, bro, cigars, and coffee. I eat once a day. I eat dinner, only dinner. [Intermittent fasting] every day. 80 to 90 percent of my calories are meat.”

Three cigars.

Tate continues by saying that his intermittent fasting diet dinner is usually something like three steaks.

Interestingly, he explains that the coffee and cigars, which contain caffeine and nicotine, respectively, actually increase his hunger and provide no appetite suppression, which you would think you would want when you are intermittent fasting with only one meal per day.

However, Andrew Tate says that this hunger fuels him mentally.

“If I smoke and drink coffee all the time, I feel hungry, which motivates me, and I feel energetic. It’s energetic hunger. That’s how I like to feel. I want to be hungry. If I eat, I’m tired.”

Although it would seem that such heavy, habitual cigar smoking would cause lung damage, Andrew Tate claims that he has no such damage, a benefit he attributes to his intense workout regimen and years of training.

So, does Andrew Tate take steroids?

Of course, unless drug tests are taken, and results are made public, any concerns about steroid use or artificial testosterone supplementation for Andrew Tate will remain speculation.

However, Andrew Tate denies any allegations of taking steroids, though he admits that his testosterone levels are higher than normal.

However, Tate claims that this testosterone elevation is natural and not a product of hormone replacement therapy or taking testosterone-boosting supplements. He claims that he does not know why he has higher-than-normal testosterone levels.

Tate states that his diet remained the same while he was in jail and that he still drank coffee and smoked cigarettes.

A person taking steroids.

Is Andrew Tate’s Meal Plan Healthy?

Almost every health expert, nutritionist, or registered dietitian would agree that Andrew Tate’s meal plan is not healthy and is ill-advised for anyone.

Even Tate himself admits that his diet is unique and that one’s diet, in general, is highly individualized, meaning that what works for one person will not necessarily work for another.

Plus, he says that his diet leaves him feeling uncomfortable and unsatisfied, though that is apparently his goal.

In his own words, Andrew Tate says,

“I think there’s no perfect diet for everybody; it’s slightly different. You are what you eat to a degree, and it also depends on the mental model you want to operate under.

If I wanted to operate under comfort, I wouldn’t eat the way I eat. I do it because I want to operate under a degree of irritability and high energy, and hunger. I like feeling hungry. I don’t like being full.”


There are benefits of intermittent fasting, even with an extreme intermittent fasting diet such as the one meal a day diet, as well as purported benefits of following a very low-carb diet such as the keto diet or an all-meat diet such as the Lion diet or slightly more lax carnivore diet.

However, the extreme, restrictive nature of Andrew Tate’s meal plan makes it contraindicated for nearly everyone unless otherwise specifically guided by an experienced registered dietitian or nutritionist. 

Furthermore, not only is Andrew Tate’s meal plan devoid of many essential nutrients, namely fiber, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants in fruits and vegetables, but it’s essentially impossible to get behind the extreme caffeine consumption and habitual smoking practices.

There is an abundance of research demonstrating the vast deleterious effects of nicotine and smoking in general, including an increased risk for many health conditions such as hypertension, emphysema, lung disease, several types of cancer, and overall fatigue.

Plus, 10 to 15 cups of coffee per day far exceeds the recommended maximum daily caffeine intake of 400 mg, as per the Mayo Clinic and the FDA.

A cup of coffee.

Therefore, it is not at all advised to replicate Andrew Tate’s diet plan as described.

If you do want to reduce your carbohydrate intake and experiment with intermittent fasting, there are more moderate approaches to either or both of these dietary practices that will be more healthy and sustainable than taking the extreme approach demonstrated in Andrew Tate’s diet.

You can read more about various intermittent fasting schedules here.

For some information on the keto diet vs low-carb diets in general, check out our article here.

Fruits and vegetables.
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