ASICS Evoride 3 Review

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

3.7 / 5.0

The ASICS Evoride 3 is a daily trainer that contributes a lightweight feeling without sacrificing cushion.

Using FlyteFoam technology in the midsole, the cushion is light and supportive; great for daily training sessions.

This shoe feels and performs like many shoes from Hoka. A forefoot rocker in the Evoride 3 reduces flexion in the ankle and helps conserve energy. The biggest difference is the lesser amount of cushion.

There are many elements that make this shoe unique. Continue to read this review to determine whether or not you should make the ASICS Evoride 3 your next daily trainer.

Evoride 3 Infographic
Great cushion-weight ratioA little too firm for some people
Forefoot rocker for reduced ankle flexionMaybe too narrow for some feet
Lower-than-average cost

Marathon Handbook rating:

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

3.7 / 5.0

ASICS Evoride 3: First Impressions

Evoride 3 1

My visual impression of the ASICS Evoride 3 was not one of excitement. The shoe has a more traditional design that doesn’t capture much attention.

Visually unexciting and plainly designed, the Evoride 3 redeemed itself with a pleasant underfoot experience.

The ASICS Evoride 3 is not the most cushioned shoe on the market. In fact, it feels a bit firmer than the more popular models on the market today. For me, this is part of its allure.

Along with the firmness in the Flytefoam, Guidesole technology generates a very prominent roll off the forefoot and into the next stride.

The combination of lightweight foam and forefoot roll makes this shoe an excellent option for daily running, tempos, or light speed work.

The padded heel provides lasting comfort, and the jacquard mesh upper allows for optimal breathability.

Simply put, the first impression was refreshing. Stepping into something that wasn’t bombarded with an exuberant amount of cushion is a nice change of pace.

ASICS Evoride 3: About the shoe

Evoride 3 2
  • Weight: M 7.4 oz / 210 grams | W 6.6 oz / 188 grams
  • Heel-to-toe drop: 5 mm
  • Category: Neutral
  • Terrain: Road
  • Pace: Training / Lightweight performance

ASICS is not a new name in the running industry. Founded in 1949, the brand is built on the philosophy Sound Mind, Sound Body.

Promoting all levels of activity, ASICS has been innovative in the running industry; generating new technologies to advance running into a new era. Some of these new technologies are present in the Evoride 3.

The Evoride 3 integrates Guidesole technology. Introduced in 2019, Guidesole is what ASICS calls their forefoot rocker adaptation in their shoes.

The purpose of Guidesole is to reduce the amount of ankle flexion; decreasing the strain on the calves and Achilles tendon and delaying the onset of fatigue.

Another feature of the Evoride is the sustainable upper. Many brands across the running industry are increasing their efforts to create more sustainable products while reducing carbon emissions. ASICS is no exception.

The Evoride 3 toes the starting line with an anatomically shaped toe box. This anatomical fit supplies the foot with more room for the forefoot to spread naturally under each landing strike.

Flytefoam midsole cushion generates that lightweight feeling under-foot that many runners crave.

Evoride 3 3

The last key functional component of the ASICS Evoride 3 is the full ground contact design. This design creates a smooth ride with stable ground contact.

While the ground contact design of the shoe does in fact create a stable experience, the shoe is not considered a “stability” shoe.

Made for “normal size arches” this shoe does not have the corrective support that some people require. Those with flat feet might want to consider another option. That being said, I have flat feet and run comfortably in neutral and stability models.

The ASICS GT-1000, Brooks Glycerin GTS 20, and Hoka Arahi 6 all have excellent support for overpronation.

ASICS Evoride 3: Colors and Widths

Evoride 3 4

The ASICS Evoride 3 only comes in a few select color options. Both men and women are limited to 3 variations in color, all of which are less than extravagant.

If you’re looking to express your vibrant personality through your running shoes then it might be best to look elsewhere.

A similar shoe from ASICS that bestows a little more personality is the Noosa Tri 14.

Nearly a carbon copy of the Evoride 3, the Noosa Tri 14’s primary distinguishing features are the sock-like fit and tongue pull tabs. These qualities make the Noosa Tri a viable option for triathletes.

If you often get frustrated when shoe shopping because they don’t make a size big or small enough for your feet, your solution just might be the ASICS Evoride 3.

In women’s, the Evoride 3 is available in sizes 5 – 12. Men have a broader selection of shoe sizes to choose from; 6 – 15.

The only thing that would make the size selection better is if they offered the shoe in a variety of widths. The Evoride 3 is not made in narrow or wide. This will be a limiting factor for some runners.

ASICS Evoride 3 Road Test: How Did It Perform?

Evoride 3 5

The ASICS Evoride 3 performs about as well as you would expect it to on the roads. There is no thrilling or disappointing statement to be said about the Evoride 3’s road performance.

As mentioned earlier, the Guidesole technology reduces the amount of flex in the ankle; conserving energy for the next mile. This was a much more apparent feeling during the first couple runs; fading away as my body adjusted to the new mechanic.

The Flytefoam cushion in the shoe is not really worth praising or criticizing. A bit firmer under the foot, you will definitely feel your body make contact with the ground with each landing stride.

I used the term “refreshing” earlier in the article to describe the feeling of running with the semi-firm midsole. I stand by this statement.

In a generation where every brand is trying to out-cushion the other, it is nice knowing that there are still lightweight daily trainers for those that want to feel the earth under their feet without completely sacrificing the impact protection that running shoes deliver.

Being as light as it is, the Evoride 3 is not a bad option for those looking to have a go-to shoe that they can use for daily running as well as weekly speed work.

I found the Evoride 3 to be a viable option for tempo/fartlek runs, but not for sprints. The Guidesole helps propel the foot, but the Flytefoam just doesn’t feel quite responsive enough for higher-intensity efforts.

Finally, my only real negative comment about the shoe is the outsole. Mostly flat, the outsole doesn’t provide traction for any surface other than the road or perhaps a crushed gravel path.

Key Takeaways: Should You Buy The ASICS Evoride 3?

Evoride 3 6

The ASICS Evoride 3 is a classic daily trainer with a few modern touches. Great for general running, this shoe checks off many of the desired boxes.

The primary component that the Evoride 3 lacks is cushion. That is part of the beauty behind this model. Not everyone is seeking a run-on-clouds experience. Staying grounded might be just what you’re looking for.

Extra cushion usually translates to extra cost. With running shoes becoming more expensive, the Evoride 3 settles itself a little lower on the price ladder.

Even at a lower cost, the Evoride 3 still manages to sustain the standard 300-500 miles of running.

So should you buy the Evoride 3? While I won’t discourage anyone from buying this shoe, I wouldn’t strongly encourage it either. That being said, it is a great shoe for the price.

Manage your expectations and you will not be disappointed.

Marathon Handbook rating:

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

3.7 / 5.0

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