The 7 Best Asics Running Shoes in 2024

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There are many brands of running shoes to choose from.

Some of those brands are more well-known than others.

Asics has been producing high-quality running shoes for many years and has a large selection of running shoes for anyone’s needs which is why we chose to explore 7 of best Asics running shoes.

The best asics running shoes in 2023

The 7 Best Asics Running Shoes

1. Best For Overpronation: Asics Gel Kayano 29

2. Best For Long Distance Runners: Asics Gel Nimbus 25

3. Best For Running at Night: Asics Gel Cumulus 24

4. Best For Racing: Asics Gel DS Trainer 26

5. Best For Speed Work: Asics Gel Pursue 8

6. Best For Recovery Runs: Asics DynaFlyte 3

7. Best For Trail Running: Asics Gel Venture 9

Why You Need Good Shoes for Running

It is not unheard of for someone to think that any shoe that stays on your foot will make a good running shoe. Unfortunately, this is just not the case.

While some people may get away with wearing a typical shoe to run in for a short-term period, long-term use can lead to foot and other lower leg injuries that should be avoided at all costs. 

Running shoes are designed with running form and foot strike in mind.

This means that these shoes have specific features in place to protect your feet and joints from the impact placed on them when your foot strikes the ground.

This is especially true for trail running shoes with features that protect your feet from an injury that could occur from rock, sticks, or other elements of nature during a run on more rugged terrain. 

When you purchase a running shoe, you will find that they also have certain types of foam in the midsole so that your feet can stay comfortable and protected when they strike the ground when in running motion.

Other elements of a running shoe include the upper and the surface of the sole.  

The upper of a running shoe, or the part that covers the top of your foot, is typically designed with a few things in mind.

It is important that friction points between the foot and the upper are limited to decrease the chance of blisters. The upper of the shoes should also be breathable so that the user’s feet do not get too hot and sweaty within the shoes. 

The surface of the sole of a running shoe should have appropriate traction for whatever surface you plan to run on.

Most running shoes that are meant for the road are made with the same rubber of care tires for a non-slip grip on the pavement.

Others are designed for track use or have special lug patterns to be able to grip mud and rocks on trails. 

asics shoe closeup

The Best Features of Asics Running Shoes

Asics have a lot of great features that most people desire in running shoes.

Features can vary from one model to the next but in general, Asics are known for their stability and gel cushioning features and various other features that should put them at the top of your running shoe choice list. 

Gel Cushioning

The best Asics running shoes have Asics’ own renowned Gel cushioning technology that many users love.

Asics gel cushioning technology does a great job providing shock absorption, and this helps cut down on the impact forces you experience during running.

This feature is great because it increases comfort while reducing the risk of injury. 

asics shoe cushioning

Stability and Support

If you have ever been suggested a list of stability shoes by a doctor or other professional due to a history of injury, then an Asics model was probably on this list.

Asics utilize medial posts in their shoes and supportive overlays.

Both of these features can help prevent overpronation.  These features also help promote a more stable and efficient stride. 

Customized Fit

When running, comfort is especially important. Luckily the best Asics running shoes have a variety of size and style options for their customers.

Most of Asics’ models have a variety of widths to choose from so you can find the right fit for your unique foot shape.

Having the ability to customize your shoe to your foot helps prevent potential foot discomfort and issues.

asics shoes fit

The 7 Best Asics Running Shoes

#1 Best For Overpronation: Asics Gel Kayano 29

Weight: 10.8 oz, Shoe Type: Stability Running Shoe, Heel-to-toe drop: 10 mm

The 7 Best Asics Running Shoes in 2024 1
Great stability featuresHeavier than other models
Fun colors to choose fromStack height may be too much for some
Made of 20% bio-based content

If you know that you struggle with overpronation or have a history of foot or ankle injuries, then the Gel Kayano 29 could be a great running shoe for you. 

This shoe offers extra stability for runners that tend to allow their feet and ankles to roll outward.

The new 4D GUIDANCE SYSTEM™ will help keep your foot stable so you can worry less about injury as your mileage increases. 

This shoe also utilizes new PureGEL™ technology below the heel so that you can enjoy a smoother ride during your runs. 

With a midsole that is revamped with Asics FF BLAST™ PLUS ECO cushioning, you can worry less about having to nurse sore feet and more about your next run. 

Many Asics shoes utilize gel technology, but with the PureGEL™ being 65% softer than your more traditional GEL™ technology, you will notice that your experience an especially smooth ride in these shoes compared to others making it one of the best Asics running shoes.

#2 Best For Long Distance Runners: Asics Gel Nimbus 25

Weight: 9.2 oz, Shoe Type: Everyday Running Shoe, Heel-to-toe drop: 8 mm

Asics Gel Nimbus 25
Lighter weight modelTypical stack height
Extra cushioningFoam may break down quicker than you are used to 
Great shock absorption

If comfort is at the top of your mind then you will not want to miss out on having this Asics model in your running shoe rotation.

This shoe is known for its plush cushioning and ability to absorb impact without issues. 

One of the best Asics running shoes for long-distances, this shoe offers a well-cushioned midsole that allows you to wear them on a daily basis without your feet getting sore. 

The midsole of this shoe is made of FF BLAST™ PLUS ECO cushioning and Asics’ new PureGEL™ technology. This makes it a great daily trainer shoe because it feels light and soft even when going longer distances.  

You will also feel super secure when wearing these shoes. The upper is soft knit and wraps your foot so that it feels secure but does not suffocate it.

You will love this shoe’s advanced ventilation and the knitted tongue’s flexibility. 

#3 Best For Running at Night: Asics Gel Cumulus 24

Weight: 10.1 oz, Shoe Type: Neutral Running Shoe, Heel-to-toe drop: 8 mm

The 7 Best Asics Running Shoes in 2024 2
Super responsiveNot ideal for flat feet or low arches
Great impact absorption featuresSoles may wear quicker than other brands
Reflective accents for safety

If you are a neutral runner and want a shoe that is well cushioned and responsive then those shoes could be a great fit. You can wear them daily if desired and will love the underfoot feel. 

One great thing about these shoes is that they are multi-use. While they are cushioned enough to go the distance, they are also light enough to do speed work or run a shorter road race. 

The use of the Asics FF BLAST™ cushioning allows you to experience impact absorption without your foot feeling weighed down. You will also notice a responsive energy return that makes you feel fast on your feet. 

When pushing off on your toes, the Rearfoot and Forefoot GEL Technology Cushioning System helps to absorb shock and allows your foot to move across multiple planes during transitions so your stride can feel effortless. 

A big bonus of these shoes is the reflective accents they are equipped with. If you are someone who enjoys running at night, then consider a shoe like these for a bit of extra safety. 

#4 Best For Racing: Asics Gel DS Trainer 26

Weight: 6.7 oz, Shoe Type: Racing Shoe, Heel-to-toe drop: 8 mm

The 7 Best Asics Running Shoes in 2024 3
Lightweight and great for racingMay not be the best shoe for long runs
Provides stability and supportSome users may find they do not like the sock liner feature
Soft and flexible upper

Having a shoe that is lightweight and supportive is ideal if you want something that you can use for both racing and training.

This shoe combines lightweight construction with support features and stability which is why we chose it as one of the best Asics running shoes.

Though this shoe is not great for long-distance runs, it is ideal for shorter road races or completing short and spicy training runs.

This shoe is meant to make you feel light and fast.

Having something like this in the rotation will get you excited about doing speedwork that is meant to help you crush your goals. 

You will not feel any restrictions when crushing your next speed session because the new and improved upper of this shoe is meant to move with you and go along with the natural motion of your foot. 

And no need to worry about wearing these shoes down too fast. The AHARPLUS™ heel plug is meant to improve the durability of this shoe and expand its lifespan.

#5 Best For Speed Work: Asics Gel Pursue 8

Weight: 8.2 oz, Shoe Type: Everyday Running Shoe, Heel-to-toe drop: 8 mm

The 7 Best Asics Running Shoes in 2024 4
Very responsiveMay feel too stiff for some users
Lightweight cushioning Toe box may feel narrow
AHARPLUS heel plug for improved durability 

Having a shoe that can help relieve the amount of impact your body experiences is really important if you run multiple times per week. 

Thankfully there are shoes like the Asics Gel Pursue 8 that are made of the perfect blend of cushioning and responsiveness so that you can feel fast while still being comfortable and not getting injured. 

If you are going to feel comfortable and fast you probably want to feel free too.

The upper of this shoe is made from breathable jacquard mesh so your feet won’t feel suffocated or get too sweaty during hard or long training runs. 

Asics did a great job with their use of the FLYTEFOAM cushioning and GEL technology. It makes this shoe very lightweight while still having a good amount of shock absorption and stability.  

#6 Best For Recovery Runs: Asics DynaFlyte 3

Weight: 9.3 oz, Shoe Type: Everyday Running Shoe, Heel-to-toe drop: 8 mm

The 7 Best Asics Running Shoes in 2024 5
Soft knit uppers provide a comfortable fitSome users may experience hot spots
Shoes feel bouncy when runningMay need to size up 
Great underfoot feel

When on a recovery run you want a shoe that helps you to feel light and free because you will likely be running on heavy legs. 

Luckily, a shoe like this is meant to give you the feel of a responsive and energizing ride. This is ideal for those runs when you feel you are lacking some pep in your step. 

If you are training for a marathon or similar event then a shoe like this is needed in your rotation. 

Thanks to a soft engineered knit, the fit of this shoe is comfortable and breathable.

Pressure points over the in-step will also be reduced on most feet due to having a notched tongue. 

If you are looking for a trampoline feel as you tick off the miles then a shoe with the FLYTEFOAM® BLAST is a must because it provides softness under the foot while still feeling like it is propelling you forward.  

#7 Best For Trail Running: Asics Gel Venture 9

Weight: 8.8 oz, Shoe Type: Everyday Run/Walking Shoe, Heel-to-toe drop: 10 mm

The 7 Best Asics Running Shoes in 2024 6
Great for rugged trailsMay not be as breathable as other models
Excellent traction for slick conditionsMay not drain as well as some other trail shoes
Multi-use, for trails and roads

If you are a trail runner, no need to worry. Asics had something for you too! The Gel Venture is a trail running shoe that is designed to withstand slick rocks and rough terrain. 

You can worry less about slipping and more about taking in nature when cruising down your favorite mountain trail in these shoes. They are extra durable so they will last many adventures, no matter where those adventures are. 

The newest model of this shoe has improved cushioning so you are less likely to feel the rocks and sticks beneath your feet.

Thanks to the AMPLIFOAM™ cushioning and an increased stack height, the underfoot feel is soft and comfy so you won’t need to worry about staying off your feet after your long mountain run. 

We know that running on trails can get a little crazy and Asics knows it too, that is why they have. This is why they designed the outsole of this shoe with an advanced traction pattern. 

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