The 7 Best Electrolyte Supplements in 2023

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Staying properly hydrated is essential for maintaining overall health and performance, especially during physical activity or in hot weather. 

Electrolyte supplements are crucial in replenishing the body’s electrolyte levels, essential minerals like sodium, potassium, magnesium, and calcium. 

Electrolyte supplements help prevent dehydration and improve muscle function. 

There are many electrolyte supplements available that offer unique formulations and benefits to cater to different needs.

Whether you are an athlete, an outdoor enthusiast, or someone seeking to optimize your hydration levels, there is an electrolyte supplement for you. 

Let’s dive in and discover the top electrolyte supplements that can keep you performing at your best and feeling refreshed throughout the day.

Best Electrolyte Supplements

The Best Electrolyte Supplements on the Market

#1 Best for Everyday Use: Nuun Sport

Number of Flavors: 13 Sodium Content: 300mg Grams of Sugar: 1g

Nuun Sport
Tube storage makes it easy to travel with Some people may not enjoy the effervescent aspect 
Large variety of flavors availableMay not be sweet enough for some users
Available with and without caffeine  

NUUN is an excellent electrolyte supplement that is great for daily use due to its well-rounded benefits.

The tablets dissolve easily in water, so they are highly portable and easily available for quick hydration, whether at work, while traveling, or during outdoor activities.

The convenient effervescent tablet form replenishes vital electrolytes like sodium, potassium, magnesium, and calcium lost through sweating.

Being a low-calorie, low-sugar option, NUUN appeals to people who are watching their calorie and sugar intake.

Even better, there are many flavors, so you will not get bored, and it will be easy to get in plenty of fluids each day. 

Athletes and fitness enthusiasts often embrace Nuun sport, but it is also perfect for everyday use by travelers and those recovering from mild illnesses or hangovers. 

#2 Most Keto: LMNT

Number of Flavors: 9 Sodium Content: 1000mg Grams of Sugar: 0g

Keto and paleo-friendlyThe sodium content may be too extreme for some
Small packets make them easy to travel The salty flavor may be off-putting 
No added sugar or artificial ingredients 

LMNT is an electrolyte supplement that is well known for its commitment to providing essential electrolytes without any unnecessary additives. 

This electrolyte supplement was born from the realization that many available products are high in sugar and lack sufficient electrolytes. LMNT addresses this issue and offers a healthier alternative.

The electrolyte supplement LMNT is based on the latest nutritional science.

It recognizes that many people may have underestimated their hydration and electrolyte needs, especially if they lead an active, low-carb, or keto lifestyle. Its formulation is designed to cater to these specific needs.

It is loaded with key electrolytes in the perfect ratio to support energy levels, endurance, and recovery.

Each serving contains 1,000 mg of sodium, 200 mg of potassium, and 60 mg of magnesium.

LMNT has no added sugar or artificial ingredients, unlike many commercial electrolyte drinks, and is zero calories. 

It is formulated with clean, natural flavors and includes no fillers or junk. It is also gluten-free and provides full transparency about the ingredients used. 

The packaging of this product is great because it offers grab-and-go packaging, making it convenient for active individuals who need quick hydration solutions during workouts, travel, or daily activities.

#3 Best for Paleo Diets: Ultima

Number of Flavors: 9 Sodium Content: 55mg Grams of Sugar: 0g

Available in canisters and single-serve packetsNot a great option for people needing to replenish glycogen stores
Free of refined sugarsSodium content may not be enough for salty sweaters 
Great low-calorie option

Ultima is an electrolyte supplement meticulously crafted to address proper hydration and replenishment of essential electrolytes lost during physical activities, sweating, or dehydration-inducing situations. 

The electrolyte blend of this electrolyte supplement includes vital minerals like sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, chloride, and phosphorus, which are crucial for fluid balance, muscle function, and nerve health.

Ultima appeals to people who are following a paleo diet because of its adherence to clean and natural nutrition principles. 

The absence of added sugars aligns with the paleo diet’s restriction on refined sugars, making it a healthier alternative for those keen on avoiding excessive sugar intake.

The supplement’s natural flavors, sweeteners, and absence of artificial colors and preservatives are also a big bonus for paleo dieters.

These attributes cater to individuals seeking whole and unprocessed ingredients for their optimal well-being.

With plenty of flavors, it is easy to stay hydrated when you have Ultima on hand. It is available in powder form and comes in single-serve packets and a canister. 

The canister makes it easy for users to customize concentration based on individual hydration requirements, seamlessly integrating into paleo diet routines.

#4 Best Hydration and Vitamin Combo: Liquid I.V.

Number of Flavors: 11 Sodium Content: 500mg Grams of Sugar: 11g

The 7 Best Electrolyte Supplements in 2023 1
Provides some calories, which makes it a good option for athletesSlightly more expensive than other electrolyte options
Easy to find in local grocery storesFewer flavors available than some other options 
Contains vitamins B & C

Liquid I.V. is an electrolyte supplement recognized for its effective hydration-enhancing qualities.

It delivers a balanced blend of electrolytes and essential nutrients to facilitate rapid and efficient rehydration. 

It utilizes an innovative “Cellular Transport Technology” that optimizes the absorption of water and electrolytes into the bloodstream, surpassing the hydration capabilities of plain water alone.

Liquid I.V. also goes beyond electrolytes by incorporating essential vitamins like vitamin C and various B vitamins, contributing to enhanced energy levels, immunity, and overall improved well-being.

This electrolyte supplement is the best electrolyte and vitamin combination because of its multi-faceted advantages.

It has lower sugar content than many other sports drinks but still offers the same benefits and the calories themselves can be of some benefit. 

The convenience of single-serving packets, effortlessly mixed with water, is great for on-the-go hydration during various activities.

#5 Best for On-The-Go: Pedialyte Sport

Number of Flavors: 3 Sodium Content: 490mg Grams of Sugar: 5g

The 7 Best Electrolyte Supplements in 2023 2
Available ready to drink or in powder formSome users might find the taste off-putting 
Can be found at your local pharmacy or grocery storeNot paleo or keto friendly 
Provides some calories 

Pedialyte Sport is a reliable on-the-go electrolyte supplement with several features that make it a convenient and effective electrolyte option for active individuals. 

The “Sport” designation indicates that Pedialyte Sport is designed with active individuals in mind. It aims to provide the electrolyte support needed during exercise, physical exertion, and sweating to help prevent electrolyte imbalances.

This supplement is available in ready-to-drink bottles or convenient powder packs, making it easy to take on the go, whether you’re hitting the gym, running, or traveling.

The electrolytes in Pedialyte Sport are formulated to be quickly absorbed by the body, allowing for efficient rehydration during or after physical activity.

Pedialyte has a history of being used to support hydration when electrolyte imbalances are common, such as during illness or dehydration. This track record of effectiveness adds to its credibility as an electrolyte option.

While Pedialyte Sport is aimed at active individuals, it can also benefit anyone seeking a quick and effective way to replenish electrolytes on the go.

#6 Best for Intra Workout Use: SaltStick FastChews

Number of Flavors: 7 Sodium Content: 100mg Grams of Sugar: 2g

The 7 Best Electrolyte Supplements in 2023 3
Great for use during athletic events The flavor may be too strong for some users
Chewability makes them easy to consume whenever May not be ideal for those who prefer liquid electrolytes 
Easy to travel with or store in hydration packs

SaltStick FastChews are a highly preferred choice for athletes looking for an intra-workout electrolyte supplement option. 

These chews were designed with athletes in mind, and they offer a range of benefits that cater specifically to the needs of individuals engaging in intense physical activity.

The best thing about SaltStick FastChews is their ability to provide rapid electrolyte replenishment.

During workouts, especially those of high intensity or extended duration, the body loses essential electrolytes through sweat. 

SaltStick FastChews deliver electrolytes swiftly, helping to counterbalance losses and optimize athletic performance in real time.

The convenience factor of SaltStick FastChews cannot be overstated. Their chewable format eliminates the need for mixing powders or carrying liquids. You can simply pop a tablet in your mouth, chew, and continue with your workout or race. 

This on-the-go approach is particularly valuable when seamless hydration is really important, think marathons and ultras. It allows you to stay focused on your performance without interruptions.

You can even adjust your intake based on the intensity and duration of your workout, tailoring electrolyte replenishment to your unique needs.

This adaptability ensures that you can maintain optimal electrolyte levels, reducing the risk of cramping and enhancing endurance.

#7 Best for Endurance Athletes: Skratch Labs Hydration

Number of Flavors: 7 Sodium Content: 380mg Grams of Sugar: 19g

The 7 Best Electrolyte Supplements in 2023 4
Allows flexibility to customize concentrationCannot be found in your local grocery store
Great for sensitive GI systemsHas a higher price point than some of its competitors’ 
Variety of flavors and formulas available

Skratch Labs Hydration has earned its reputation as a premier electrolyte solution tailored to the needs of endurance athletes. 

This electrolyte supplement has a very well-balanced blend of essential electrolytes. Skratch Labs Hydration is designed to sustain optimal hydration levels and muscle function during the demands of long-distance activities. 

Its commitment to natural ingredients sets it apart, utilizing real fruit flavors that resonate with athletes seeking authentic fuel sources. The lack of fructose also makes it a great option for athletes with sensitive GI systems.

Skratch Labs Hydration was founded by a sports physiologist and professional cyclist and the knowledge of these individuals is embedded in their products.

This makes them well-suited for endurance sports where sustained energy and hydration are paramount. 

The flexibility to customize concentration based on varying conditions ensures athletes receive the hydration they need without compromise. 

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