The 7 Best Gym Shoes For Men In 2024

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Looking for the best gym shoes for men to wear for your workouts?

When working out in the gym, it’s important to have a comfortable and stable shoe to knock out your squat jumps and then easily transition to the stairmaster or bar for deadlifts. 

Here is an overview of our top pics.

Gym Shoes For Men

The 7 Best Gym Shoes For Men

1. Best Gym Shoes For Men for Lifting: Xero Prio Neo

2. Best Best Gym Shoes for Men For Running: Brooks Ghost 15

3. Best Best Gym Shoes for Men for Hybrid Workouts: Altra Escalante 3

4. Most Affordable Best Gym Shoes for Men: Reebok Nano X2

5. Most Versatile Best Gym Shoes for Men: On Cloud X 3 Shift​​

6. Best Best Gym Shoes for Men for CrossFit: Inov-8 F-lite 245

7. Best Best Gym Shoes for Men for Everyday Use: Under Armour Charged Commit Tr 3

What to Look for in Gym Shoes For Men

Utilizing some of the best gym shoes for men is a surefire way to improve your workout experience and put you on a faster track toward accomplishing your fitness goals. 

The best gym shoes for men offer benefits like foot support, shock absorption, durability, and versatility. 

And let’s not forget comfort. It is important that your workout is enjoyable and that you are always ready to go back for more. This means you will want a shoe that is comfortable and fits properly. 

man lifting kettlebells in lunge pose

Foot Support

You want high-quality gym shoes for men that are able to provide the perfect amount of arch and heel support.

This is key to staying comfortable during different fitness movements and short and long durations. 

Foot support is particurlarly important for exercises like squats, deadlifts, and lunges. If your foot wobbles too much, you put yourself at risk of injury. On the other hand, if the shoe has no flexibility, you may be restricted in your movements. 

man with weight

Shock Absorption

Finding a gym shoe with a good amount of cushion is imperative for shock absorption. When a shoe has the right amount of cushion, it can absorb impact when doing exercises requiring jumping or pounding. 

Protecting your joints and muscles from excessive stress is important to remaining injury-free so you can continue uninterrupted on your fitness journey. 

man tying up shoes in gym


When doing workouts in the gym, you put your shoes through more than you might think. Durability is not only important for shoes that are being used outdoors! 

If you are getting on a rower, assault bike, climbing a rope, or doing exercises that require jumping, your shoes will take a beating and can develop wear spots. 

Choosing a pair of men’s gym shoes that are meant to withstand wear and tear is important. 

You want a shoe with a tough upper and sturdy sole that lasts long and provides consistent support.

man excercising with rope


You also want to choose men’s gym shoes that are designed for a variety of activities so they will work well for both cardio workouts and strength training. 

For a shoe to be versatile, it should have some flexibility, not be bulky, and have a comfortable and proper fit. 

man tying up shoes

7 Best Gym Shoes for Men

#1 Best Gym Shoes For Men for Lifting:
Xero Prio Neo

Weight: 8.7oz, Shoe Type: Performance Training Shoe, Heel-to-toe drop: 0mm

Xero Prio Neo
Includes a 5,000-mile sole warrantyBarefoot design may require some time to adapt to
Sold by a small businessLack of arch support may be troublesome for some users
Great for wide feet

These gym shoes for men are designed to look great and also enhance your performance. 

They have a light and sleek design and are super versatile because they can be worn both as gym shoes and for all-day wear.

We tried these out and they are so comfortable you won’t want to take them off!

They have a moisture-wicking lining that keeps your feet dry during intense workouts. They also have a foot-shaped toe box, which promotes a barefoot feel and is ideal for lifting. 

A unique tensioning system gives you a secure fit for stability during training so you can avoid injury. 

One major bonus of these shoes is that they come with a 5,000-mile sole warranty, making them a durable choice for your favorite demanding workouts.

Not only does the sole have a warranty, but it is also super grippy, so you can feel confident in your workouts, whether running, jumping, lifting, or playing field games. 

#2. Best Best Gym Shoes for Men For Running:
Brooks Ghost 15

Weight: 9.8oz, Shoe Type: Neutral Running Shoe, Heel-to-toe drop: 12mm

Brooks Ghost 15
Comfortable and versatileMay feel bulky to some users
Responsive cushioningHigher price point than others
Great for treadmill running

Brooks shoes are most commonly known as being a running shoe, but that does not have to be all they are. 

The Brooks Ghost 15 is a well-cushioned and neutral running shoe that is great for use at the gym whether you are running, crosstraining, or lifting. 

You can easily use these shoes on the treadmill or stair stepper and then make your way over to the lifting area for a leg workout or jump squats. 

It is a versatile shoe that is perfect for athletes who enjoy doing a variety of activities at the gym. It’s so great that you may not even want to take it off when you leave the gym. 

Thanks to its attractive design, you can wear it as your everyday casual shoe. 

This shoe’s integrated shock absorbers help you take the pounding off your joints to stay healthy and injury-free and enjoy your gym workouts for years to come. 

#3 Best Best Gym Shoes for Men for Hybrid Workouts:
Altra Escalante 3

Weight: 9.3 oz, Shoe Type: Road Running Shoe, Heel-to-toe drop: 0mm

Altra Escalante 3
Sock-like Engineered Knit allows for breathabilityMay need to adjust to zero drop
Allows foot to sit naturallyMight feel narrow compared to some other Altras
Comes in a variety of color options

Okay, I know what you are thinking, this is a running shoe. And it is. It is great for running on the treadmill and on roads, but it is also great for much more!

It is also a great gym shoe if you are looking for something with a moderate amount of cushioning that will allow you to bounce smoothly from runs to box jumps

Like other Altra shoes, this shoe has a wide toe box and is a zero drop shoe. 

This shoe is perfect for hybrid fitness because you will stay comfortable during impact activities and experience stability when it is time to do some lifting. 

The INNERFLEX™ sole provides grid-like grooves in the midsole that allow for lots of flexibility and movement.

The balanced cushioning system of this shoe keeps your heel and forefoot at an equal distance from the ground, which promotes great alignment and form. This is great for heavy lifting and moving weight from one place to another. 

This is ideal for hybrid training since you will want to be able to crush movements like farmer carries, sled pushes, and weighted walking lunges.

#4 Most Affordable Best Gym Shoes for Men:
Reebok Nano X2

Weight: 10 oz, Shoe Type: Cross Training Shoe, Heel-to-toe drop: 0mm

 Reebok Nano X2 Cross Trainer
Lace-up closure for a custom, secure fit.It may not last long with everyday use
Also works as a casual shoeMay rub uncomfortably on wider feet
Very flexible feel 

If you want a shoe that provides enough stability for things like pistol squats and also gives you the flexibility to complete things like wall balls with ease then this shoe may be a great fit for you. 

This Rebook cross-training shoe is very affordable compared to some of its competitors.

While it may not stay in great shape for years to come, it is a great option if you are just getting started in the gym and want something versatile. 

The Flexweave® woven upper of this shoe is super breathable, so your feet won’t feel too clammed up on a hot day in your local CrossFit box. 

Support is key when you have plans to move weights or lose weight. The integrated support of this shoe is a major bonus. It provides you with the ability to enjoy stable movement in all directions. 

And no need to worry about slipping when doing box jumps or mountain climbers. The rubber outsole has a strategic lug pattern that provides plenty of traction. 

#5 Most Versatile Best Gym Shoes for Men:
On Cloud X 3 Shift​​

Weight: 8oz, Shoe Type: Neutral Running Shoe, Heel-to-toe drop: 8mm

On Cloud X 3 Shift
Great multi-functional shoeHigh price point
Utilizes recycled materialsMay fit too narrow for some users
Light and responsive design

If you want a truly versatile shoe then the Cloud X 3 might be your go-to. While it was designed with running in mind, it has a sleek and stylish design and makes it great for use on various cardio equipment like rowers and ski ergs. 

This shoe also provides the perfect amount of stability and cushioning for jumping rope and gymnastics-type activities. The CloudTec® sole will keep your foot cozy without too much give, which helps you avoid injury. 

If you want to feel light and fast, this shoe is a great option thanks to the Speedboard® technology that makes every step feel energized.  

Wearing a properly fitting shoe is especially important when lifting weights and working out on cardio equipment. Luckily, this shoe gives you enhanced lateral support so you can move confidently.   

#6 Best Best Gym Shoes for Men for CrossFit:
Inov-8 F-lite 245

Weight: 8.6oz, Shoe Type: Cross Training Shoe, Heel-to-toe drop: 3mm

Inov-8 F-lite 245
Special features for rope climbingMay feel rigid to some
Stylish designMay not be ideal for users with high arches
Enhanced shock absorption for high-impact workouts

This Inov-8 CrossFit shoe is lightweight and stylish.

It has been constructed with a knitted upper that promotes flexibility, breathability, and support but does not hinder your movement during workouts. 

It also contains an EXTEROFLOW midsole, known for absorbing shock and providing energy return.

If you are someone who is doing a lot of high-impact workouts, then this is exactly what you want so that your muscles feel the burn but your joints do not. 

These shoes are perfect for CroffFit style workouts because they have great grip.

Inov-8’s sticky rubber grip will keep you on your feet, and the ROPE-TEC technology utilized in the outsole will keep your shoes from getting shredded during all your rope climbs. 

A durable shoe is very important for CrossFit workouts and this shoe has a variety of features that increase its durability. 

While they are perfect for CrossFit workouts, don’t be shy. These shoes are well-designed and look great even outside of the gym. 

#7 Best Best Gym Shoes for Men for Everyday Use:
Under Armour Charged Commit Tr 3

Weight: 10.6 oz, Shoe Type: Cross Training Shoe, Heel-to-toe drop: 8mm

Under Armour Charged Commit Tr 3
Comfortable and secure fitMay be hard to keep clean due to the type of material used
Great lateral support May need to size up ½ size
Can wear as your everyday shoe and also use at the gym

These men’s gym shoes were constructed to be lightweight.

They feature a mesh upper and have textured overlays. This makes them breathable, so your feet don’t overheat while working hard!

They also feature some leather reinforcements on the top for added stability and flex grooves on the bottom for mobility. You want to be sure you can move in multiple directions and do a variety of movements in whatever gym shoes you choose. 

Finding a shoe with maximum impact absorption is also a key component of a gym shoe if you plan to do a lot of jumping or running. Luckily, this shoe includes Charged Cushioning technology. 

Complete with a dual-external heel counter and a mid-foot saddle, the stability of this shoe does not fall short.

You can do your deadlift and burpee broad jumps with confidence. 

You won’t even have to worry about your foot slipping and sliding around in the shoe. The cushioned sockliner prevents keeps your foot in place so your shoes go where you do.

Shop Charged Commit Tr 3 on under Armour

7 Best Gym Shoes For Men – Takeaways

This round-up of 7 different gym shoes for men is a great compilation that considers the gym habits of a variety of men.

Whether you are committed to a CrossFit box, dipping your toes into the hybrid fitness world, or doing daily lifts to maintain strength and health, there is something in this round-up for you. 

If you are just starting the gym, check out this article on callisthenics versus weights.

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