The 7 Best Ice Bath Tubs in 2023

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When you’re training regularly, muscle recovery is important, helping reduce inflammation and soreness.

And these days we have all sorts of tools at our disposal to make the process easier, from foam rollers and massage guns to compression boots and red light therapy.

But one of the latest trends taking the fitness world by storm is cold plunging – the act of fully submerging oneself in very cold or icy water.

It may not be for the faint-hearted, but fans of this novel technique swear by its benefits, describing how it reduces DOMS and post-workout fatigue, improves sleep, and enhances performance.

If you fancy trying an ice bath for yourself, you’ll need an appropriate tub to do so.

And the great news is that there are some affordable, compact ice bath tubs on the market right now designed to make it easy to take the plunge at home.

In this guide I’ve listed my top 7 models and the reasons I recommend them.

But before we dive in, let’s take a look at the factors to consider when choosing the best ice bath tub for your home.

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What to Look for in an Ice Bath Tub

First, think about where you’ll be using your tub – indoors or out.

Make sure that the location you choose for it offers enough support for its weight – once filled, an ice bath tub can be very heavy.

Other things to consider include:

#1. Size

There are two things to think about here – the dimensions of the tub itself compared to the space you have available, and whether or not its size will allow you to sit or lie down comfortably.

If you don’t have a lot of space but want to take your baths indoors, the best ice bath tub would be either an inflatable model or one that folds for storage.


#2. Drainage

Make sure that your tub is easy to drain so that you can either move it or easily refill it with fresh water.

Many of the tubs in this guide feature a double drainage system, with a valve and a simple plug to help empty them more quickly.

#3. Durability

If you want a tub for outdoor use, ensure that it’s built to withstand the elements and made from durable materials.

Look out for useful accessories that will increase the lifespan of your tub, from covers for outdoor use to puncture repair kits for inflatable models.

Regardless of where you plan to use it, the material from which the tub is made also needs to be strong enough to cope with very low temperatures and frequent use.

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The 7 Best Ice Bath Tubs

#1. Best Ice Bath Tubs for Easy Storage:
PLKO Foldable Tub

Dimensions: 44 x 26 x 24 inches, Unfilled Weight: 7 lbs

PLKO Foldable Ice Bath Tub
Quick and easy to assembleYou can feel the bars through the fabric
Insulated to help maintain a low temperature

This freestanding tub made from durable peach-skin suede, insulating pearl cotton, and waterproof PVC is available in the traditional tub shape (as shown) or with a circular design.

It’s ideal for use in a wet room or shower stall and has both a faucet drain valve and a simple drain plug in the base that allow you to empty it easily.

The tub-shaped model has six points of support so it distributes your weight very evenly, but it needs to be relatively full for stability or you’ll find it quite wobbly when getting in and out.

Designed for warm soaks as well as icy ones, the entire tub is pretty easy to fold flat, so you can then store it vertically behind a door, or slide it under your bed.

#2. Best Ice Bath Tubs for Outdoor Use:
Ice Barrel Bathtub

Dimensions: 31 x 31 x 42 inches, Unfilled Weight: 62 lbs

Ice Barrel Bathtub
Extra thick wallsNo insulation
Sustainably made in the US

This was definitely one of the best tubs I tried, but its steep price tag makes it suitable for only the most committed athlete who intends to make ice baths a regular part of their recovery routine for some time to come.

But if you don’t mind the extra expense, you really can’t go wrong with the Ice Barrel – it’s taller than most tubs, super durable, and feels exceptionally sturdy.

Supplied with a robust step stool to make climbing in and out a lot easier, it also comes with all the accessories you’ll need for outdoor use – a tough stand, a lid, and a protective cover.

The ‘Easy-Flow’ drainage system makes emptying the barrel a breeze and you can connect a garden hose to the valve in order to drain the water to another area of your yard.

#3. Best Ice Bath Tubs on a Budget:
G Ganen Portable SPA Bathtub

Dimensions: 29.53 x 29.5 x 29.5 inches, Unfilled Weight: 6.98 lbs

G Ganen Portable SPA Bathtub
2 PVC layers for durabilityNo cover for outdoor use
Easy to set upNo pump supplied for inflation
Robust poles for stabilityTricky to get in and out if you’re petite

Looking for an affordable tub that you can easily use in your shower stall and then store out of the way after use?

Then check out this extra large model from G Ganen, also available in an even more economical standard-sized version and a pricier ‘deluxe extra large’.

Robust enough for outdoor use, it is lightweight and easy to move, with an inflatable ring to support your neck and keep you as comfortable as you can possibly be when submerged in a tub of ice!

Something to note – make sure you don’t cover the drain in your shower stall if that’s where you decide to use it – it makes it very difficult to empty!

#4. Best Ice Bath Tubs for Larger Users:
The Cold Pod XL for Athletes

Dimensions: 35.5 x 35.5 x 30 inches, Unfilled Weight: 11.2 lbs

The Cold Pod Ice Bath Tub for Athletes
For indoor and outdoor usePoorly insulated
Comes with a repair kit
Inflation pump included

This is the extra-large version of the popular Cold Pod and has a 20% greater diameter, giving you much more room to spread out and sit comfortably.

It is super durable, too, made with four layers of fabric including a PVC inner layer, nylon outer layer, and Pearl Foam in the middle.

The 8 support legs give it a stable, sturdy feel – even when you’re climbing in and out – and the entire unit is relatively lightweight, so it’s easy to move from one location to another.

#5. Best Ice Bath Tubs for Durability:
Rubbermaid Commercial Structural Foam Stock Tank

Dimensions: 53 x 31 x 25 inches, Unfilled Weight: 34.61 lbs

Rubbermaid Commercial FG424288BLA Structural Foam Stock Tank
Very robustA little pricey
Easy to get in and out ofBulky to store
No set-up neededUnsuitable for indoor use

OK, as you can probably tell from its name, this tank was never specifically designed as an ice bath tub – but it’s so perfect for the job that it’s being snapped up by cold plunge enthusiasts everywhere!

With a generous 100-gallon capacity, it’s made from a durable structural foam that’s resistant to weathering and cracking, making it perfect for outdoor use.

It’s also a lot wider than most tubs, giving you more room to spread out and sit in a comfortable position.

Its seamless design makes it the easiest to clean of all the tubs in this guide and its oversized drain plug makes it simple to empty, too.

#6. Best Ice Bath Tub for Reclining:
CO-Z Inflatable Tub

Dimensions: 63 x 33 x 25 inches, Unfilled Weight: 8.16 lbs

CO-Z Inflatable Ice Bath Tub
Very affordableUnsuitable for outdoor use
Inflates in under 3 minutesTricky to drain
Comes with an electric air-pump kit

If you really want to lie down in your bath rather than remain in a seated position, this inflatable model from CO-Z may be one of the best ice bath tubs for you!

It’s not actually designed for cold plunging – it was originally intended for people with no tub and a large shower stall to use for warm baths – but lots of people are filling it with ice and finding that it does the job!

Not only would I agree, but I’d say that some of its features make it even better than true ice baths!

It has a comfy design – with a pillow, backrest, and armrests to give you plenty of support – and it also has a durable zip-up cover to help maintain the temperature of the ice/water while you’re using it!

And while I doubt you’ll take advantage of it for cold plunging, there’s even a cup-holder that will come in handy if you use it for a warm bath, instead.

#7. Best Ice Bath Tubs Overall:
Polar Recovery Tub

Dimensions: 31.5 (diameter) x 27.5 (height) inches, Unfilled Weight: 6.61 lbs

Polar Recovery Tub
Quick and easy to assembleDifficult to fully submerge if you’re very tall
Lightweight and portable
Comes with an outdoor cover

Designed specifically for cold water recovery, I picked this high-quality but affordable tub as my favorite because it’s one of the most spacious purpose-built vertical tubs out there, giving you enough room to sit with your legs crossed.

It has an inner lining made from durable PVC and feels much more stable than similar tubs, with an inflatable ring that gives the perfect level of comfort and support.

The manufacturer recommends changing the water every 10 days, which is a pain, but you could opt to use water stabilizers or a UV purifier instead if preferred.

Designed primarily for outdoor use, this tub could easily be used in your shower stall too, the quick-release tap making it very simple to drain.

girl in barrel bath

The best Ice Bath Tubs: Key Takeaways

While there isn’t any scientific evidence to prove the benefits of ice baths (also known as cryotherapy), many athletes feel that a cold plunge helps reduce their soreness after a tough workout, improves their athletic performance, and helps them sleep more soundly,

All of the tubs in this guide are affordable and compact, allowing you to enjoy this popular recovery technique in the comfort of your own home.

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