The 7 Best Neck Fans in 2023

Running is a sweaty business, whether you’re preparing for a marathon, tackling the Couch to 5K, or enjoying a morning jog round the block on a humid day.

A portable neck fan is great for helping you cool down quickly once your session is done, providing a refreshing breeze whenever you need it.

Lightweight, compact, and designed for hands-free use, a good neck fan is a versatile accessory, equally useful in a stuffy office, or as a budget-friendly alternative to using the air-conditioning at home!

There are quite a few different styles on the market these days, each with its own pros and cons.

So in this guide, I’m going to take a look at my top 7 neck fans available right now, with options for every budget.

I’ll also list the specs for each, and outline their main features to help you decide which would be best for you.

First, though, here’s a brief rundown of the things to consider before making your choice.

Best Neck Fans

What to Look for in a Good Neck Fan

First, decide if you want a regular fan or a model that actually cools the air before blowing it on you.

These 2-in-1 models are less common – and quite a bit more expensive – than regular neck fans, although I’ve included one in this guide so you can decide if it’s worth the extra expense.

Other things to think about include:


There are two main types of portable neck fans – bladed and bladeless.

There are advantages and disadvantages to each.

Bladed fans tend to be the cheaper of the two, operate very quietly, and generally offer better airflow.

On the downside, they’re a bit bulkier than bladeless fans (you certainly can’t disguise you’re wearing one), plus there’s the potential for getting long hair or clothing trapped in them.

Bladeless fans are a bit more expensive but have a much sleeker look (similar to headphones).

Some models can be a fair bit noisier than bladed fans, but they’re a much safer option if you have long hair (although you’ll still need to keep it away from the vents).

woman resting from run in heat

Battery Life and Fan Speeds

The neck fans in this guide feature batteries ranging in capacity from 1800 mAh to 5000 mAh (milliampere-hours).

This figure represents the amount of electrical charge the battery can store.

So batteries with a higher mAh rating have the capacity to store more charge than those with lower ratings, meaning they can power the device for longer on a single charge.

This is important if you regularly run longer distances and will have fewer opportunities to charge your fan during the day.

Remember, though, that the battery life is also affected by how you use the fan.

If the fan has multiple speed levels – and you consistently use it on the highest setting – then the battery will die more quickly than at a lower speed.

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The 7 Best Neck Fans

#1. Best Portable Neck Fan to Suit Your Style – Penkou Fan

Design: Bladeless, Battery Power: 4000 mAh, Battery Life: 3 to 16 Hours, Weight: 8.8 oz, Noise Level: 20 dB

Penkou Portable Neck Fan
Fan speed is easy to controlMay be too small for some
Great battery lifeNeckband is tricky to adjust
Made from durable food-grade TPE material

If you love eye-catching designs that help you stand out from the crowd, look no further than the range of portable neck fans from Penkou.

Available in a several colors and styles – including camo and graffiti – each comes with three speed settings and 72 slots to waft cool air all the way around your neck.

Made from a tough yet skin-friendly material that feels comfortable to wear, the fan is adjustable, although not as flexible as others I tried.

For that reason, I wouldn’t recommend it if you have a larger frame, or if it’s to be shared between several family members of different sizes.

#2. Best 2-in-1 Neck Fans – TORRAS Coolify Portable Air Conditioner

Design: Bladeless, Battery Power: 4000 mAh, Battery Life: 2 to 4 Hours in Cooling Mode, 3.5 to 8 Hours in Fan Mode, Weight: 12.3 oz, Noise Level: 31 dB

TORRAS Coolify Portable Air Conditioner Neck Fan
Two modes – use as a fan or a personal cooling deviceExpensive
Charges quicklyHeavier than most
Comes with a carrying bag May snag facial hair

If you’re happy to splurge a little to keep cool in even the warmest temperatures, check out this innovative and beautifully designed device from TORRAS.

It uses Peltier cooling technology that doesn’t just move around existing warm air but actually cools you down, reducing your body temperature (according to the manufacturers) by 18°F in just 3 seconds!

This makes it feel like your own, personal AC, with upward vents to direct cool air to your face, and downward vents to keep your neck cool too.

The neckband is made from soft silicone – so you can adjust it for a custom fit – and the unit uses a type-C charging cable that fully charges it in just 2 hours.

#3. Best Portable Neck Neck Fans with Blades – COMLIFE Fan

Design: Bladed, Battery Power: 2600 mAh, Battery Life: 1.5 to 5.5 Hours, Weight: 6.9 oz, Noise Level: Not Stated

COMLIFE Portable Neck Fan
Provides a pretty powerful breezeTakes around 4 hours to charge so not ideal for all-day use
Can be used as a freestanding unit Tricky to adjust the speed or turn on/off while you’re wearing it
Fans are very adjustable for maximum comfortFeels (and looks) a little bulky

A bladeless design isn’t for everyone and if you prefer the better airflow you get from actual blades, check out this lightweight model from COMLIFE.

It doesn’t have a noise level rating – but I found it whisper-quiet – yet it delivers a steady cooling breeze, with a choice of 3 different speeds.

Each of the 2 fans is ‘bendable’ up to 360 degrees – so you can adjust the airflow exactly where you need it – and I found the unit very durable, so I wasn’t worried I’d damage the fans every time I twisted them around.

Because of the adjustable design, you can also sit this fan on your desk to use while you’re working – a nice little bonus that adds to its versatility.

#4. Best Adjustable Neck Fan – SmartDevil Rechargeable Personal Fan

Design: Bladeless, Battery Power: 1800 mAh, Battery Life: 2.5 to 7 Hours, Weight: 7.9 oz, Noise Level: 22 dB

SmartDevil Portable , Hands Free Bladeless Neck Fan
AffordableNo power indicator
Comfortable to wearNo carrying bag supplied
Very quiet

This is a great fan for the money – it’s lightweight, quiet, and features twin turbines with 48 outlets to distribute air and keep you comfortable.

There’s just one button to control the three different fan speeds and the neckband is adjustable in all directions, which means you can twist or bend it for the perfect fit, no matter your neck size.

It comes with a USB cable that you can plug into your PC, car charger, or power bank for convenience on the go and takes around 3 hours to charge fully (although there’s no way to tell when it’s reached a full charge, which is a pain!).

The SmartDevil fan comes in 3 different colors – pink, green, and white.

#5. Best on a Budget – VAGAU Neck Fans

Design: Blades, Battery Power: 2000 mAh, Battery Life: 3 to 10 Hours, Weight: 6.3 oz, Noise Level: 10 dB

VAGAU Portable Cooling Neck Fan
Adjustable to any angleSwitch is very sensitive and turns on too easily
Comes in 5 different colors
Versatile – can also be used as a desk fan

Lightweight, quiet, and the most affordable in this guide, the personal neck fan from Vagau also has a pretty impressive battery life, helping keep you cool for longer!

It delivers a steady breeze just where you need it, rotating 360 degrees so you can aim it upwards towards your face and neck, or down over your chest and shoulders.

It’s pretty comfortable to wear – though, like all bladed fans, somewhat bulky – and has three different speed levels.

But my favorite feature is the position of the button to change the speed – it’s right in the middle of the fan, which makes it super simple to adjust while you’re wearing it.

It also comes with colorful LED lights that can be turned on or off – personally, I didn’t find a need for those, but kids would love them!

#6. Best Neck Fans: Runner Up – CIVPOWER Portable Fan

Design: Bladeless, Battery Power: 4000 mAh, Battery Life: 3 to 16 Hours, Weight: 8.9 oz, Noise Level: 35 to 60 dB

CIVPOWER Portable Neck Fan
Stylish designNon-adjustable
Dual-sided turbines for extra power
Wide range of colors to choose from

This fan may be a little pricier than others on the list but has a whopping 78 vents running all the way around it, so it does a great job of keeping you cool from all angles!

I really liked the look of this one, too – it comes in 9 different colors, with the chrome detail giving it a very high-end appearance!

The battery life is impressive, so it’s definitely one to consider if you won’t get a chance to recharge your fan during the day.

While you can adjust the speed to your choice of three settings, you can’t adjust the size of the neckband itself, which cuts down on its versatility a little.

#7. Best Overall – AMACOOL Portable Neck Fans

Design: Bladeless, Battery Power: 5000 mAh, Battery Life: 3.5 to 9 Hours, Weight: 9.7 oz, Noise Level: 45 dB

AMACOOL Bladeless Neck Fan
Made from adjustable silicone to fit all sizesMax setting is noisier than most models
3 speeds
Power indicator

Available in white, black, or pink, Amacool’s fan has 2 turbo motors delivering a welcome breeze from 60 outlets, helping cool your neck and face.

It charges quickly – even from a portable power bank – and while it has a decibel rating higher than most fans I tried, I didn’t find it unbearably noisy (according to Yale’s EHS decibel comparison chart, 45dB is quieter than a household refrigerator!).

One of its best features, though, is its adjustability.

The neckband has a durable and flexible silicone cover that makes it feel soft against your skin, and you can adjust it to fit necks of all sizes.

That means you can share it with other family members to get the most bang for your buck!

The 7 best Neck Fans: Key Takeaways

A convenient alternative to a washcloth on your neck after a long run, these fans provide a great, hands-free way to cool down quickly and stay comfortable for hours.

I hope you’ve found this guide helpful in choosing a design that will meet your needs and that you enjoy having easy access to a refreshing breeze on even the hottest days!

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