The 7 Best New Balance Running Shoes

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New Balance running shoes have existed for many years.

You can find them laced up on the feet of Olympians, professional marathon runners, and probably your next-door neighbor.

With a shoe for every purpose and various fun designs, New Balance continuously surprises its customers with the newest aesthetic trends and features.

With so many to choose from, we dove into the 7 best new balance running shoes to help narrow it down for you. 

best new balance running shoes

What to Look for in the Best New Balance Running Shoes

There are a variety of components that go into designing a great running shoe.

Each shoe has its own special features and a specific purpose in mind.

When looking for the best New Balance running shoes, you should consider the unique features of your own feet and running gait. 

Stability Vs. Flexibility 

Some people prefer a shoe that has a stiff and stable fit. This extra secure feeling sometimes gives runners with a history of injuries extra confidence.

Medical professionals may recommend that an individual wear a shoe with added stability features to aid during injury recovery or avoid future injuries. 

New Balance has a decent selection of stability shoes, so you can try another if one model does not work for you. 

Some runners prefer a shoe that feels light and flexible and moves freely as they do. New Balances offers some models that are specially designed with this in mind.

Most of their running shoes are made of materials with more give and do not restrict you when pushing off the ground. 

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When choosing the best New Balance running shoes for you, you will want to ensure that the shoe’s durability aligns with the type and amount of running you plan to do.

Running shoes are expensive, and you want to avoid having to replace them too frequently. 

While some of the New Balance shoes are meant to be used for short runs and races, others are designed with logging lots of miles in mind. 

Cushioning & Heel-to-Toe Drop

Other key features to consider when sifting through all of New Balance’s running shoe options are heel-to-toe drop and cushioning.

These aspects of a shoe can really impact how your feet, stride, and body overall respond to running in them. 

Heel-to-toe drop refers to the slope of the shoe from the heel to the toe. Some people like the feeling of having no slope, while others prefer a greater one.

This can be the key to a pain-free run for some people. 

As far as cushioning goes, over-the-top cushioning is the go-to option for some runners, while others tend to get more injured in shoes with too much.

Different types of runs and races can also impact the cushioning you want to choose. 

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The most important aspect of a running shoe is how it feels on your own foot.

While medical professionals and running store employees may give you recommendations that favor your gait, pronating habits, or foot shape, it is most important that the shoe feels good on your feet.  

What feels comfortable may also change as your fitness, activity choices, and running form change.

#1: Best Overall: New Balance Fresh Foam X 1080 v12

Weight: 10.3 oz, Shoe Type: Everyday Running Shoe, Heel-to-toe drop:8 mm

The 7 Best New Balance Running Shoes 1


Great for running a marathonThe foam may break down sooner than expected
Made from renewable resourcesMay be heavier than some users prefer
Can accommodate various foot shapes

New Balance knows what they are doing when it comes to cushioning.

The 1080 v12 is one of the best New Balance running shoes because it offers a lot of comfort to runners who want to log many miles without taking the beating of the impact. 

Runners wearing this shoe will love its responsiveness, which will keep them excited for the next long run. 

This shoe is a great option for runners who prefer a wider toe box or have bunions. The Hypoknit upper is breathable and stretchy, so it can easily adapt to fit a variety of foot shapes. 

What makes this extra shoe special is the use of the signature Fresh Foam X midsole foam.

This shoe is the most cushioned Fresh Foam model New Balance has ever put out.

Even though this shoe is flexible, not all support is thrown out the window. It utilizes a gusseted tongue and has an inner bootie upper which hugs your foot so it feels supported. 

#2 Best for Speed Work: New Balance FuelCell Rebel v3

Weight: 7.4 oz, Shoe Type: Racing Shoe, Heel-to-toe drop: 6 mm

The 7 Best New Balance Running Shoes 2
Super lightweightMay not provide enough stack height for some users
Sleek designDurability may not be as good as some other models
Utilizes high-energy return FuelCell foam cushioning

If you want to feel light on your feet when doing speed work or lacing up for your next road 5k, these shoes will not disappoint.

They are meant to go fast but also be used for a variety of different runs. 

The lightweight design of the FuelCell Rebel v3 will have you excited about picking up the pace.

Even though these shoes are not loaded with foam, they are very responsive. You will not feel held back by them at all. 

Although sleek and fast, these shoes are versatile and provide enough support for your long runs. This will do the trick if you have to pack just one shoe for a week of runs. 

While New Balance took care not to weigh this shoe down with a rigid upper, the lightweight knit design provides just enough structure to keep you moving as fast as your legs will let you. 

#3 Best for Long-Distances: New Balance Fresh Foam X EVOZ v3

Weight: 7.4 oz, Shoe Type: Everyday Training Shoe, Heel-to-toe drop: 8 mm

The 7 Best New Balance Running Shoes 3
Adjustable lace closure for a customized fitMay feel bulky for some runners
Premium underfoot cushioningToe box may feel narrow 
Strategically placed supporting elements

As a runner, you are probably looking for your go-to long-distance shoe.

But let’s face it, buying a different shoe for every purpose is not always feasible.

Luckily, the New Balance Fresh Foam X EVOZ v3 can be your everyday training shoe but is also durable and comfortable enough to take on your next long run. 

For this specific shoe, New Balance has made a point to highlight its all-day comfort and wearability. Whether you are doing a HIIT workout or knocking out a ski erg session, these shoes have you covered.  

Marketed for its soft features and plush feel, you will not be disappointed with the ultra-cushioned experience.

If you are someone who is on your feet all day for work, then you can easily wear these on the job as well as your training runs. 

The no-sew construction also eliminates some of the likelihood of blisters. They are also breathable and forgiving thanks to the lightweight engineered mesh of the upper. 

Your feet will not feel hot and stuffy when inside these shoes. Thanks to the integrated rubber outsole, they’re extra durable, so you can wear them as frequently as you want.

#4 Best for Overpronation: New Balance 860v13

Weight: 10.9 oz, Shoe Type: Stability Running Shoe, Heel-to-toe drop: 10 mm

The 7 Best New Balance Running Shoes 4
Upper features no-sew constructionMay provide too much support for people who want a flexible shoe
Medial post helps control pronationSome users desire more ankle support
Dual-density midsole for comfort and performance

If you are a runner with an overpronation problem you probably take extra care to make sure you are in a shoe that supports your gait needs.

The New Balance Fresh Foam X 860v13 is a stability shoe designed with features that will provide the appropriate support and cushioning that an overpronator needs.

This shoe includes multiple stability features to keep your foot right where it should be as you log your miles. This model’s cushion will also provide you with a responsive and smooth run.

The medial post provides extra support and essential stability. It is designed to be reliable for many miles and should be comfortable and supportive enough for short and long runs.  

While stability shoes can sometimes weel bulky or tight, you won’t have that problem with this shoe.

Like many of the other New Balance shoes, this one has new sew construction, so it fits as snugly as your sock but does not make your foot feel trapped. 

#5 Best for Trail Running: New Balance X Hierro v7

Weight: 9.2 oz, Shoe Type: Trail Running Shoe, Heel-to-toe drop: 8 mm

The 7 Best New Balance Running Shoes 5
Vibram® Megagrip outsole for traction May not be as flexible as some runners prefer
Lighter weight for a trail shoeIf water does get in, your may experience poor drainage
A breathable yet protected upperNo great for trails with water crossings

When you make a habit of taking your running to the trails, you will also want to make a habit of wearing durable footwear with plenty of traction

When choosing a great trail shoe, you should consider that trails are often littered with debris and tend to have uneven terrain and potentially sloppy conditions. 

This is why traction and durability are more important than ever when choosing a trail shoe.

The New Balance Fresh Foam X Hierro is made for running offroad and has unique features like a Vibram® Megagrip outsole for traction and a breathable yet protected upper to keep your feet safe from injury. 

Thanks to the GORE-TEX® waterproof fabric, your feet will be protected from wind, rain, and water. 

Just because you are on the trails does not mean you shouldn’t worry about impact and comfort.

These shoes utilize the Fresh Foam X midsole, which has plenty of cushion for a comfy adventure. 

#6 Best for Your Budget: New Balance Fresh Foam Arishi v4

Weight: 6.8 oz, Shoe Type: Everyday Running Shoe, Heel-to-toe drop: 8 mm

The 7 Best New Balance Running Shoes 6
Very affordableSizing up may be required 
Lightweight designMay not have adequate cushioning for extra long runs
Versatile design is good for more than just running

If you are in the market for a very affordable running shoe that you can also wear at your day job or while crosstraining, you have found it.

The Fresh Foam Arishi v4 is an extremely versatile shoe that you can wear to work and then on a run after. 

The soft Fresh Foam cushioned midsole makes it ideal for people who worry about their feet aching.

The durable sole will last even longer than you expect it to so you won’t need to replace your shoes too frequently. 

Not only does the shoe fit well and provide comfort, but it is also sleek and stylish.

It comes in neutral colors if you choose so you won’t have to throw your outfit off if matching is important to you. 

The upper is super breathable so if you want to wear them all day your feet won’t feel stuffy and restricted. 

#7 Best for Road Races: Fresh Foam X 880v13

Weight: 8.4 oz, Shoe Type: Running Shoe, Heel-to-toe drop: 10 mm

The 7 Best New Balance Running Shoes 7
Adjustable lace closure for a secure fitNot ideal for high mileage runners
Superior durability in high-wear areasToebox may feel crowded
Fashionable design

A shoe that is both stylish and versatile, the New Balance Fresh Foam X 880v13 has a sleek and modern feel without compromising comfort. 

Durability was highly considered when constructing this shoe.

The NDurance rubber outsole makes this shoe last longer so you can stay active without having to constantly replace your new favorite shoe. Even the high-wear areas will stay in tip-top shape. 

Thie shoe may not have any extra bells and whistles but it has everything a recreational runner needs.

The Fresh Foam X midsole foam will keep your feet and joints from experiencing the full impact of the miles you log. 

And to make sure your shoe fits just like you want it to, it has an adjustable lace closure that allows you to lace your shoes in the way that makes you feel most comfortable and secure

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