Best 5 Recovery Shoes for Runners in 2023

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Recovery shoes are designed to help runners recover faster after workouts and races by providing extra support, cushioning, and comfort.

As a runner, you stress your feet, legs, and joints whenever you hit the pavement or trail.  Wearing recovery shoes for runners can help speed up your recovery time and reduce the risk of injury.

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What Are Recovery Shoes 

Recovery shoes for runners are footwear designed to aid recovery after intense workouts or long-distance runs. 

These shoes are specially crafted to support the feet and legs during recovery, helping reduce muscle fatigue and soreness, improve circulation, and promote overall comfort. 

They’re typically made with soft and flexible materials that conform to your foot, providing cushioning and support where you need it most.

One of the main features of recovery shoes for runners is their unique design, which often includes features such as foam cushioning, arch support, and a wider toe box. 

These features work together to reduce pressure on the feet and promote better blood flow to the muscles, which can help to speed up the recovery process.

They provide support and cushioning to help reduce the risk of injury and ensure your muscles are well-rested and ready to perform at their best during your next run.

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Why Are Recovery Shoes Important

Recovery shoes for runners are important because they provide added cushioning and support to the feet, which helps reduce muscle fatigue and soreness.

This is particularly important after long-distance runs or intense workouts, where your muscles are under significant stress.

If you are looking for a way to help improve muscle blood flow, which is crucial for reducing inflammation and speeding up healing, then recovery shoes for runners are your new go-to recovery tool. 

They can help you recover more quickly from injuries, return to your training routine sooner, and help alleviate discomfort and promote relaxation even while on your feet. 

By aiding in the recovery process, recovery shoes for runners can help prevent injuries from occurring in the first place. This is because they help reduce the risk of muscle strain, overuse injuries, and other common issues that can occur when you’re pushing your body to the limit.

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How Do Recovery Shoes Help Reduce Risk of Injury

​​Recovery shoes for runners can help reduce the risk of injury in several ways. They are designed with supportive features which can help reduce stress on the feet and lower legs. 

These supportive features that recovery shoes for runners consist of help to prevent injuries such as plantar fasciitis, shin splints, and stress fractures.

Improving blood flow to the muscles is essential for reducing inflammation and promoting healing, and can help prevent injuries from developing in the first place. This also aids in recovery if you experience an injury. 

Added cushioning and support to the feet can help reduce muscle fatigue and soreness and is a big component of recovery shoes.

This is important because fatigue can lead to poor form and posture, increasing the risk of injuries such as ankle sprains and knee injuries.

Recovery shoes for runners can also help promote proper alignment, which is crucial for preventing injuries such as IT band syndrome and knee pain.

By supporting the feet and lower legs, recovery shoes can help ensure your body moves safely and efficiently.

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Recovery shoes are specially designed to help your muscles recover after intense workouts, reducing the risk of injury and improving your overall performance. 

By investing in a pair of recovery shoes for runners, you’re taking a positive step towards better performance, and we can’t wait to share all the benefits with you. 

Let’s check out the best 5 recovery shoes for runners… 

#1 OOahh Sport – Post Run Recovery Slide Sandal

Weight: 4 oz (113 g), Shoe Type: Recovery Slides, Toe Coverage: Open Toe

OOahh Sport - Post Run Recovery Slide Sandal

Reduces stress on feet

Great for improving circulation 

Efficiently absorb impactThe design may not be ideal for outdoor use
Adjustable strap ensures a perfect fitUnisex design – may be too wide for some women
Lightweight and durable

These sandals are designed to help reduce stress on feet and joints and provide excellent arch support.

They are made from a proprietary foam material that is soft and comfortable and have a unique design that helps absorb impact.

This slip-on sandal that’s perfect for wearing after a long run or workout, providing the right combination of cushioning and support to help you recover more quickly and get back to your next run.

The foam of this shoe conforms to the shape of your foot, helping to reduce pressure on your feet, legs, and lower back.

It also helps improve circulation, promoting better blood flow to the muscles, crucial for reducing inflammation and speeding up recovery.

One of the unique features of the OOahh Sport is its adjustable strap, which can be tightened or loosened for a perfect fit. This helps ensure the sandal stays securely in place, even when you’re on the go.

Incredibly lightweight and durable, with a slip-resistant sole that provides excellent traction on various surfaces.

This makes it perfect for wearing around the house, at the gym, or even out and about.

#2 HOKA ONE ONE Ora Recovery Slide 2

Weight: 6 oz (170 g), Shoe Type: Recovery Slide, Heel-to-toe drop: 0.2 inches (6 mm)

HOKA ONE ONE Ora Recovery Slide 2

Wide base distributes weight more evenly 

– Perfect for getting off and on quickly 

Maximum cushioningThe traction will wear down with time
Meta-rocker geometry reduces the risk of injuryCould be more stylish
Adjustable Strap for a perfect fit

Let’s be honest. As a runner, your feet are often stuffed into well-fitted shoes, and sometimes you just want to let your toes breathe. Especially if you have recently demolished them running a trail race or marathon, yikes! 

The HOKA ONE ONE Ora Recovery Slide 2 has a thick, soft midsole, providing plenty of cushion for sore feet and the support you need to stay on the move.

They also have a wider base which helps distribute weight evenly

One big perk of these recovery shoes is that they easily slip on and off, making them a great choice for post-run recovery because when your legs are sore, squatting down or bending over can be a real chore. 

This sandal is designed to be worn after a long run or workout to help your feet recover and reduce muscle fatigue. 

The footbed is also contoured to fit the shape of your foot, providing a custom fit that feels comfortable and supportive.

One of the unique features of the Ora Recovery Slide 2 is its meta-rocker geometry.

This helps to support your natural gait and promote a smooth stride, reducing the risk of injury and improving your overall running performance.

Designed with an open toe box, which helps to reduce pressure on your toes and prevent blisters from forming. It also has an adjustable, soft, padded strap to help you find the perfect fit.

Lightweight and durable, these are perfect for wearing around the house, at the gym, or just out and about.

They are available in a range of colors, so you can find the perfect pair to match your style.

#3 Nike Benassi JDI Slide

Weight: 4.5 oz (127 g), Shoe Type: Slides, Shoe Width: Medium

Nike Benassi JDI Slide

Textured footbed for promoting blood flow

Simple and classic design

More stylish than other options on the listDoesn’t have all features of recovery slides
Textured footbed massages feet
Affordable Price

Runners love slides, or at least the ones that I know do! These Nike slides have a textured footbed that helps massage the feet and promote blood flow, aiding recovery. 

They are lightweight and easy to slip on and off, and they have a simple, classic design that is versatile and stylish, so they will pair well with your favorite running shorts and lounge pants.

While these slides are not specifically designed as a recovery shoe for runners, the Nike Benassi JDI Slide has become popular for post-run recovery due to its comfort and versatility.

The midsole is soft foam, providing a comfortable, supportive fit while remaining durable.

It is meant to help absorb impact and reduce pressure on your feet, making it a good option for post-run recovery.

You can choose the perfect pair in various colors to match your style and wear them when and wherever you desire. 

While the Benassi JDI Slide may not have all the features of a dedicated recovery shoe, it is still a great option for post-run recovery or relaxing after a long day on your feet.

#4 Brooks Levitate 2

Weight: 11.2 oz (318 g), Shoe Type: Recovery sneaker, Midsole Drop: 8 mm

Brooks Levitate 2

Plenty of cushion and energy return

Fully enclosed and suitable for all environments

Lightweight and comfortableMay be too expensive for some shoppers
DNA AMP Midsole provides excellent cushioningOnly comes in one width
Secure feet yet remain breathable

If a sandal is not your post-run recovery jam, you might opt for a fully enclosed sneaker meant for recovery, like the Brooks Levitate 2.

This shoe is designed with a range of features, making it an excellent choice for runners who want something lightweight and comfortable even when they are not actually running. 

These shoes have a DNA AMP midsole that provides excellent cushioning and energy return, which can help speed up recovery.

They are also designed to fit snugly and securely, which can help reduce stress on the feet and joints.

The Levitate 2 is also designed with a flexible, knitted upper, providing a comfortable and secure fit without suffocating your feet. 

If you want your feet to feel cozy and be able to breathe on recovery days or post-run, this is the ideal option. 

#5 New Balance Fresh Foam Roav

Weight: 9.9 oz (280 g), Shoe Type: Recovery sneakers, Heel-To-Toe Drop: 8mm

New Balance Fresh Foam Roav

– A breathable and stretchy upper for comfort 

– Great for high-mileage weeks

Fresh foam midsole provides maximum supportMay be slightly loose on thise with narrow feet
Reducest impact post-run for faster recovery
Breathable upper

You may enjoy wearing a well-cushioned shoe if you are a runner with achy joints or shin splints.

The New Balance, Fresh Foam Roav, has a Fresh Foam midsole that will give your feet all the cushion and support they desire after a long run or high mileage week. 

They are also designed with a breathable, stretchy knit upper. It conforms to the foot without squeezing your toes too tightly or putting too much pressure on the bones in the feet, which is ideal in a recovery shoe for runners. 

Often after hard or long runs, your feet are achy, and you need space to be able to wiggle your toes. These shoes will allow that!

The foam of these shoes is designed to provide comfort and be responsive, which is great for running but also ideal for walking around on sore feet and legs. 

These shoes will help reduce the impact on the joints post-run, which helps speed up recovery. 

Man recovering on a bench

There are a variety of recovery shoes for runners on the market. Whether you prefer a fully enclosed shoe or sandal, you now have the best 5 recovery shoes for runners to check out. 

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