The 5 Best Reebok Running Shoes On The Market Right Now

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Whereas other big brands like Nike and Adidas consistently work on delivering category-defining running shoes, with the latest tech, Reebok focuses on straightforward, go-to shoes.

Reebok’s running shoe range fills a gap for runners looking for more affordable and versatile shoes. They are more focused on quality than quantity, and here are our absolute favorites.

So, if you want a no-frill shoe that does the job well and offers great value for money, we think you might find something you like in this list. 

Best Reebok Running Shoes

The 5 Best Reebok Running Shoes

1. Best Cushioning: Floatride Energy Symmetros 2

2. Best Value For Money: Floatride Energy 5

3. Best Trail Running Shoe: Floatride Energy 5 Adventure

4. Best All-Round Shoe For Women: Energen Tech Plus

5. Best Entry-Level Trail Shoe: Lavante Trail 2

#1. Best Cushioning:
Floatride Energy Symmetros 2

Weight: 10.1 oz; Drop: 10mm

Floatride Energy Symmetros 2
Comfortable, high stack cushioningNarrow toe box – might need to size up if you have wide feet
Versatile use
Stylish design

Our choice for the best Reebok running shoes for cushioning goes to the Floatride Energy Symmetros 2 shoes. The high stack of the Floatride energy foam gives a plush feel, absorbs impact, and provides great comfort.

Beyond offering great shock absorption, we also love the full-coverage rubber outsole with tiny lugs, so you can use the shoes for various terrain.

The traction allows you to take them through trails and wet surfaces, while the cushioning and the high stack give the cushioning you need on the roads. This outsole also makes them more durable, all adding up to them being awesome long-distance, multitasking shoes. 

The three-layer mesh upper is soft and padded and gives you a snug fit. It is also breathable, drying fast, and keeping your feet cool. 

Overall, if you are looking for high-mileage shoes that can lead you through a variety of surfaces, the Floatride Energy Symmetros 2 is a great pick. 

It also has a cool retro look, so it can be a part of your casual wear as well. 

#2. Best Value For Money:
Floatride Energy 5

Weight 9.4 oz (M); Drop: 8mm

Floatride Energy 5
Light and flexibleToo firm for longer runs
Smooth ride on speed runs
Great value for money

The Reebok Floatride Energy 5 is a budget-friendly daily trainer. We think it’s the brand’s top pick if you are looking for the best value for money. 

It is not only affordable but also versatile, so you can cover multiple needs with a single shoe. It has a durable outsole for multi-surface grip and traction and offers a good energy return feel.

The Floatride Energy Foam feels soft and responsive, but note that the ride on this shoe is a bit firmer so it is more suitable for those who prefer less cushioning. 

The shoe is light and flexible, but the padded upper and thick sole offer good protection. The fit is snug, so the shoe may be a bit difficult to put on, however, that can make you feel more secure while you’re on the run.

In fact, this shoe is quite supportive, especially due to the torsion plate which keeps your foot aligned and prevents lateral movement. The lateral support system on the upper adds to the stability

We think this shoe is the best for daily training and shorter runs, but if you are going for a longer run you might prefer a softer shoe like the previous Symmetros 2. 

#3. Best Trail Running Shoe:
Floatride Energy 5 Adventure

Weight: 9.4 ounces; Drop: 8 mm

Floatride Energy 5 Adventure
Floatride Energy foam feels soft and responsiveAlthough marketed as a hybrid road-to-trail shoe, we wouldn’t do too much road running in it
Grippy rubber sole for a variety of surfaces
Strong, protective, and durable upper

Released recently, in autumn 2023, these are already our favorite Reebok trail running shoes.

The Floatride Energy foam is resilient and absorbs impact for a soft and responsive feel. You can expect the smooth and cushioned ride you already know and love if you have tried other shoes with this cushioning technology.

The Cordura material is used for the upper. It is a lightweight yet tough fabric that gives you the durability you need to tackle rough terrain. 

The outsole is grippy and the lug pattern is designed for effective traction on a variety of surfaces.

And whilst Reebok says the shoe can take you from road to trail, we think you shouldn’t do much road running in it, as it could affect the durability of the outsole since the lugs are quite small and could wear out quickly. 

Other than that, being water resistant, durable, and offering great traction, the Floatride Energy 5 Adventure shoes are ideal for your outdoor adventures in any type of natural terrain, from rock and gravel to mud. It can also be your go-to shoe for light trail walks. 

#4. Best All-Round Shoe For Women:
Energen Tech Plus

Weight: 10.1 ounces; Drop: 9 mm

Energen Tech Plus
Great value, versatile shoeNarrow in the toe box, may not be ideal for wider feet 
Multi-surface grip
Lightweight, can cross over to gym use

If we would recommend women a single running shoe that can do a variety of tasks it would be the Energen Tech Plus shoe. It is a great all-around shoe that can be used for running and cross-training – it can easily double as a gym shoe.

These shoes are lightweight and the floatride fuel midsole offers a balance of cushioning and responsiveness which is perfect for your daily training sessions.

The durable rubber outsole provides grip so you can use the shoe for a variety of conditions and terrains. 

Regarding the fit, the shoe is comfortable and supportive, although it can be a bit tough to get in. You’ll need to unlace it fully and might need to break it in with a couple of runs until it feels just right.

Other than that, it is a great value, versatile shoe, perfect for those who cross-train and look for a good balance of support and cushion. 

#5. Best Entry-Level Trail Shoe:
Lavante Trail 2

Weight: 10oz; Drop: 8mm

Lavante Trail 2
Excellent value for moneyLower quality than more expensive Reebok shoes
Versatile outsole grip for traction anywhereCan feel stiff
Lightweight and durable

If you want to try trail running but are on a strict budget, we can’t recommend Lavante Trail 2 running shoes.

These are some of the cheapest entry-level trail shoes, offering excellent value for money.

They feature a FuelFoam midsole which offers responsive cushioning, and though you might need more cushioning for a longer run or more serious run, these will suit you for walking and easier daily training on the trail.

The outsole grip makes them appropriate for a variety of surfaces, biting into rocks and dirt.

The lacing system features a lace garage on the tongue so you can securely tuck the laces away. The fit is snug, and though you can break into them we would think about sizing up if you have wider feet. 

Although these shoes may not be enough for more serious trail running, we think the price makes them ideal for beginners who are still testing out whether this field is right for them. 

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