The 9 Best Running Armbands for Your Phone in 2023

There are lots of reasons that you might choose to run with your phone, from tracking your miles or listening to music to contacting family in an emergency.

The only problem when running with a phone is working out how to carry it!

Nothing is more distracting than feeling your phone bounce against you with every stride. So you need to find a way to secure it whilst keeping it as accessible as possible.

One of the most popular options is to invest in a good running armband.

Not only should this keep your phone within easy reach, but it should hold it so snugly in place that you can forget you even have it with you!

There are lots of different armbands on the market designed for runners, each with a slightly different set of features. This means it can be tough to choose the one that will suit you best.

So we’ve made it easy by putting together this handy guide!

Read on to discover what to look for in a running phone armband, then check out our top 9 styles.

We’ve outlined all their main features, to help you pick the one you’ll find most comfortable for your next run.

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Features to Look For in a Running Armband for Your Phone

The main priority when choosing a running phone armband is – of course – comfort!

And there are a few things that influence just how comfortable an armband is. It should be lightweight and breathable enough to prevent overheating, and made of a material that doesn’t chafe.

The fit should be snug without being overly tight and there should be no points at which your skin might be pinched.

This means you need to look for an armband that is adjustable, flexible, and soft against your skin.

Other things to consider include:

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Stability and Security

These are connected to comfort, as an armband that holds your phone securely and stops it from bouncing will allow you to ignore it altogether!

Stability is also important when it comes to the safety of your phone.

You need to be sure that it is held firmly in the armband you choose and that there’s no risk of it falling out and hitting the ground.

Screen Access

This is very much a personal consideration and you need to think about how you use your phone when you run.

If you like the security of having it with you but don’t need to access the screen, then a simple armband into which you tuck your phone would be ideal.

But if you want to check your texts, access your playlist, or view your tracking data, then it’s important to choose a model that allows you to easily see and use your screen on the go.

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Device Size

Not all armbands fit all phones, so make sure the one you choose is big enough to accommodate your device. Check, too, that it can hold it with or without a cover.

Also, consider if you’ll need an armband that can accommodate a variety of sizes.

This will give you more bang for your buck, as you won’t need to buy a new armband every time you change your phone.

Extra Features

Some armbands provide little more than a pocket for your phone, whereas others have places for extra items like gels, cards, a key, etc.

Whilst the extra space is handy, it usually results in a bulkier armband, so only choose one with additional pockets if you really need them.

Another useful feature to look for is a clip to take up the slack from your headphone cords and prevent them from flying around.

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The 10 Best Running Phone Armbands

#1. TRIBE Water Resistant Cell Phone Running Holder

 TRIBE Water Resistant Cell Phone Running Holder

– Compatible with a wide range of phones, highly adjustable, and with a touch-sensitive screen cover

– An affordable option for on-the-go access

Providing easy access to your phone at all times, this holder features a highly sensitive touchscreen cover that protects your screen from showers.

It also has everything you need in terms of comfort, made from a breathable Lycra/neoprene blend that feels soft and wicks away moisture.

The dual buckle loops and adjustable elastic band ensure a perfect fit, so your phone sits snugly against your arm with no jiggling.

There are some nice little extras, too, including a built-in pocket for your key, a thick reflective strip for running in low-light conditions, and a cord organizer for your headphones.

#2. Sprigs Phone Armband Sleeve

Sprigs Phone Armband Sleeve

– Fits any phone (even with a case), slide-on design, and Velcro closure

– Perfect for summer runs

If you’re looking for something simple, lightweight, and breathable, consider this popular running armband from Sprigs.

It comes in loads of cool colors and four different sizes, based on the size of your bicep.

It fits snugly enough to keep your phone perfectly still as you run and there are grip dots on the inside that effectively stop it from sliding down.

There’s no extra space for other items and you can’t access your phone without removing the band.

But as a discreet way to keep your phone with you for a distraction-free run, it’s one of the best styles out there!

#3. Nike Pocket Arm Band Plus

Nike Pocket Arm Band Plus

– Compatible with most phones, adjustable arm strap, and with a low profile look and feel

– Great security for your device

Another simple running phone armband is this offering from Nike, featuring a reflective swoosh logo.

Unlike most other running armbands, it has a zippered closure. This is very secure and means you won’t have to worry about your phone falling out mid-run!

The clear window, meanwhile, protects it from the elements whilst giving you full touchscreen access.

The only caveat with this style is that it seems to be designed for a larger bicep. If you have a very slim build you might find the fit too loose, even when fully tightened.

#4. E Tronic Edge Running Phone Holder

E Tronic Edge Running Phone Holder

– Lightweight sleeve-style band, made with a quick-drying nylon-spandex fabric

– Fits all phones, even smaller models

This running armband from E Tronic is similar to the Sprigs band, but it has a bit more room for extra items like your keys and gels.

Ideal for running in a T-shirt (but difficult to wear over long sleeves), it is completely comfortable, with no pressure points to annoy you as you train.

The phone pocket is zippered for security. The zipper is also meant to make it easy to remove your phone on the go, although we found that tricky and preferred to remove the entire band instead.

Be sure to pick the right size, as a snug grip is key to stopping the armband from sliding as you train.

#5. NEWPPON 360° Rotatable Running Phone Armband

NEWPPON 360° Rotatable Running Phone Armband

– Direct screen access, Airpods holder, and a built-in hidden pocket

– A versatile mounted option

We love the stretchy silicone mount on this armband, which will accommodate everything from the smallest phone to the largest!

This makes the band a great choice if you’re likely to be switching phones any time soon!

The screen is fully exposed, which is great if you want completely unobstructed access. Just remember this means that it’s open to the elements, too.

The 360-degree rotation makes it easy to access data from all angles and the flexible strap fits arms up to 16 inches.

We prefer this option when running with long sleeves or a jacket.

That’s because the hard plastic from the mount tends to press into bare skin and can become uncomfortable.

#6. LifeProof LifeActive Armband With Quickmount

LifeProof LifeActive Armband With Quickmount

– Compatible with other Lifeproof products, lightweight, and with a locking switch for added security

– Most comfortable mounted running armband

Unlike the NEWPPON model, the Lifeproof armband requires you to attach an adapter to the back of your phone case.

This might be a deal-breaker for some, although you can get around the issue by buying a second phone case just for this purpose.

And we think it’s worth it, as the mounting process is so easy!

You simply attach your phone with a single click, then remove it with a twist.

We found it comfortable even in a short-sleeved T-shirt or vest. This is because the mounting piece uses only a very small amount of plastic that you can’t feel against your skin.

#7. Proviz Y-Fumble Reflective Unisex Phone Arm Pocket

Proviz Y-Fumble Reflective Unisex Phone Arm Pocket

– 4-way stretch material, sleeve style, and machine washable

– Best running phone armband for low-light conditions

From a company famous for its high-quality reflective gear, this arm pocket will help ensure that you can clearly be seen when running at night.

Seamless and lightweight, it is comfortable to wear, with plenty of space for extras like your cards or keys.

The flexible fabric feels soft and is available in three different sizes, ensuring a snug grip that prevents movement.

We recommend sizing up, though, as these bands definitely run on the small side.

#8. Armpocket Mega i-40 Arm Band

Armpocket Mega i-40 Arm Band

– Clear window for full touchscreen access, a reflective strip, and lots of space for extra items

– Best running armband for heavy-duty use

If you regularly run long distances over rough and rugged terrain, this is the armband for you.

Drop test certified, it is designed to be weatherproof, sweatproof, and mudproof.

It is also versatile and you can wear it on your forearm or hand if you prefer. You can even attach it to your bike!

This makes it a great all-rounder, suitable for a range of activities.

Offering more storage space than most, the Mega i-40 can easily accommodate your key, cards, and gels.

But this has a downside, and – whilst comfortable -this armband was the bulkiest model we tried.

#9. LOVPHONE Armband for iPhone

LOVPHONE Armband for iPhone

– Reinforced stitching for durability, soft fabric, and a dual adjustable arm strap

– Most affordable running armband for iPhones

Considering it’s just a fraction of the price of other running phone armbands, this model has some pretty cool features!

Designed specifically for iPhones, it gives access to all ports and makes it easy to connect headphones. There’s a clip to keep the cords organized, too.

You can view and manipulate the screen via the touch-sensitive window, and there are built-in pockets for your key and cards.

We also like the fact that this product has been recently redesigned in order to accommodate your phone AND its case. This saves you the hassle of removing it for every run!

The Best Running Armband for Your Phone: Key Takeaways

Choosing the right running armband allows you to focus on your training whilst having easy access to your phone when you need it.

We hope this guide has been helpful in choosing a style that will suit your needs and help enhance your running experience.

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