The 9 Best Running Fanny Packs in 2024

It is always convenient to have somewhere to stash your essentials when you run, whether you need access to nutrition during marathon training or like to carry your phone to stay connected.

There are some great running belts on the market designed for this very purpose – and you can see some of my favorites here.

But another option is to use a fanny pack for running, many of which will give you space for your phone, cards, snacks, keys, and – in some cases – a water bottle, too!

Regular fanny packs are not really cut out for running – they tend to bounce around with movement and can be very distracting.

So in this guide, I’ve brought together some of my favorite styles better suited to athletes, designed to stay in place through vigorous movement and make it easy to access their contents on the go.

Before we get to my top 9 running fanny packs, though, let’s take a quick look at the things you need to think about when making your choice.

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What to Look for in a Running Fanny Pack

Your first consideration should be the fabric – running is a sweaty business, so look for a pack made from water-repellent nylon or with a water-resistant coating.

It should be breathable, too, with enough ventilation to keep you comfortable.

Other things to think about include:

#1: A Good Fit

If you choose a fanny pack for running that doesn’t fit you well, chances are it will bounce all over the place, potentially chafe, and become more of a distraction than a help!

Most of the styles I’ve included in this guide skate the line between fanny packs and running belts – they provide the space of a pack but with the snug, streamlined fit of a belt.

Whichever product you choose, you’ll probably want to experiment a little with positioning to determine whether you’re more comfortable wearing it on your waist or sitting lower on your hips.

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#2: Storage

This is your main reason for buying a running fanny pack, so make sure the style you choose truly meets your needs!

The biggest problem I run up against when buying packs or belts is that my phone won’t fit – no matter what the manufacturer might claim!

Make sure you check that the pack you’re interested in will accommodate your phone, and also whether or not you’ll need to remove its case.

Check how many pockets it has altogether (if you’re super organized you may want enough to store different items separately) and also check how secure they are.

It’s no use having a spacious phone pocket only to discover that your phone bounces out of it as soon as you start running!

If you want to carry water, make sure your pack has space for that, too. I’ve included a couple in this guide with purpose-built pockets for hydration.

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#3: Accessibility

Finally, think about the types of items you’ll be carrying with you and decide if you’ll actually need access to them during your run.

If so, make sure they are easy to get to – this is especially important if you’re carrying energy chews, or want access to water without stopping.

running fanny pack and other items

The 9 best Fanny Packs for Running

#1. Most Compact Running Fanny Pack – NIKE Waistpack

Fabric: 90% Polyester, 10% Elastane, Weight: 2.82 Ounces, Pockets: 1

NIKE Waistpack
Secure zippered pocketToo small for most phones
Snug fit with no bouncingNot machine washable
Reflective elements for running at night

This is probably the most minimal pack I tried, with a streamlined, contoured design to stop it from bouncing and a lightweight, ‘barely there’ feel.

Of course, that compact size means it won’t hold as much as some of the other packs in this guide and I’d really only recommend it for running without a phone, or if your phone is very small.

Still, there’s plenty of space for things like your gels, keys, and wallet, and it fits comfortably, too, with a soft, stretchy waistband that you can easily adjust but that didn’t need tightening once throughout my run.

#2. Most Unique Fanny Pack for Running – Cotopaxi Del Dia Bataan 3L

Fabric: Ripstop Nylon, Weight: 4 Ounces, Pockets: 1, Plus 2 Internal Mesh Pockets

Cotopaxi Del Dia Bataan 3L
Ethically made using remnant materials Bounces a little
Easy to access on the go Decals prone to peeling
Space for any phone and lots more

There’s something very special about Del Dia products – they are designed by Philippine employees who have complete creative control over the colors.

This means that no two are the same, and the cool color combination you get will be a complete surprise!

Aesthetics aside, this is a great fanny pack for running if you need plenty of storage space, offering a whopping 3L capacity.

The strap can be adjusted on either side of the clip and you can tuck any excess into the loop provided to prevent it from distracting you during your run.

#3. Best High Capacity Running Fanny Pack – UltrAspire Plexus 2.0

Fabric: Nylon/Polyester, Weight: 9.5 Ounces, Pockets: 2

UltrAspire Plexus 2.0 Waist Pack
Breathable and stablePricey
4-way stretch mesh to hold water bottle firmly in place
Front floating pocket to tuck away excess webbing

Comfortably padded to stop you from feeling its contents, this pack has it all – space for any phone plus keys, wallet, nutrition, etc., and a horizontal water pocket containing an UltraFlask 550 Hybrid Bottle.

I loved how easy it was to reach for the water mid-run – it can be accessed with either the left or the right hand – and the insulation kept it cold from start to finish.

The shape – common to all UltrAspire waist packs – has been developed over 30 years to feel comfortable while remaining snugly in place, and the fit is easily adjusted on the go using the dual forward-pull adjustments.

#4. Most Versatile Design – NATHAN Running Belt Waist Pack 5K

Fabric: Neoprene Tricot Rubber, Polypropylene, Acetal Plastic, Weight: 3.6 Ounces, Pockets: 2

NATHAN Running Belt Waist Pack 5K
Snug, bounce-free fitPhone pocket could be larger
3M Scotchlite reflective detail No loop for excess belt
Available in 4 different colors

Sleek, compact, and very affordable, this ultra-lightweight pack might not hold a ton of stuff but it’s perfect if you just want to take along your phone and a couple of small essentials.

Both pockets are zippered for security and the one designed for your phone is pretty spacious, although you may need to remove the cover from plus-size phones to avoid a tight squeeze.

The pack feels comfortable worn either at the front or the back and the neoprene fabric dries quickly should you happen to get caught in a shower.

#5. Best Running Fanny Pack for Hydration – Salomon Active

Fabric: 100% Polyester, Weight: 3.32 Ounces, Pockets: 2

Salomon Active Belt Hydration Waist Pack
Sits snugly against your lower backNot machine washable
Breathable and cushionedNo phone pocket
Comes with a lightweight 20 fl. oz 3D water bottleBelt is a bit thin

While this fanny pack for running does have 2 pockets, one is only for water and the second is way too small for all but the tiniest phone, so I only recommend this for carrying your keys, card, and a gel or two!

But for hydration it’s great and the way the bottle is angled makes it very easy to remove and replace without breaking your stride.

It’s easy to customize the belt to your exact size – you simply open the buckle at the end, cut off the excess, then put the buckle back on.

Don’t be too hasty, though – it’s a permanent adjustment, so be sure you’re happy with the fit before trimming it.

#6. Best Fanny Pack for Running with Your Dog – Nathan Dog Leash with Runner’s WaistPack

Fabric: 80% Nylon 20% Polyester, Weight: 10 Ounces, Pockets: 1

Nathan Dog Leash with Runner’s WaistPack
Stretchy, spacious pocketMetal clasp not strong enough for larger dogs and may bend
360 degree reflectivity for safety
Leash has handles at both ends

If you love to run with your furry friend, then you NEED this waist pack!

Not only does it have a roomy pocket to hold your running essentials and treats for your pooch, it also features a guideline that allows you to clip the included leash to your waist.

This means you can comfortably run hands-free, the leash sliding smoothly from side to side as your pup switches direction.

There’s also a feedback system that pulls pack on your dog if he starts to tug on the leash.

#7. Best Running Fanny Pack for Larger Phones – SPIbelt Adult Large Pocket

Fabric: Spandex, Weight: 1.6 Ounces, Pockets: 1

SPIbelt Adult Large Pocket
Low profile, expandable pocketNot very sweat resistant
AffordableCan be tricky to remove larger phones on the go
Made in the US

I’ve long been a fan of the original SPIbelt, and this version gives you everything that was great about its predecessor, but adds even MORE storage space, carrying even Plus and Max size phones with ease.

The no-slip waistband is fully adjustable and sits nicely in place without bouncing, plus the pack feels very durable, with a sturdy buckle that will stand the test of time.

What’s more, there are a ton of color and design options to suit your style, meaning this pack could easily double up for everyday use, too.

#8. Best Running Fanny Pack for Durability – Nathan Marathon Training Pack with Stretch Pocket

Fabric: Not Stated, Weight: 3.2 Ounces, Pockets: 2

Nathan Marathon Lightweight Training Pack with Stretch Pocket
Sturdy buckleMinimal waterproofing
Easy to adjust
Choice of 2 cool colors

This pack may be lightweight but it feels exceptionally tough and well made, featuring stretchy, expandable pockets at the front with Velcro closures for easy access to your running essentials.

There’s also a secure zippered pocket for your phone (fits iPhones sized up to iPhone 7 plus), loops for your energy gels, and even a stash pocket for your gel trash.

Perfect for runs where you don’t need hydration, it stays in place pretty well and I only experienced a little movement as I ran.

#9. Best Running Fanny Pack Overall – Janji Multipass Sling Bag

Fabric: Coated Polyester Ripstop, Weight: 6.5 Ounces, Pockets: 2

The 9 Best Running Fanny Packs in 2024 1
Can be worn as a fanny pack or as a sling bag across your back/front Key hook is tough to open
Breathable honeycomb foam back panel for comfort and support
Water repellent coating

The main problem with using a fanny pack for running rather than a belt is eliminating the bounce – so this bag, which comes with a secondary crossbody strap that secures it in place – is ideal.

It has loads of other great, features, too, including a roomy front pocket with a locking carabiner for your keys and a handy card pocket, plus a zip pocket at the back for your phone and wallet.

There’s also a flexible bungee compartment in the middle, ideal for securing a water bottle or an extra layer on changeable days.

The 9 best Fanny Packs for Running: Key Takeaways

While it would be nice to think that the only accessory we need for our runs is a great pair of shoes, the fact is that most of us also need to carry a phone, keys, gels, and more.

All the fanny packs in this guide are designed to make it easy to do just that, allowing you to run hands-free, but with easy access to the items you need.

Whether you prefer a compact option like the Nike Waistpak or the more advanced storage provided by the UltrAspire Plexus 2.0, I hope you’ve found this guide helpful in choosing the perfect pack for your next run.

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