Running Parachutes: How They Work + The 5 Best Parachutes On The Market

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If you are a runner and have taken any time to research workouts, chances are, you have heard of a running parachute. You may be wondering, how a running parachute works.

The purpose of a running parachute is to add resistance to your run. Adding resistance during a run is a great way to help you practice proper form and encourage you to work harder.

It will be more challenging to maintain your speed when you add the resistance of a parachute to your run.

This means that you must utilize a more efficient drive and having more efficiency with your drive will build overall strength and increase your running abilities.  

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How Does a Running Parachute Work?

A running parachute typically has two parts.

The first piece is a belt that you will situate around your waist. It usually has a cord that hangs off and there is a buckle piece attached to the end.

Then there is the actual parachute. The parachute is typically made of nylon material and has a cord with a buckle on the end.

These two pieces are snapped together when you want the resistance and if you are doing a drill that requires dropping resistance you can easily unhook and keep running.

When the parachute is attached, and you begin to run, the chute catches the wind and expands.

As you gain speed, the parachute will be propelled behind you. This results in resistance that is applied behind your body’s center of gravity.

The faster you run, the more resistance you will experience.

Utilizing a parachute is beneficial for all speed phases. You can benefit as you start, accelerate, and during the maximum speed phase.

You can easily move in various directions as well which makes it great for stop-and-go drills or drills that require jumping and turning.

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Challenges Of Using A Running Parachute

I recently utilized a running parachute in my workout, and it was very useful, but did have its challenges.

If the wind is erratic, it can cause the parachute to float up and down or pull in different directions, which can be a bit distracting.

If you are doing longer intervals, say over 20-30 seconds it can be VERY challenging to run fast enough to keep the parachute up.

This means that as you run, it will drag on the ground at times.

This may be frustrating BUT it encourages you to pick up your pace and even if the parachute is on the ground, you will still get some resistance.

So do not worry, the workout is not a waste. Over time your cadence and speed will improve during resisted parachute runs and you will be keeping the parachute in the air in no time.

Now that you know how a parachute works but which parachute should you use? Let’s talk about the top 5 running parachutes on the market.

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The Top 5 Best Running Parachutes

Amazon has a variety of quality and affordable parachutes. Most of them seem like they are the same, but there are a variety of differences and details that you should look for.

Here are some things you may want to consider when choosing the best running parachute for you:

  • Is the running parachute detachable?
  • Is the running parachute made of durable material?
  • Is there a carrying case for the running parachute?

Okay, let’s talk about the best running parachutes…

1.   KUYOU Running Speed Training Parachute

KUYOU Running Speed Training Parachute

Adjustable belt with Velcro closures

Chute releases while running for speed training

The KUYOU running parachute is the perfect addition to your training routine.

This running parachute is 56 inches and creates the perfect amount of resistance as you run.

Using this running parachute will help you to increase your speed, stamina, and strength, during your next hard running workout.

The adjustable Velcro belt allows you to attach it to your waist at a comfort level that is perfect for you.

If you want to release the parachute and continue for some quick strides just reach down, release, and keep running.

If you find yourself running on a rainy day, chances are your parachute will drag on the ground.

Don’t worry, this running parachute is durable, and the high-quality cloth can stand up against mud and water.

Worried about tangling? Built-in mesh panels keep the strings from getting twister up and help to keep the parachute stabilized while you run hard.

2.   XINXIANG Speed Agility Training Kit with Resistance Parachute

XINXIANG Speed Agility Training Kit with Resistance Parachute

Full agility kit to go with your running parachute

Portable and easy to use

As you start researching running parachutes, you will likely see agility mentioned frequently. As a runner, the more agile you are, the better.  

There are multiple tools you can add to your training kit to promote agility.

If you are going to purchase the parachute, you may as well grab an agility ladder and cones while you are at it. The XINXIANG speed agility training kit is the complete package.

Using a resistance parachute, agility ladder, and cones can help promote better athletic performance. You will be able to build leg strength, speed, core skills, balance, and body control.

All items included in this agility kit are compact and easy to take along with you wherever your workouts take you.

This running parachute is meant to help you increase explosiveness and acceleration. It is complete with an adjustable Velcro strap that is a perfect fit for men, women, and children and has an easy-release clasp, so you can drop and go.

3.   Sumind Running Speed Training Parachute

Sumind Running Speed Training Parachute

11-33 lbs. of resistance depending on your speed

Adjustable belt with hook and loop closure

Want to run like a pro? Using this Sumind running parachute for your speed drills is a great way to improve the look and quality of your running stride.

Watch your stride length and frequency improve over time as you make this running parachute a regular part of your training routine.

You will notice that your muscular endurance improves over time as well because of the mechanics you use when wearing a running parachute.

This parachute kit includes a belt and folds up easily to fit in a portable bag that allows you to carry your parachute anywhere.

Looking for the perfect gift for your favorite runner? Consider gifting them a running parachute.

This running parachute is perfect for outdoor fitness and might be a great way to encourage your running friend to level up their routine or try something new.

Outdoor fitness can be dirty! Luckily this parachute is both durable and washable. Secure wiring within the parachute ensures it will not be easily damaged.

4.   QING PU2021 Running Speed Training Parachute

QING PU2021 Running Speed Training Parachute

Perfect solution for strength and speed training at the same time

Long belt with magic tape for runners of all body types

The QING PU2021 running parachute fits all your resistance running needs. Speed training is often intimidating and dreaded by runners, new and old.

Adding something like a resistance parachute to your running routine helps you to switch things up a bit while still working on maximizing your top running speed.

The actual parachute is attached to 360-degree moving rings on the belt, which allows you to sprint in any direction without getting tangled up.

Need to run out and backs? No worries, the parachute will move along with you smoothly.

This parachute is made of high-quality materials, is waterproof, and has quick-drying abilities.

This means even if you run in the rain, it won’t get bogged down and stop working completely.

Running with resistance forces you to pull more strength from your legs as you fight to go fast despite the pull from the resistance.

This is a great way to build up your quads and calves during your run if you do not have much time for strength conditioning outside of your running time.

5.   MBQTWS Running Speed Training Double Parachute

MBQTWS Running Speed Training Double Parachute

Two times the resistance of single running parachutes

Compact and easy to use

Looking to add even more spice and resistance to your already challenging speed workout? Level up and add the resistance of not one, but two, running parachutes.

If you have been running with a single parachute and are finding that you want an even bigger challenge, running with two resistance parachutes is a great option.

The MBQTWS running speed double parachute is the perfect option.

Quickly and safely increase the speed and acceleration of your run by adding two resistance parachutes. As you run with a single parachute, you should find that your leg strength improves.

Over time you may adapt to a single stimulus and require additional resistance to continue to benefit from this type of training.

When it comes to running, you should always be looking for new ways to challenge yourself. Doing the same thing on repeat requires less adaption from your body and will result in less improvement.

In a typical workout, you may set a higher pace goal or try to run at a hard pace for a longer period. Adding a second parachute to your resisted runs is a great way to apply that concept to parachute runs.

Best Running Parachutes – The Takeaway

There are tons of running parachutes on the market. Reading reviews is a great way to find out which one is best for you.

Remember, if you have a running coach or other professional in your life, check with them to see if adding resisted running to your training routine may be beneficial for you.

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