The 10 Best Running Waist Belts in 2023

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A running waist belt is a useful accessory that can serve several different purposes, ideal for everything from carrying extra hydration when running a marathon to bringing along your phone for a jog around the block.

Belts tend to offer more storage space than running armbands and are lighter to carry than backpacks.

What’s more, carrying your belongings around your waist is often the most comfortable option, evenly distributing the weight and allowing you to run hands-free.

Choosing the right running waist belt isn’t always easy, though.

There are so many brands on the market that it can be tough to choose the best one for your needs.

For that reason, I’ve put together this list of my top 10 belts available right now and the reasons I recommend them to my clients.

But before we get to them, let’s take a look at the factors to consider when choosing which one will suit you best.

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What to Look for in a Running Waist Belt

There are four key factors to think about when looking for a belt that meets your needs:

#1: A Comfortable Fit

This is crucial – a running waist belt that moves around, chafes, or allows your belongings to bounce up and down is seriously annoying and will distract you from your run.

Ideally, you should be able to secure it tightly but comfortably around your waist so that it stays in place.

Check the sizing carefully or choose an adjustable belt that you can customize to fit you perfectly.

#2: Fabric

As with all of your running gear, you want a belt made from a lightweight and breathable fabric that will allow heat to escape and won’t retain moisture.

Look for a belt that includes a stretchy fiber like elastane, as this will give you the flexibility to move without restriction.

running waist belt and other gear

#3: Storage

Some running waist belts are designed to carry just a few items like your energy gels, cards, and key, whereas others offer an additional secure pocket for a phone.

Make sure the phone pocket is big enough for your device – in my experience, many phone pockets are simply too small to accommodate larger models, or you can only fit them in without a case.

Also, consider if you’ll need to carry water, especially if you regularly run longer distances.

If so, choose a belt specifically designed for carrying hydration – they are usually a bit more expensive but I find them worth it, as they hold the bottles in a comfortable position that minimizes movement.

You can see my favorite running belts with water bottles here and I’ve included a couple in this guide, too.

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#4. Accessibility

Is it important to you to access your belongings as you run?

If so, then buy a belt that makes it easy to do so.

I recommend buying one with extra loops for energy gels if you tend to use them, as these are much easier to access on the go than zippered pockets.

The 10 Best Running Waist Belts

#1. Best Running Waist Belt for Wet Weather – Under Armour Flex Speedpocket Run

Fabric: 87% Polyester, 13% Elastane, Sizes: One Size Fits Most

Under Armour Flex Speedpocket Run Belt
Adjustable webbing with buckle for a custom fitLimited choice of colors

With reflective details to help you stay visible when running at night or early in the morning, this belt has a highly water-repellent finish to protect your belongings on rainy days.

The Speedpocket on the back is expandable and comfortably fits phones up to up to 6″ x 3″.

There’s also a secure, zippered pocket at the front ideal for smaller items but also capable of holding a phone up to the size of an iPhone 12 Pro Max.

#2. Most Comfortable Fabric – Lululemon Fast and Free Running Belt

Fabric: 84% Nylon, 16% Lycra Elastane, Sizes: XS/S to L/XL

lululemon Fast and Free Running Belt
Lightweight and stretchyPhone pocket is snug
Smooth, high-qualiuty zipper

I love the bright color of this stylish but functional belt from Lululemon, which is also available in black, yellow, and camo.

It’s made from Ultralu fabric – the same material the company uses for much of its workout gear – so you can expect the softness, breathability, and comfort that you get from its leggings.

There’s a stretchy zippered pocket for your phone that holds it close to your body and stops it from bouncing, plus side drop-in pockets for smaller items.

#3. Best for Daily Training – Fitletic Mini Sport Pouch

Fabric: Not Stated, Sizes: Adjustable From 24″ – 55″

Fitletic Mini Sport Pouch
Soft, secure waist beltNot the most durable option
Slim enough for day-to-day use

Although this is marketed as a mini-pouch, it’s surprising how much you can get in – there’s enough space for most phones and a separate compartment for smaller items like your card and key.

There are loads of colors to choose from – so it’s very easy to find one to suit your style – and the lightweight design means the pouch sits against your body comfortably without bouncing when you move.

There’s nowhere to attach a water bottle, but Fitletic also sells a bottle and holster that’s compatible with all its belts and easy to remove when it’s not needed.

#4. Best Wide Running Waist Belt – Salomon Pulse Belt

Fabric: 84% Polyamide, 16% Elastane, Sizes: XS to XL

Salomon Pulse Belt
Buckle-free tubular constructionRuns small – consider sizing up
Option to carry waterZipper could be more durable
Reflective details for visibility

Breathable, stretchy, and with multiple hidden, expandable pockets, this is a belt that stays snugly in place no matter how demanding your runs.

There’s plenty of room for most phones and other essentials, with the two stretch horizontal pockets capable of holding two 500ml hydration flasks (although this makes it uncomfortable and I suggest sticking to one!).

There are also two grippy diagonal straps at the back that are handy for bringing along an extra layer or running poles.

#5. Best Storage Capacity – Naked Running Band

Fabric: Naked® Exopower mesh, Sizes: 12 x Sizes From 28″ to 39″

Naked Running Band
Comfortable compression fitExpensive
Soft, non-chafing fabricHeight of the belt may cause it to roll
Toggles to attach a race number

With 12 different sizes to choose from, it’s easy to find a version of this belt that fits you perfectly and remains stable throughout your run.

It has a generous 2-liter capacity, with 3 deep pockets for everything from your energy chews and phone to a full-size soft flask.

Breathable and lightweight, it also features large elastic bands for your running poles or rain shell, an internal clip for your key, and reflective elements for safety in low-light conditions.

#6. Best Reflective Running Belt – Nike Slim Waist Pack 3.0

Fabric: 90% Polyester, 10% Elastane, Sizes: One Size Fits Most

Nike Slim Waist Pack 3.0
Ultra lightweight and compactNot machine washable
Secure zippered pocketToo small for many phones
Can be worn around the waist or shoulder

This sleek and slim running belt doesn’t offer a whole lot of storage, but with space for your keys, gels, cards, and some smaller phones, it’s perfect for your daily jog around the block.

The contoured design moves with you easily so it won’t shift or bounce with every step and the single button closure on the adjustable band makes it easy to remove as soon as your run is done.

#7. Best Hydration Belt – Nathan Peak Waist Pak

Fabric: 30% Polyester, 70% Nylon, Sizes: Adjustable From 26″ – 44″

Nathan Peak Hydration Waist Pak
Wide webbing to eliminate bounceDoesn’t work as well with non-Nathan water bottles
Easy to adjustPlastic bottle is quite hard to squeeze
Flask features an easy-to-use push/pull capMinimal storage space beside hydration

Providing great value for money, this well-made running waist belt comes with an ergonomically designed 18 oz hard-sided flask that sits comfortably against the small of your back and doesn’t move around.

It’s easy to access on the move, too, positioned at an angle that allows you to remove and replace it with one hand.

There’s also a zippered stretch pocket to keep other items – including most phones – and an adjustable bungee cord for stowing a rain shell or cap.

#8. Best Value for Money – SPIbelt Running Belt Original Pocket

Fabric: Spandex, Sizes: Adjustable From 24″ – 47″

SPIbelt Running Belt Original Pocket
Compatible with many popular phone modelsNot machine washable
DurableOnly has a limited capacity – not ideal for longer runs
Wide range of colorsNo reflective details

I’m a big fan of this belt which is a little more affordable than others in this guide yet offers comparable features and is super comfy to run with!

Lightweight and bounce-free, it has a pocket that zips securely to keep your essentials safe and a wide, soft, non-chafing elastic belt that can be easily adjusted for a wide range of waist sizes.

Thanks to the variety of colors and designs available, this is a great belt to choose if you’re looking for something you can wear not just for running but also in your day-to-day life.

#9. Best Running Waist Belt for Warmer Days – CAMELBAK Unisex Ultra Belt Pack

Fabric: 3D Micromesh, Sizes: XS/S to M/L

CAMELBAK Unisex Ultra Belt Pack
Comes with a purpose-built hydration flaskSomewhat pricey compared to other brands
Bottle is easy to access on the move
Stretchy for a compression fit

The lightweight, minimal design of this belt is perfect for those summer runs.

The ventilated 3D mesh material ensures multi-directional airflow to keep you cool and comfortable.

The secure phone pocket is easy to access, plus there are reflective details to enhance your visibility and elasticated loops to hold trekking poles if needed.

Best of all is the included 17 oz Quick Stow soft flask which is lightweight, collapsible, and features a one-piece silicone bite valve so you can quickly rehydrate mid-run.

#10. Best Running Belt Overall – FlipBelt Classic

Fabric: 92% Micropoly 8% Lycra, Sizes: XXS to XXL

FlipBelt Classic Premium Running Belt
Sleek and bounce-freeNo hydration storage
Plenty of storageNo easy access to items mid-run
Lots of bright colors available

I own a few different running belts but my FlipBelt is the one I pull out most often because it’s just so comfortable to wear!

The design is about as simple as you can get – there are no straps or buckles, just a lightweight tubular band with 4 roomy pockets for your phone, keys, cards, and more.

There’s no zipper in this version, but turning the waist belt pouch over closes all the pockets so everything stays inside.

The snug fit, meanwhile, holds all your items so securely against you that you can almost forget you have them!

The 10 Best Running Waist Belts: Key Takeaways

Carrying items in your hands when you run is not just uncomfortable, but it can cause very subtle imbalances that may eventually lead to injury.

A good running waist belt is the answer, allowing you to bring along everything from your phone to your hydration without detracting from your performance.

I hope you’ve found this guide useful in choosing the perfect belt for your needs and that you enjoy the convenience of carrying your essentials in comfort on your next run.

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