The 7 Best Running Water Bottles in 2023

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A great running water bottle is crucial for runners to stay comfortable and hydrated while training and racing. 

Beyond the simple function of carrying fluids, a quality running water bottle has a range of features designed to enhance comfort, convenience, and performance

From quality designs that fit seamlessly into your hand to insulation that keeps your hydration at the right temperature, the best running water bottles go beyond the basics to offer innovative solutions for staying hydrated during runs. 

Features like leak-resistant caps, storage pockets for essentials, and reflective elements for safety contribute to the overall quality of a running water bottle. 

The right running water bottle is more than just a vessel, it’s a tool that allows runners to crush their goals with ease and efficiency.

best running water bottles

The Best Running Water bottles

#1. Best Handheld Running Water Bottle: Nathan Handheld Quick Squeeze

Capacity: 12oz Price: $29.99 Special Feature: Storage pocket

Nathan Handheld Quick Squeeze
Double-wall construction keeps your fluids nice and coolCapacity of the bottle is on the lower side
Adjustable strap allows you to secure to your comfortThe price point is a bit high 
Reflective details offer added safety 

With an adjustable strap that eliminates the need for gripping, the Nathan Handheld Quick Squeeze water bottle is perfect for running, hiking, and more.

This running water bottle fits snugly around your hand you will not have to worry about the bottle slipping or bouncing during your activities.

The ergonomic shape, no-slip grip, and chafe-free thumb hold ensure comfort and security.

It even has reflective details that enhance visibility, and a stash pocket adds convenience so you can store your keys and electrolyte tabs if desired. 

Thanks to double-wall construction, your fluids will stay cooler for longer, even on the hottest days.

Another great feature is the high-flow Push-Pull Blast Valve cap which allows easy hydration on the go. 

#2. Best Soft Flask Running Water Bottle: Aonijie Quick-Grip Soft Flask

Capacity: 16.9oz Price: $19.99 Special Feature: Bite valve

Aonijie Quick-Grip Soft Flask
Collapsable flaskFor users wanting to store their phone, it only accommodates small phones
Multiple storage pocketsMay feel too bulky for some users
Large water storage capacity

This handheld soft flask running water bottle includes a 500ml soft flask that is suitable for all hand shapes and provides a comfortable grip during runs. 

It has an adjustable hand strap that helps you get the secure fit you want without needing constant gripping, allowing your hands to stay relaxed.

The soft water bottle is easily removable from the carrying pouch and easily cleanable, making it a practical running water bottle choice.

This feature makes it easy to maintain and keep your bottle mold-free

Many handhelds have some storage space, but this running water bottle has multiple zippered pockets built into the design that can accommodate essentials such as a phone (up to 5.5 inches), keys, cash, and other items. 

It is also constructed from high-quality waterproof and lightweight, breathable nylon material, which ensures durability while remaining lightweight.

The bite valve of this bottle allows quick bursts of hydration, helping you stay properly hydrated during your runs.

#3. Best Storage Capacity Running Water Bottle: CamelBak Quick Grip Chill

Capacity: 21oz Price: $32.00 Special Feature: 5 color options

CamelBak Quick Grip Chill
Keeps water cold 2x longerSloshing of the water may be annoying
Stretch Pocket for EssentialsMay feel too bulky for some users
Positive lockout feature for leak-proof transport

The CamelBak Quick Grip Chill Handheld running water bottle has the ability to hold 21oz which makes it perfect for your longer or extra hot runs.

This water bottle incorporates advanced insulation technology, which can keep your fluids cold for up to 2 times longer than conventional bottles.

This ensures you can enjoy refreshing hydration even during extended runs.

This running water bottle is also equipped with a secure pocket that provides a safe and easily accessible spot to store some phones, keeping your device close by while you’re on the move.

It also has a built-in stretch pocket that gives you space for essentials like keys, energy gels, or cards.

A high-flow, self-sealing cap maximizes fluid flow rate while preventing splatters and spills, allowing for efficient hydration without the mess.

#4. Best Lightweight Running Water Bottle: FlipBelt Portable Lightweight Water Bottle

Capacity: 11oz Price: $14.00 Special Feature: FlipBelt Compatible 

FlipBelt Portable Lightweight Water Bottle
Designed to curve with your waistMay not be an ideal option without a FlipBelt
Bounce free design allows for hassle-free running Lack of collapsibility may not be ideal 
Works great with FlipBelts

The FlipBelt Portable Lightweight Running Water Bottle is a great option for runners looking for a lightweight option that can be easy store in their FlipBelt or other similar running belt. 

It is a great lightweight option to carry by hand if desired. 

The bottle’s gently curved shape is designed to wrap around your body, providing a comfortable and balanced feel when stored in a running belt. 

This design removes the potential for pesky bouncing and chafing, giving you the gift of a hassle-free running experience. 

Combining this water bottle with FlipBelt waist belts lets you conveniently store up to two bottles at a time, along with other valuables like your phone, credit cards, energy bars, or keys. 

The FlipBelt running water bottle lets you stay hydrated while keeping your hands free when you pair it with a FlipBelt.

This feature is especially useful for runners who need to maintain their stride and focus without the distraction of holding a water bottle.

#5. Best Clip-on Running Water Bottle: SPIbelt H20 Hydration Companion

Capacity: 8oz Price: $12.99 Special Feature: Easily clips onto any SPIbelt 

SPIbelt H20 Hydration Companion
Dishwasher safe for easy maintenance Not a great option for longer runs
Very affordable optionThe clip-on design could annoy some runners
Made of BPA-free materials

The SPIbelt H2O Hydration Companion is the ultimate choice for a clip-on running water bottle.

This bottle is great for SPIbelt users as it easily clips onto any SPIbelt making it easy for runners to have their hydration without distraction.

The unique design of this running water bottle ensures that you can securely attach the water bottle to your running belt while on the move without worrying about it coming loose.

This water bottle is specifically designed to contour your body’s shape so you stay comfortable and annoyance free during your runs.

This allows the water bottle to integrate with your movements seamlessly.

With an 8-ounce capacity, this bottle holds the ideal amount of water for quick hydration on the go.

The size is well-suited for shorter runs and is a great accessory for staying hydrated during short races or spicy workouts.

Made of BPA-free materials, you can be certain that you drink clean and safe water. It can even be cleaned on the dishwasher top rack, simplifying the cleaning process, making maintenance a breeze.

#6. Best Multi-use Running Water Bottle: FITLY Soft Flask

Capacity: 5oz Price: $9.99 Special Feature: Small and portable

FITLY Soft Flask
Perfect for short fast runsNot designed for long distances
Can be used for running fuelDoes not include a hand strap or clip
It shrinks as you drink

This collapsible water bottle offers an eco-friendly and compact solution to stay hydrated during your runs.

The soft design caters to the needs of runners, making it an ideal running water bottle.

The FITLY Soft Flask is very unique because it shrinks as you drink. This intelligent design prevents water from sloshing around, bouncing, or rattling. 

The running water bottle incorporates an intelligent bite valve and a leak-resistant mouthpiece. This provides the ability to drink without spillage or wastage.

One of the great things about this bottle is that it is so small that it is also a great option for putting your gels or other running fuel into it for quick and easy access. 

When you finish whatever you store in it, it can be conveniently folded and tucked into your pocket or bag, making it readily accessible whenever you need a sip of hydration.

The FITLY Soft Flask is freezable, making it even more versatile, as it can double as an ice pack to keep you cool on your runs.

#7. Best Insulated Running Water Bottle: Nathan SpeedDraw Plus Insulated Flask

Capacity: 18oz Price: $36.98 Special Feature: Double-wall insulated design

Nathan SpeedDraw Plus Insulated Flask
Large storage capacityHigher price point than other options
Fluids stay cooler longerMay feel too large for some to hold while running
Plenty of room for storage

With its 18oz double-wall insulated design, the SpeedDraw Plus Insulated Flask keeps your fluids cooler for a good amount of time.

This will help keep your hydration refreshing and at the right temperature throughout your run.

The fully adjustable hand strap equipped with a thumbhole enables grip-free running and allows you to maintain a natural hand position while keeping the bottle secure.  

This running water bottle even has integrated reflective fabric that provides 360-degree reflectivity which helps ensure you’re easily seen by others and reduces the risk of accidents.

The SpeedDraw Flask with Fire & Ice technology offers a design that allows for natural grip and easy-squeeze access to fluids. 

The race cap offers quick bursts of fluids on the go so you can hydrate efficiently during your run without slowing down.

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