The Best Stability Running Shoes for Men and Women in 2023

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There are few things you need for running – a safe road, trail, track, beach, treadmill, or other running space and a good pair of running shoes (unless you’re on the barefoot craze!) are pretty much the basic necessities.

But, the importance of a good pair of running shoes cannot be understated.

Worn-out running shoes or unsupportive running shoes can increase your risk of musculoskeletal injuries and cause all sorts of biomechanical issues.

Stability running shoes are ideal for runners who overpronate – when the arch collapses and the foot rolls inward from the ankle when you land. This increases the stress traveling up the leg, and may contribute to running injuries such as shin splints and plantar fasciitis.

Stability running shoes provide extra support to the mediolateral arch of the foot. This is often through guide rails used along the heel portion of the running shoe and posting along the medial surface and sole which prevent the foot from collapsing inward.

best stability running shoes

Most stability shoes also have a heel counter in addition to guide rails.

A heel counter is a firm, somewhat stiff yet padded structural component that cups the heel and ankle, guiding the foot from landing through the heel-to-toe transition to prevent overpronation.

If you overpronate, wearing a stability running shoe can help counter the natural tendency of your foot to roll inwards. But, what are the best stability running shoes? Which stability running shoes are best for trails, speed workouts, and everyday training?

We’ve done hours of research and miles of real-world testing of the top picks for stability running shoes.

Keep reading for our roundup of the best stability running shoes to ensure your feet are supported and happy mile after mile.

Here are the shoes you’ll find in this roundup:

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The Best Stability Running Shoes of 2023

#1 Most Breathable Stability Running Shoe: The New Balance Fresh Foam X 880v12

Weight: 8.4 oz Heel-to-toe drop: 611 mm

 The New Balance Fresh Foam X 880v12
Extra stability Outsole suitable only for road running
Breathable upper
Very flexible & comfortable

The New Balance Fresh Foam X 880v12 is as bright and fun as it is lightweight and functional. The shoes weigh just 254 grams (9 oz).

Designed for runners needing extra stability, these running shoes feature a soft foam compound, and dual-layer midsole for optimal support and cushioning mile after mile. 

There is a supportive medial post to help maintain your arch, but you also get the plush experience of Fresh Foam. 

The jacquard mesh upper is designed with strategic zones of support and breathability to keep your feet cool and happy even in hot summer runs.

#2 Best Stability Running Shoe for Trail Running: SALOMON XA PRO 3D v8 GORE-TEX

Weight: 370 g Heel-to-toe drop:11 in mm

The Best Stability Running Shoes for Men and Women in 2023 1
Plenty of cushioning Heel drop may be too high for some
3D open mesh for breathability
Waterproof Gore-Tex membrane

If trails are your running playground of choice, consider our pick for the best stability running shoe for trail runners: the SALOMON XA PRO 3D v8 GORE-TEX.

Salomon is well known for its rugged, high-performing trail running shoes, and the XA Pro 3D V8 GORE-TEX is no exception – albeit a little on the heavier side, at 370 grams.

This trail running shoe features all the usual comforts and design details of their other trail running shoes, but with the added stability for runners who overpronate, thanks to the new geometry of the 3D chassis.

The result is a secure and stable ride with plenty of cushioning and grip to keep your legs feeling fresh and your feet feeling steady, even on wet trails. 

The Salomon XA PRO 3D GORE-TEX has a waterproof Gore-Tex membrane for rainy weather and wet trails, high-performance EVA foam for shock attenuation, and 3D open mesh for maximum breathability.

It also has a convenient lace pocket for easy storage for the Quicklace™ lacing system, a molded sock liner, and the Salomon SensiFit™ system, which cradles the foot from the midsole to the lacing system.

#3 Most Supportive Stability Running Shoe: Asics GEL-KAYANO 28

Weight: 258 g Heel-to-toe drop: 10mm

Durable constructionA bit tight in the midfoot
Breathable mesh upper
Smooth and cushioned ride

High-mileage runners will love the Asics GEL-KAYANO® 28 running shoe, a durable stability running shoe with reliable performance. 

The running shoe features a lower-profile external heel counter to cradle your foot and provide rearfoot control for overpronation without sacrificing mobility. 

The Asics GEL-KAYANO 28 has FF BLAST™ cushioning in the midsole to provide added stability, while the running shoe still relies on ASIC’s beloved new GEL® technology for a smooth and cushioned stride.

With the Dynamic DuoMax™ Support System, these stability running shoes provide almost as much pronation control as some motion control running shoes, but with a lighter weight, lower profile, and geometry of a stability running shoe.

The mesh upper is ideal for breathability and responsiveness, and makes for a lightweight shoe, at just 258 grams (9.1 ounces).

#4 Best Cushioned Stability Running Shoe: HOKA One One Arahi 6

Weight:7.60 oz Heel-to-toe drop: 5.00 mm

HOKA One One Arahi 6
Lightweight and stableGrip could be better
Ample cushioning
Vegan materials

When you want maximal cushioning while still getting the pronation control of a stability running shoe, try the HOKA One One Arahi 6.

This comfortable shoe is as stable and supportive as it is lightweight and plush.

The HOKA Arahi 6 defies the odds in the way that it delivers support and cushioning while only weighing a mere 7.6 ounces, making it one of the lightest stability running shoes out there. 

Featuring a stabilizing J-Frame™ for overpronation control, the midsole helps provide the stability you need while the early-stage meta-rocker, zonal rubber, and thick foam sole attenuate impact forces.

There’s a nice, plush tongue, comfortable sock liner, and recycled content lining. The shoes are also vegan.

#5 Best Low-Drop Stability Running Shoe: ALTRA Provision 6 Road Running Shoe

Weight:287 g Heel-to-toe drop: 0 mm

The Best Stability Running Shoes for Men and Women in 2023 2
Durable constructionSteep learning curve if you’re not used to low-drop shoes
Low drop removes pressure from the forefoot and prevents injuries
Soft and comfortable

Studies show that low-drop and zero-drop running shoes can reduce the risk of certain running injuries and can promote a more natural running stride.

Most running shoes have a heel drop, meaning the heel is slightly elevated relative to the forefoot. 

This is because heel drop contributes to more pressure and force on the forefoot, which can increase the risk of bunions and metatarsalgia. 

Moreover, habitually running with a significant heel drop can shorten the Achilles tendon, which can cause a compensatory flattening of the arch of your foot. When this happens, it adds pressure and stress to the big toe, altering the alignment of forces through your foot.

The ALTRA Provision 6 Road Running Shoe is a low-drop stability running shoe that minimizes these issues while controlling overpronation.

It features GuideRail™ technology, a molded heel cup for locked-in control, and soft and responsive Altra EGO™ midsole foam for the support you need and the softness you crave. 

At 235 g, or 8.3 ounces, the shoe is nice and light. 

#6 Best Stability Running Shoe for Speed Workouts and Races: Brooks Launch GTS 9

Weight: 212.6 g Heel-to-toe drop: 10mm

Brooks Launch GTS 9
Pros Cons
VersatileSlippy and thin tongue
Responsive and fast
Breathable and lightweight

When you’re ready to hit the track for a speed workout or set a PR in a race, you’ll love the Brooks Launch GTS 9, a blissfully lightweight stability running shoe. 

These speedy running shoes weigh a mere 212 g or 7.5 ounces, and yes, they’re versatile enough to be your everyday trainers for speed workouts and distance runs alike.

The GuideRails support the natural motion path of your foot while keeping excess pronation in check, and the overall build is designed to provide the smoothest transition throughout your stride.

With the Brooks Launch GTS 9, you can’t ask for much more when it comes to a responsive, fast, breathable stability running shoe.

#7 Best Everyday Stability Running Shoe: Brooks Adrenaline GTS 22

Weight: 289.2 g Heel-to-toe drop: 12 mm

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 22
Smooth transitionsHeavy
Works in different terrains
Impressive durability

We think one of the best stability running shoes for everyday training is the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 22.

The Brooks Adrenaline GTS running shoe has been a favorite amongst runners looking for a reliable training shoe for over twenty years. 

This 22nd iteration is the latest and greatest model, reflecting years of continual modifications to achieve the ideal balance of support, cushioning, comfort, and performance.

The shoe employs GuideRails® technology to not only support your arch, but also your entire foot and upward through the kinetic chain to the ankle, shin, knee, and hip.

The midsole is made from 100% DNA LOFT cushioning for a durable, but soft and smooth ride that reacts and responds to your unique stride.

You’ll love how your feet feel step after step, run after run.

#8 Smoothest Stability Running Shoe: Mizuno Wave Inspire 18 Running Shoe 

Weight: 300 g Heel-to-toe drop: 12 mm

Mizuno Wave Inspire 18 Running Shoe 
Smooth rideLaces too long

The Mizuno Wave Inspire 18 Running Shoe is smooth and versatile, great for long runs, everyday workouts, and speedy efforts alike.

Made from eco-friendly materials, energy-returning foam, and a midsole plate that disperses impact forces, you’ll get everything you need in terms of support and cushioning along with everything you crave in terms of comfort and responsiveness.

These stability running shoes are also pleasantly lightweight, at 9.1 ounces, meaning your legs will feel fast and fresh, even when you hit the road for double-digit mileage.

#9 Best Stability Running Shoe for Long Runs: Saucony Guide 15 Running Shoe

Weight: 269 g Heel-to-toe drop: 8 mm

 Saucony Guide 15 Running Shoe
Durable constructionToo much rubber in outsole
Both supportive and comfortable

Saucony has a great lineup of stability running shoes for men and women, and we love the Guide 15. 

Much of the time, it seems like if you are going to get a stability running shoe, it’s a “stability-first, comfort-second” shoe. That means that the running shoe may help control your foot but it won’t be a particularly comfortable or cushioned ride.

The Saucony Guide 15 Running Shoe upends this tendency because it’s supportive and supremely comfortable, which is why we think it makes for a great stability running shoe for long runs or daily training runs.

The shoe features plush foam cushioning and a pillowy sock liner for lasting comfort and a guidance frame for stability and support.

Saucony has taken great care to design the midsole geometry to provide a super smooth ride from heel to toe, along with a deep footbed in the heel that contours to your anatomy to cradle and guide your foot the instant you contact the ground. 

There is a super soft, cushioned sock liner, a breathable mesh upper, and an overall lightweight design weighing in at 269 g (9.5 ounces) for a responsive and fast ride. 

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