The 8 Best Wide Toe Box Running Shoes in 2024

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If you have wide feet or a medical issue like bunions, a good pair of wide toe box running shoes can make your training sessions much more comfortable.

But tracking them down isn’t always easy, which is why we’ve created this guide to help!

First, we’ve explored the reasons for choosing shoes with more room in the forefoot, plus the key considerations when deciding which are right for you.

Then we’ve listed the best wide toe box running shoes on the market right now, along with their pros, cons, and the reasons we recommend them.

So let’s get started!

The 8 Best Wide Toe Box Running Shoes in 2024 1

The 8 Best Wide Toe Box Running Shoes

Reasons for Choosing Wide Toe Box Running Shoes

There are certain situations when shoes with a wide toe box will be more appropriate for you than a standard-fitting sneaker.

Consider a shoe with plenty of room in the forefoot if:

  • You have foot problems that make narrow shoes uncomfortable, including corns, bunions, or hammertoes.
  • You often experience blisters on either the sides of your feet or your toes.
  • Pressure from your current shoes is causing issues like numbness or runner’s toe.
  • You have flat feet and your toes tend to splay when you land.

Of course, a wider fit may simply be a personal preference because you find it more comfortable, or because you feel that spreading your toes helps you achieve a more propulsive push-off.

If you’re undecided as to whether a roomier forefoot would benefit you, it might help to have your feet professionally measured at a running store or consult a podiatrist.

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Reasons for Choosing Wide Toe Box Running Shoes

Things to Consider When Choosing Wide Toe Box Running Shoes

If you need more volume in the forefoot you’ll find some brands more appropriate than others.

HOKA and ASICS shoes are both pretty slim-fitting, so even if you opt for a wide version you may not find it any roomier than a regular fit from another brand.

New Balance, Nike, and Saucony have a rather slim fit, whereas Brooks shoes tend to be a bit more roomy.

Other things to think about include:

  • A secure fit overall – Even with a wider forefoot, your heel should be locked securely in place, while the midfoot should cradle your foot comfortably and provide arch support. If there’s too much room in other areas, chances are the shoes will chafe and you’ll end up with blisters.
  • Your gait – If you tend to pronate on landings, look for a shoe that offers the guidance, stability, and support you need to keep your foot centered.
  • Terrain – Ensure the shoe is appropriate for the terrain on which you run. You’ll need great shock absorption if you regularly run on hard surfaces, whereas the focus should be on grippy lugs for good traction if you prefer to hit the trails.
Things to Consider When Choosing Wide Toe Box Running Shoes

The 8 Best Wide Toe Box Running Shoes

Best for Versatility: Brooks Ghost 15

Stack Height: 35 mm, Heel Drop: 12 mm, Weight: 10.1 oz, Category: Neutral

The 8 Best Wide Toe Box Running Shoes in 2024 2
Wide range of sizes and colors to suit any runnerA little firmer and heavier than the previous version
Soft but responsive midsole
Seamless upper for a chafe-free fit

The Ghost is a great daily trainer and is one of Brooks’ most popular running shoes and in its 15th iteration – may be the most comfortable yet!

The cushioning is perfectly balanced – neither too firm nor too soft – and the mesh upper molds itself flawlessly to the contours of your foot, with gentle padding at the ankle collar and heel to prevent irritation.

Durable, flexible, and very stable for a neutral shoe, this model comes in so many different colors that it’s easy to find one you’ll love. Crucially, it’s also available in a wide range of sizes, both in length and width.

These include a wide D fit for women, while men get the option of the regular D, plus a wide 2E and extra wide 4E – so it’s no exaggeration to say there really is a Ghost to fit everyone!

And if you regularly find yourself running in wet conditions, you’ll be pleased to hear there’s a Gore-Tex option available, too!

Best for Mild Pronation: Brooks Adrenaline GTS 23

Stack Height: 36 mm, Heel Drop: 12 mm, Weight: 10.2 oz, Category: Stability

The 8 Best Wide Toe Box Running Shoes in 2024 3
Unobtrusive multidirectional supportSupport may be too subtle for serious pronation
Segmented crash pad for smooth transitions
Great traction, even in wet conditions

Another Brooks shoe with plenty of width options is the ever-popular Adrenaline GTS 23, available in a wide D fit for women and a regular D, wide 2E, and 4E extra wide for men.

This model uses GuideRails technology to offer general control and support to minimize pronation, with two pieces of firm foam on either side of the heel.

These work well at preventing excess shin and heel rotation and – combined with the sidewalls and slightly wider heel – make the shoe ideal for both pronators and supinators.

The full-length DNA loft foam midsole feels soft but responsive while absorbing shock well, while the stiff but comfortably padded heel counter provides a very secure rearfoot hold.

Best for Mild Stability: Mizuno Wave Rider 27

Stack Height: 38 mm, Heel Drop: 12 mm, Weight: 10 oz, Category: Neutral

The 8 Best Wide Toe Box Running Shoes in 2024 4
Great lockdownMidsole cushioning may be too firm for some
Well-cushioned midsole
Durable carbon rubber outsole

Ideal for a wider forefoot, Mizuno’s Wave Rider 26 may be classified as a neutral shoe but has some guidance features you’ll appreciate if you’re looking for a little extra stability.

These include a slightly flared sole at the heel and forefoot to help keep you centered, a high internal heel counter, and a wave plate that adds support and reduces pronation.

The wave plate also helps keep your joints stress-free, absorbing the shock of impact and dispersing the energy right across the shoe’s platform.

The brand’s proprietary ENERZY midsole foam cushioning may feel a little firm but delivers a pleasantly responsive ride, while the breathable mesh upper feels plush and provides a secure fit.

Best Cushioning: ASICS Nimbus 26

Stack Height: 41.5 mm, Heel Drop: 8 mm, Weight: 10.2 oz, Category: Neutral

The 8 Best Wide Toe Box Running Shoes in 2024 5
Exceptionally comfortable for easy milesNo wide option for women
High stack of cushioningNot as responsive as some competitors
Plush, welcoming ankle collar

This version of ASICS’ premium neutral running shoe is designed to be softer and more comfortable than ever.

It features FF BLAST PLUS ECO midsole cushioning, plus lightweight PUREGEL embedded in the heel for unmatched shock absorption and an exceptionally smooth ride.

The wide base gives the shoe a balanced, stable feel despite the maximal cushioning.

What’s more, your foot really sinks into the shoe, so it feels comfortably cradled.

The build quality of the Nimbus 26 is excellent, from the soft and stretchy knitted upper that perfectly wraps the contours of the foot, to the generously covered AHA rubber outsole that grips well and feels very durable.

Sadly there’s no option for a wider fit in the women’s version, but men can choose from a wide 2E, wide, and 4E extra wide for a bit of extra wiggle room.

Best for Overpronators: ASICS Gel Kayano 30

Stack Height: 40 mm, Heel Drop: 10 mm, Weight: 10.7 oz, Category: Stability

ASICS Gel-Kayano 30 Running Shoes
Subtle but effective supportNot the most responsive shoe for workouts
Premium high stack of cushioning
Fantastic build quality

The Gel Kayano is ASICS’ range-topping model and the best running shoe in its support category.

As with the Nimbus 25, the previously visible gel cushioning has been replaced with lighter PUREGEL which is now embedded in the heel.

Pronation control, meanwhile, is provided by the very effective 4-D guidance system.

This uses a soft, resilient foam working with a sculpted lateral edge to aid compression on impact, pushing the foot out of an overpronated state and helping maintain a supinated position.

The Gel Kayano 30 also features an increased heel bevel and broader midsole than previous versions, adding to the feeling of stability.

Again, there’s no wider fit in the women’s category, but the men’s version is available in wide 2E, wide, and 4E extra wide.

Best for Trail Running: ALTRA Mont Blanc

Stack Height: 30 mm, Heel Drop: 0 mm, Weight: 9.9 oz, Category: Trail

ALTRA Mont Blanc Trail Running Shoe
Roomy design for a natural fitNo toe bumper
Comfortable, minimal upperLaces are short
Zero drop for a balanced ride

The Altra Mont Blanc is by far the best choice for a trail runner with wider feet.

This maximally cushioned trail running shoe from Altra running features their signature FootShape.

It can take a little getting used to at first but ultimately enhances your sense of balance, the wide width and roomier fitting toe box encouraging the foot to sit naturally and the toes to splay.

The Altra EGO MAX foam in the midsole offers a lively, responsive feel, while the 30 mm stack provides ample cushioning and agility for technical trails.

The outsole, meanwhile, features Vibram Litebase, an innovative technology that keeps down the overall weight of the shoe without affecting performance.

Indeed, the traction is excellent across a range of surfaces and the flexible design ensures a consistently great grip on uneven terrain.

Sorry! This product is not available for purchase at this time.

Best for Road Running: Topo Athletic Specter

Stack Height: 35 mm, Heel Drop: 5 mm, Weight: 8.1 oz, Category: Neutral

Topo Athletic Specter
Lively and responsive – built for speedThin upper not ideal for winter runs
Maximum cushioning for great shock absorptionOutsole lacks durability
Feels very stable

This shoe features Topo’s distinctive foot-shaped fit, with a broad and wider toe box that allows your foot to spread naturally.

It’s also one of Topo’s most highly stacked models, with a 35mm stack in the heel and 30mm in the forefoot.

Despite this, it has a lightweight and bouncy feel that makes it a joy to run in.

In the midsole sits a layer of PEBAX cushioning within an EVA foam frame – creating a very stable, responsive platform – while the aggressive heel and forefoot rockers guide you through your stride and help propel you forward.

The thin mesh upper adds to the feeling of lightness.

Highly breathable, and made with recycled materials, it features a very thin internal cage that wraps the foot and guarantees a secure fit.

You’ll also appreciate the handy lace loops that help keep the tongue in place.

Best Barefoot: XERO HFS

Stack Height: 8.5 mm, Heel Drop: 0 mm, Weight: 7.9 oz, Category: Neutral

The 8 Best Wide Toe Box Running Shoes in 2024 6
Lightweight, stretchy mesh upper with midfoot straps for securityRaised stitching makes it uncomfortable to run sockless once insole is removed
Silky smooth moisture-wicking liningUnsuitable for anyone new to barefoot running
Removable insole for an enhanced barefoot experience

The Xero HFS is a true barefoot shoe designed for the road, with a broad toe box, low profile, and zero drop to enhance your balance and agility.

It is also incredibly flexible, so no matter how your foot likes to bend, move, and flex, this shoe will let you do it.

Like all barefoot shoes, the Xero HFS lacks cushioning and support, instead promoting excellent ground feedback and encouraging the muscles in your feet to work harder.

The 5mm FeelTrue® rubber sole features a tread-inspired pattern for great traction and offers just enough protection for comfort.

If you want an even more intense barefoot experience, however, you can remove the 3.5mm insole.

The HFS is also very durable – so much so that Xero offers a fantastic 5,000-mile sole warranty alongside a 24-month manufacturer’s warranty.

The 8 Wide Tox Box Running Shoes: Key Takeaways

A broad toe box can make your runs much more comfortable, whether you’re dealing with foot pain caused by a bunion or corn, or you simply enjoy a natural toe splay to improve your stability.

I hope you’ve found this guide helpful in identifying a model to suit your individual needs and that you enjoy putting it through its paces on your next run.

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