Bob and Brad C2 Massage Gun Review

Bob and Brad are known as the “two most famous physical therapists on the internet”, with their popular youtube channel boasting just shy of 4 million subscribers.

While their channel continues to grow, Bob and Brad are now using their expertise in movement and human biomechanics to design a range of high-quality, use-at-home physiotherapy products.

Their most recent creation is the C2 massage gun. Unlike other products on the market, Bob and Brad’s ergonomic creations prioritize a “physical therapy approach,” meaning they’re intentionally built to improve patient and athlete recovery.

Believing that everyone should have access to quality health care products, Bob and Brad have also prioritized making their products accessible to all, being both affordable and easy to use.

Whilst being super lightweight and quiet, the C2 massage gun is deceptively powerful, giving out high-intensity vibrations that are effective at relieving muscle tension while feeling gentle on the skin.

In this review, we’ll run you through the basic specifications of the C2 massage gun, how it performed in our road test, who we’d recommend it for, and where to buy it.

Let’s get to it! But first . . .

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What is the purpose of a Massage Gun?

Massage guns are a new popular device surging on the market and are known for helping athletes and patients heal from injuries as well as aiding the muscle health of non-athletes.

This is done through a process known as percussion therapy which uses vibrations to bring healthy blood flow to an injury site or area where the muscles are sore and tender.

Massage therapy is also great for stress relief so this can really benefit just about anyone!

For athletes or runners in particular this is beneficial because the percussion therapy will help decrease muscle soreness by bringing healthy blood flow to broken down muscles after workouts. Say goodbye to DOMS (delayed onset muscles soreness).

With a simple and effective design that is easy to use, quiet, and lightweight, Bob and Brad’s C2 massage gun is one of the best on the market, offering everything that other massage guns would offer and more.

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The Specs on Bob and Brad’s C2 Massage Gun

Bob and Brad’s C2 design offers many of the same features as other massage guns on the market, however, what separates their design from competitors is their gentle yet powerful pressure systems, five attachment features, and five-speed modes.

Even better, their product is by far one of the simplest and lightest massage guns, making them super portable!

This portability is also helped by their crisp, clean briefcase-like carrier which neatly houses the massage gun and each attachment, keeping everything organized and easy to find!

The massage gun itself is small and ergonomically detailed to help the user access various areas of the body for the best results.

As for the speed and noise level, Bob and Brad’s C2 massage gun gives 2000-3200 RPM and up to 35lbs of force, while others on the market give anywhere from 30-40lbs of force and 1750-3180 RPMs.

The C2 massage gun offers 5 different speed pressures, giving users the option of varying levels of massage intensity that can easily be changed by a press of a button.

Bob and Brad C2 Massage Gun Review

This feature provides an intensity range from very gentle to deep tissue pressure on the given area for optimal impact and comfort balance.

A key benefit to Bob and Brad’s C2 massage gun is the noise reduction compared to other guns on the market, giving off just 55db rather than the normal 60-70db.

Achieving this low volume is quite a feat for the amount of force and speed the C2 massage gun offers.

Being so quiet is ideal as it allows the massage gun to be used in more settings and more frequently since there is no concern about being noisy, disturbing others, or drawing attention.

Not only is it quieter than its T2 massage gun sibling, but it is also lighter weight than any other on the market coming in at about 1.5lbs.

Powerful, lightweight, and quiet – these three features make it a fantastic choice for any individual on the go!

What do each of the attachments do?

Bob and Brad’s C2 massage gun offers 5 unique attachments that are specifically designed by physical therapists for certain muscle groups and issues.

Bob and Brad C2 Massage Gun Review

This adds a unique quality to the C2 massage gun because each attachment is intentionally designed to alleviate specific problems and are shaped to be able to access specific problem areas.

  • The first attachment is the big round head which is best suited for larger muscle groups like the glutes, quadriceps, and hamstring, as it offers medium to moderate intensity as far as pressure in the muscle area.
  • The second attachment is the air-filled pneumatic head – the most gentle making it ideal for sensitive muscle groups. This attachment is best for those wanting to reduce stress!
  • The third is the bullet head which is the highest intensity attachment, designed to target trigger point areas or knots – a great option for the upper back area.
  • The fourth is the plastic flat head. This is a moderately aggressive attachment, best for areas like the IT band, pectoralis major muscles, and the plantar fascia (bottom of the foot)
  • The fifth and final attachment is the field goal. This one looks the strangest by far but is perfect for the Achilles Tendon area (calling all runners on this one!) and the spine.
Bob and Brad C2 Massage Gun Review

The extensive research by physical therapists and engineers definitely shows, as the design of each attachment really does wonders to achieve relieve the intended problem areas.

For this reason, to achieve optimal results, it’s best to use the proper attachment on the appropriate muscles.

You can also check out Bob and Brad’s youtube video for tutorials and more detail on each attachment.

What’s the best way to use The C2 Massage Gun?

There are mixed opinions on the best way to use a massage gun, but most research suggests that it depends on individual preference and what your desired goal is.

Thanks to its attachments and variable speed modes, the C2 massage gun is amongst the most versatile on the market.

It can be used before workouts to help loosen the muscles and add needed blood flow before running or working out. This could be incorporated into any warm-up routine.

It is also ideal for after-workout use too, which is beneficial for flushing in healthy blood flow and decreasing delayed muscle soreness from broken-down muscles.

Flushing nutrients from the blood into the system reduces recovery time and allows an athlete to be less fatigued for their next session.

Additionally, it is ideal to relieve stress by mimicking an at-home massage after a long workday from normal everyday stressors.

The massage gun should be used in increments or short bouts. It does not need to be used for 30 minutes at a time but rather gently moves across muscle regions over 5-10 minutes.

The good thing about Bob and Brad’s design is that it is simple and easy for everyone to use!

C2 Massage Gun Review: A Runner and Physical Therapist’s Perspective

As a runner and student physical therapist, when I saw Bob and Brad had created a massage gun, I couldn’t wait to see what they had to offer.

I have used several different massage guns in the past and have been satisfied with the results from all of them. But the C2 massage gun stood out for a number of reasons.

Bob and Brad C2 Massage Gun Review

My two biggest complaints with some of the others I have used have been the noise and weight of the product.

A huge perk to the product is the lack of noise and lightweight design. It is quiet, which I loved!

When I opened the Bob and Brad massage gun I immediately appreciated the design and organization of the product.

It comes in a sleek little briefcase and each attachment has a “home” inside. Everything is laid out neatly.

The other perk of this product is the size. It is perfect for a portable product.

In fact, my first weekend with the C2 massage gun, I was heading to a half marathon, so I was thrilled to see how using the massage gun before and after would impact me.

I used it the night before my race to help loosen everything up after a long car ride and immediately after I was finished running.

It is hard to measure exactly how much it helped, but I did recover well and appreciated the extra blood flow to my legs.

As a physical therapy student, I really appreciate the ergonomics used in the design of the attachments.

Each one is clearly specific for certain muscles and feels very comfortable in each region.

Bob and Brad C2 Massage Gun Review

My favorite attachment is the big round head and the field goal. These help my major muscle groups and tendons the most.

It is also shaped in a way that allows you to access all the areas you need to without assistance from another individual and it is light enough to where you do not get worn out from holding the device.

My final thought on this product is the price. It is in a sweet spot for everyday individuals and does not cost an arm and a leg like some of the other products on the market.

In my opinion, it’s a super reasonable price considering the quality, effectiveness, and all that comes with the product.

There are very few downsides, but if I want to be nit-picky it does not come with an app that measures different pressure points like some others out there and you can tell just slightly that it does not have as much force.

Overall, this product is a fantastic combination of others on the market with unique designs specific to physical therapy patients.

It offers a lightweight, quiet, and affordable option to the market and has a stylish design that is simple to use.

So, go check out the C2 massage gun by Bob and Brad and take a look at some of their other products like the massage gun mini.

Bob and Brad C2 Massage Gun Review

Conclusion: The C2 Massage Gun

Bob and Brad’s C2 massage gun has very few flaws or negative feedback to give.

They have created a functional and accessible massage gun that is a fair price and really works well!

It’s lightweight, powerful yet quiet, and is perfect for all those who suffer from muscle aches, pains, tightness, and so on. This includes athletes and non-athletes alike!

Bob and Brad’s unique take on the C2 massage gun comes from their expertise as physical therapists and that is clear in the effectiveness of their designs.

From trying out this magic muscle massager for a few weeks, I don’t this that anyone would be disappointed by the C2 gun in terms of effectiveness, ease of use, and design.

Adding a few minutes of massage therapy to your days, you’ll definitely see the benefits in the way your body feels after a hard run, workout, or a long busy week.

Check out more products by Bob and Brad here, and enjoy all the benefits of the C2 massage gun.

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