Bob and Brad Eye Massager SD-300 Review

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An eye massager is probably not the first thing that comes to mind when you think of self-care.

However, this little product is becoming popular in the health industry and self-care movement!

The Bob and Brad Eye Massager SD-300 offers a device that is packed full of innovation that will give you a relaxing and peaceful experience.

Their new eye massager offers heat, air-pressure eye compression, temporal massage along with personalized music thru Bluetooth connection, and vibration.

As physical therapists, Bob and Brad know that life can be stressful whether you’re a marathoner or not, and they designed this device to help reduce stress and aid in mental and physical recovery time.

So let’s dive into the product!

Pros Cons
Relieves mild aches and pains Bulky
Incredibly relaxingLow-quality music
Various settings for comfort Could be claustrophobic
High-quality and durable
Easy to use
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What is an Eye Massager?

Great question! I thought the same thing and was quite skeptical at first. I thought, “I have never heard of an eye massager before, how could this possibly be helpful?”

But, it turns out these are rising in popularity, alongside virtual reality devices, for those who experience a lot of eye strain throughout the day, i.e. anyone who works on a computer.

An eye massager is a compressive device intended to use air pressure, heat, trigger point massage, or similar methods to improve blood flow and stimulate recovery to the eyes, head, and forehead.

why use an eye massager?

Surprisingly, there are many reasons to use an eye massager!

As I researched the use of this product and used it myself, I found that it actually does have a lot of legitimate benefits for the body and mind.

5 Reasons To Use An Eye Massager:

#1: Relieve Tension and Headaches:

Many of us have experienced a headache of some kind in our lives. Some may be pressure headaches, tension headaches, or even migraines. We all know how painful they can be.

The perk of having an eye massager available is the benefits it can provide to those experiencing headaches.

While it will not cure the cause of a headache, this product can help reduce some of the pain and symptoms of one.

The eye massager does this by adding compression and heat to common trigger point areas and changing the sensory pathway of the brain.

Bob and Brad Eye Massager SD-300 Review 2

That is pretty cool science! The compression and heat force your mind to focus on other stimuli which inhibits your mind from thinking about the pain.

It also creates a pseudo-dark room for those who experience migraines thanks to the suede liner on the inside of the device (more on those specs later).

#2: Reduce eye strain

In today’s world, most if not all of us, use a computer or device for several hours a day. I mean you are even reading this on a screen right now!

This requires our eye muscles to work a lot to maintain focus and continue functioning optimally. Believe it or not, there are several muscles that surround the eye, both intra-orbital and extra-orbital that work relentlessly to give you vision.

While these muscles don’t fatigue quickly or easily, with excess stimuli they too run out of endurance and can feel tired or strained.

So just like any other muscle that benefits from compression or massage, these muscles that surround the eye can appreciate it too.

The device squeezes around the eye on the muscle known as Orbicularis Occuli. To be clear, it is not massaging the actual eyeball but the muscles around it and on the side of the head.

By adding compression here, the muscle is able to receive more blood flow which is optimal for recovery, especially after a long day at the office.

Bob and Brad Eye Massager SD-300 Review 3

#3: Improve skin and reduce dark circles

The skin care perks of the eye massager were the most surprising to me.

I did not think about it initially, but it makes sense that this type of device would improve the skin under and surrounding the eyes.

It helps reduce tiredness by increasing blood flow which also helps aid the skin in looking rejuvenated and reducing dark circles.

Many reviewers have seen improvements to the way their skin looks after using this product.

So, if you are into looking rested and gorgeous after a hard day at the office, this product will leave you feeling and looking refreshed to take on the next day!

#4: Improve sleep

An eye massager can also benefit your sleep quality because it can help relax all your muscles and prepare your mind to wind down after a long day.

This device will put you in a calm state of mind as you prepare to sleep.

It is recommended to use the eye massager for 15 minutes before sleeping to improve sleep quality.

With the heat, compression, and blocking the light it truly allows you to disconnect for a few minutes before bed and settle in for a great night’s sleep.

#5: Promotes self-care

As aforementioned, this device promotes self-care by creating an environment to relax and change the pace of life.

Bob and Brad Eye Massager SD-300 Review 4

Completely light-secure, this device is great for those times you are in the middle of your busy day and need to disconnect for 5 minutes.

In a life that can have a never-ending, striving pace this eye massager gives you an easy way to pause, breathe, and reduce stress wherever and whenever you need it!

Remember, you have to take care of yourself to take care of others and even just a few extra minutes can go a long way.

Now onto the specs of this product!

Bob and Brad Eye Massager Specs:

This device might seemingly be a virtual reality device with its white futuristic design, but it is actually another trigger point massage device designed by the famous physical therapists Bob and Brad.

It offers five different settings of various levels of massage, heat, music, and vibration.

They made this product with a dual-layer massage pad which maximizes comfort and compression to make the fit just right for each person.

It has a one size fits all design with adjustable straps and the ability to expand and compress as needed to reach the perfect fit.

The eye massager is also extremely portable because it can be folded in two and minimize the space it takes up in a bag or purse.

There is also a heat feature built into the device that stays at ~104-107°F (40-42°C).

The benefit of adding heat to the device is to bring in healthy blood flow to the muscles around the eye which helps the muscles recover and reduce strain.

Bob and Brad Eye Massager SD-300 Review 5

This feature also helps improve gland secretions which help with dry eyes and improves puffiness in the skin.

The only downside with the heat is that in this model, it can not be adjusted. Hopefully, Bob and Brad will add a setting for that in future models!

Bob and Brad added white noise to the device in addition to the option of adding personal music. The purpose of white noise is to reduce anxiety and promote an environment of relaxation.

Bob and Brad really packed in as much technology as they could into a small product to help their patients have maximum, convenient comfort.

Bob and Brad’s Eye Massager: A Runner’s Review

Now onto the review of Bob and Brad’s device.

As I mentioned earlier, I was a little skeptical of the device at first and wondered if it would actually benefit my sleep after a long day in graduate school and running many miles through the week.

When the product arrived, I was very impressed with the sleek and futuristic design. It is white and actually looks a lot like a virtual reality device.

The box is pretty simple and just comes with the device, charging cable, and instruction manual, which is really all you need.

However, a downside is that it is quite bulky, and I have a smaller head size, so I felt that it was a little heavy when in a sitting position.

Bob and Brad Eye Massager SD-300 Review 6

I tried it laying down with my head back, and that was a much more comfortable, relaxing, and beneficial posture.

Personally, I liked the heat and air compression best without music or vibration. I found that it was the most comfortable and natural feeling. In my opinion, the white noise sounded a little low quality and the vibrations felt too strong for me.

However, I had a few friends try it out and they did not like the heat as much but preferred the vibration and air-compression setting. But thanks to the smart design, these settings can be turned on or off according to preference.

As well as being simple and user-friendly with great battery life, the eye massager is also super portable. I was able to carry it around all day at school with me and had no issues finding a place to store it.

Changing the settings is also quite simple, you just press the power button and it will switch the combination.

The sound quality is definitely a con to this device, it would almost be better to just put in some AirPods in addition to this device.

Otherwise, there are far more benefits to using the eye massager than cons and it’s definitely worth giving a try.

Bob and Brad Eye Massager SD-300 Review 7

Final Conclusion:

The Bob and Brad Eye Massager SD-300 is another fantastic product to add to your lineup of recovery and self-care products.

It offers heat, air pressure compression, music, and vibration to help your mind and body relax after a hard or stressful day!

And, there are many benefits to using the product such as the potential for improved sleep quality, decreased eye puffiness, improved headache symptoms, and decreased symptoms of dry eyes.

This device is an easy way to take time for yourself, disconnect from the world for a few minutes, and receive many health benefits in as little as 15 minutes a day.

You can also check out Bob and Brad’s youtube tutorial of how they like to use the product here.

Thanks for reading, now go and take some time for yourself!

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**In should be noted, that there is little research to say that such devices actually reduces headaches or improve other health conditions so the benefits are purely opinion and experience based.

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