Bob and Brad Q2 Mini Massage Gun Review

The Q2 Mini Massage Gun is a powerful “pocket-sized partner” perfect for on-the-go recovery, and it is sure to benefit any busy athlete, runner, or individual!

Bob and Brad, heralded as the “two most famous physical therapists on the internet” with their youtube channel boasting just under 4 million subscribers, produced this innovative miniature massage gun.

They are now branching into the realm of high-quality physiotherapy products using their mastery in movement and human biomechanics so you can benefit from recovery in the comfort of your home.

Their most recent masterpiece is the Q2 Mini Massage Gun – a sister to the C2 Massage Gun. Unlike competitors, Bob and Brad’s ergonomic creations prioritize a “physical therapy approach,” meaning they’re intentionally built to aid and accelerate recovery.

The Q2 Mini Massage Gun is perfect for anyone with a busy on-the-go lifestyle! It is still deceptively powerful despite being miniature and it is exceptionally compact making it easily accessible throughout the day.

It is only the size of the palm of your hand, but maintains all the qualities of a full sized massage gun!

Bob and Brad have also sought to make their products accessible to all, being both affordable and simple to use.

In this review, we’ll run you through the technical specifications of the Q2 Mini Massage Gun, the opinions of our testers, who we’d recommend it for, and where to buy it.

Let’s jump to it first with…


What is the purpose of a Massage Gun?

Massage guns are raving recovery devices soaring on the market that target muscle recovery by using vibration therapy.

Specifically, they were first designed to help patients and athletes to recover from injuries, but have gained momentum in the health and wellness community by proving to improve general muscle health and stress relief for users.

To achieve this, massage guns encourage recovery through high-velocity massage or “percussion therapy” which infiltrates healthy blood flow to the sore area.

This can be viewed like a jackhammer breaking into the ground but then allowing the concrete to be laid back down in a smooth formation.

As well as relieving physical tension and soreness, the massage therapy offered by these guns is great for offering emotional relief such as from stress or anxiety, which we often store in our muscles.

This is particularly beneficial to athletes and runners, as percussion therapy is shown to decrease muscle soreness by stimulating healthy blood flow to broken down muscles after intense sessions or workouts. In other words; say goodbye to DOMS!

Uncomplicated, efficient, intuitive, quiet, lightweight, and powerful – both the Q2 Mini Massage Gun and the larger C2 Massage Gun are without a doubt amongst the best recovery guns on the market, offering everything that other massage guns would offer and more.

The Specs on Bob and Brad’s Q2 Mini Massage Gun

Copy of Bob and Brad C2 Massage Gun Review 1

Bob and Brad’s Q2 mini design offers a unique combination of functionality and efficiency.

Whilst sharing similar features to other massage guns on the market, the Q2 Mini Gun stands out in a few important ways – these being the quiet and gentle, yet super powerful pressure systems, five-speed modes, and five attachment features.

These features make the Q2 by far one of the most effective mini massage guns on the market. You’d be hard-pressed to find another that was able to offer these functions whilst also being quiet, powerful, and only the size of your hand!

Like the C2 and T2 Massage Gun, Bob and Brad made portability a priority.

It also has a crisp, clean briefcase-like carry bag that neatly houses the massage gun and each attachment, keeping everything organized and easy to find.

The massage gun itself is small and ergonomically detailed to help the user access various areas of the body for the best results.

In fact, because of its size, I found that more areas like the back and shoulder are easier to reach with the Q2 Mini Massage Gun.

As for the speed and noise level, Bob and Brad’s Q2 Mini Massage Gun gives 2000-3000 RPM and up to 32lbs of force, while others on the market give anywhere from 30-40lbs of force and 1750-3180 RPMs.

And this is a miniature version – so achieving this speed is pretty impressive!

The Q2 Mini Massage Gun offers 5 different speed pressures, allowing users to select varying levels of massage intensity to suit their needs, that can easily be changed.

All you have to do is simply pull off the attachment and pop another one back in! It is super simple to change.

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The five-speed modes provide various pressure intensities, ranging from very gentle to moderate to deep tissue – allowing users to tailor pressure to match the needs of any given area, for optimal impact and comfort balance.

A key benefit to Bob and Brad’s Q2 Mini Massage Gun is its tiny, space-saving design. It is pocket-sized making it compact and easy to have available at any time of day!

It can easily fit in a purse, athletic bag, or backpack without taking up noticeable space at all.

Creating this miniature design whilst maintaining high levels of force and speed, the Q2 Mini-Massage Gun is an engineering feat to be reckoned with.

Being this compact and quiet is ideal as it allows the massage gun to be used subtly in any setting and more frequently as there is no concern about disturbing others or drawing attention.

It is also one of the lightest weight massage guns on the market, coming in at not even one pound!

Super small yet powerful, lightweight, and quiet – these features make it a fantastic choice for any individual on the go!


What Do Each Of The Attachments Do?

Like their C2 Massage Gun, Bob and Brad’s Q2 Mini design offers 5 useful attachments, each specifically designed by physical therapists to target certain muscle groups and injuries.

Bob and Brad added in the five features to specifically target major muscle groups and specific injuries. Certain attachments are more gentle or aggressive than others and changing them allows the user to modify the product to meet their individual needs.

  • The first attachment is the big round head. This offers medium to moderate pressure intensity and is designed to target larger muscle groups like the glutes, quadriceps, and hamstrings.
  • The second attachment is the air-filled pneumatic head. It is the softest attachment becuase it has a bit of give due to the air in the middle. This attachment is ideal for sensitive muscle groups and for reducing stress!
  • The third is the bullet head. It offers the highest intensity gun attachment and is designed to target problems in joints, palms, and soles like the plantar fascia. It’s also great for deep tissue impact, making it a great option for reliving knots in the upper back.
  • The fourth is the plastic flat head. This is a moderate intensity attachment, suited to all parts of the body, particularly areas like the IT band or pectoralis major muscles.
  • The fifth and final attachment is the field goal. This strange looking attachment is perfect for the Achilles Tendon area and the spine. It offers medium intensity but its design wraps around the tendon rather than giving direct impact.
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The expansive studying and market research put in by Bob and Brad with their engineers has paid off with the Q2 Mini Massage Gun. Each attachment excels as intended to effectively relieve their specific target areas.

What’s the best way to use The Mini Massage Gun?

As with most products, there are various viewpoints on the most effective way to use a massage gun, some say before, some say after, some say only for injury.

However, most research leans toward individual preference and looks at the individual’s overall goal.

So, it can be used pre-workout to stimulate healthy blood flow and loosen up any tight muscles – perfect to incorporate into any warm-up routine.

Equally, it is ideal for post-workout use, as the increased blood flow helps to decrease delayed muscle soreness from tired muscles and mimic stretching by lengthening the muscles again.

Flushing the muscles with healthy blood flow improves recovery time which helps an athlete be less fatigued for their next session.

Additionally, it is helpful to an everyday individual with stress relief by mimicking an at-home massage after a long workday because it releases tight and contracted muscle fibers. Once those are released, stress relief follows.

The massage gun does not take very long to give full benefits. Short bouts of 5-10 minutes are usually sufficient to give full effects. Simply, move the massage gun over a problem muscle or trigger point for a few minutes, and voila improved recovery and stress relief.

It takes almost no time which also makes at-home massage guns a worthwhile health investment.

Q2 Mini Massage Gun Review: A Runner and Physical Therapist’s Perspective

Being a competitive runner and student physical therapist myself, I’ve used several different massage guns and have been pretty satisfied with the results from all of them. But the Q2 Mini Massage Gun stood out for a number of reasons.


One, it is small, compact, and super quiet! This is perfect for me when I am in class and can not be disruptive.

A huge perk to this miniature version is the lack of noise and super lightweight design.

Second, the Bob and Brad massage gun comes with a sleek carrying case and achieves an outstanding organization of the product.

The mini version comes in a little square briefcase which I found to be a perfectly sized carry case with no wasted space.

Inside each attachment has an alcove “home” with the shape of the attachments to store them secured and laid out neatly.

The key feature of this product is its size. It is known as the “pocket-sized partner” and is exactly what you need with an on-the-go lifestyle.

In fact, my first week with the Q2 Mini Massage Gun, I was preparing for a half marathon, but I was in a class all day and I could feel my muscles tensing up from sitting. So, I pulled out the mini massage gun and discretely used it in class without disturbing other classmates or professors.

Immediately I could tell a difference once I stood up. My muscles were much looser and felt more relaxed than before!

It is hard to quantify exactly how much using it helped, but after using it daily, I can tell my recovery is improving and I appreciate the extra blood flow to my legs throughout the day.

As a physical therapy student, I can also appreciate the ergonomic design of the attachments and the shape of the product as a whole.

It fits perfectly in my hand and I can easily access every area of the body I need to.

Each attachment head is clearly specific for certain muscles and feels very comfortable in each region.

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My favorite attachment is the air-cushioned head and the field goal. These really helped my major muscle groups and tendons the most.

The compact design of the mini version allows you to access all the areas you need to without assistance from another individual and it is small enough to remain discrete in all settings.

My final thought on this product is the great price – it really is exceptionally affordable compared to other models, especially for all that it offers!

In my opinion, compared to other mini-massage guns on the market Bob and Brad’s is a super reasonable price considering the five speeds and attachments that come with it!

There are very few downsides. However, if I want to be nit-picky the battery life could be improved slightly as it does not last as long as some others.

It also does not come with an app like some others and you can tell slightly that it does not have quite as much force as larger models.

Additionally, it is dependent on what you want out of a product. If you want a larger device that is more for at-home only use, then I would choose the larger C2 Massage Gun instead.

Overall, this product is a fantastic design that offers a lightweight, quiet, and affordable option that is stylish and simple to use

So, go check out the Q2 Mini Massage Gun by Bob and Brad and take a look at some of their other products like the C2 Massage Gun.


Conclusion: The Q2 Mini Massage Gun

Bob and Brad’s Q2 Mini Massage Gun offers an exceptional product made for all! It has very few flaws and will offer numerous health benefits.

These two famous physical therapists have created another functional and accessible massage gun that is a fair price and really works well! They haven’t skimped on anything with this product.

It may be pocket-sized but don’t let its look deceive you, it is equally powerful!

It is perfect for anyone who suffers from muscle aches, pains, tightness, and so on with a busy and active lifestyle.

After trying out this little muscle massager for a few weeks, I would be shocked if anyone is disappointed by the Q2 Mini Massage Gun in terms of effectiveness, ease of use, and design.

Adding just a few minutes of massage therapy to your day can definitely aid with muscle pain and stress relief. You will likely see differences after just a few uses and this is great for athletes and non-athletes alike.

Now you check out more products, like the X6 Pro (my favorite!) by Bob and Brad here, and enjoy all the benefits of the Q2 Mini Massage Gun.

If you’re a looking after a massage gun, you might be experiencing DOMS . . .

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