Brooks Glycerin 19 Review

Brooks running company is all about “Run Happy and the Brooks Glycerin 19 absolutely lives up to that expectation. This is a shoe that will deliver happiness with each stride.

As one of the leading running shoe companies nationwide, Brooks continues to excel in everyday trainers with their innovative technology and specialized cushioning.

The Glycerin 19 is no exception and year after year improves from previous models while equally keeping a consistent fit and quality.

This model is one of Brooks neutral, high cushion training shoes and is made to withstand countless miles, especially training for a marathon.

The Glycerin 19 is part of the Brooks Cushion Series which includes the Ghost 14, Adrenaline GTS, and Anthem, and these models are known to be soft and protective around the foot.

Soft Cushion, Smooth Transition Tread issues in wet conditions
Luxurious UpperNot the softest
Durable Low energy return
Stability option available
Brooks Glycerin 19

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The Stats on the Brooks Glycerin 19:

The Glycerin 19 is a neutral, high cushion shoe using Brooks DNA LOFT foam with increased amounts of foam compared to previous models like the Glycerin 18.

The Glycerin series has been one of Brook’s top shoe lines for several decades, but the Glycerin 19 is their softest model yet.

The shoe uses the DNA LOFT foam throughout the entire mid-sole from a high concentration of foam in the heel to a medium concentration throughout the entire shoe.

Brooks kept a higher concentration of foam in the back of the shoe to create a smooth transition from heel to toe.

The Glycerin 19 comes in with about a 10mm drop which is considered a high drop shoe. It also has a seamless mesh upper with a cushioned interior for a snug fit.

The weight is about 9oz (255.1g) for a Women’s size 8 and 10.2 oz (289.2g) for a Men’s size 10.

This shoe is a great everyday trainer because of its soft cushioning, plush interior, and smooth transitions through each stride.

Brooks Glycerin 19

Brooks: DNA Loft Foam

The innovation in Brooks designs is competitive with brands like Nike and Saucony, but Brooks has crafted a daily trainer that gives versatile, individualized comfort thanks to their unique DNA loft foam.

The DNA loft foam is Brook’s softest cushioning system and is designed to adapt to each individual runner (hence the DNA).

They use the mindset that if each person’s DNA is a little different then the cushioning should be adapted to each person too.

Now each shoe is not customized, but the foam system is said to conform to each individual stride.

Essentially the DNA foam stiffens and softens based on the load and pressure points placed on the shoe.

So while each shoe is maximally cushioned, each shoe will feel slightly different to a friend and or family member.

The individualized fit helps keep injuries at bay because it responds to the stride, weight, and speed of each person! That’s pretty neat.

The extra cushion also helps absorb shock from the road and concrete which is essential in warding off injuries during marathon training.

This is why the Glycerin 19 is part of the “soft and protection” series, and of the Brooks foam line, the cushioning with DNA Loft is by far the softest.

The DNA Loft foam is made of EVA foam, rubber, and air. This particular combination helps keep the shoe lightweight while still giving it a long-lasting soft, comfortable feel for the runner.

The foam in the Glycerin 19 is helpful to a runner who wants a smooth and consistent feel throughout the whole run.

Brooks Glycerin 19: Our Review

If It Ain’t Broke…

Brooks shoes are some of the most consistent models on the market and the Glycerin 19 is no exception.

Brooks has made minimal yet intentional updates to the Glycerin to slightly improve with each year.

But, Brooks knows what works and they stick with it. The saying goes, “if it isn’t broken don’t fix it.”

There have been only minor cosmetic and cushion improvements to this model compared to the previous four models.

High Cushioning For A Forgiving Ride

The Glycerin 19 continues to be a soft and smooth shoe.

While it is not the softest shoe on the market, it remains competitive in the high cushion shoe realm, and it is still soft in comparison to standard cushion shoes.

The DNA loft foam is not meant to be just a soft, plush foam because it responds to certain pressures placed on it. This makes the shoe more responsive overall, but it isn’t like running on a pillow.

Suited for Lighter, Non-Intensive Runs

For me, I find this shoe to be very soft compared to my other trainers, and I often use it for my recovery and slower, easy runs to help absorb the shock under my body from all the previous miles of the week.

In comparison to other shoes, it is not as snappy which is why I would not recommend it for tempo runs or speed days.

The Brooks Glycerin 19 Is An Awesome Everyday Trainer Too

The Glycerin 19 can handle the miles and is a comfortable shoe to wear even when not running.

So in addition to being a great everyday trainer, this shoe is fantastic for anyone on their feet throughout the day (i.e. doctors, nurses, or retail/warehouse workers, etc).

The price point on the shoe is also comparable to other high cushion shoes on the market.

But, in my opinion, it is a tad high because there are some softer shoes with noticeably higher cushion out there.

The price point comes from the high-quality design and materials used, so it is still worth the money, but just be aware it may not feel quite as soft as some other shoes in the same category.

Brooks Glycerin 19

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The Upper:

The upper on this model is a premium feel. The fabrics used are silky smooth and very comfortable against the foot.

It feels like luxury around the foot and is probably one of the best uppers on the market.

However, the volume of the shoe is smaller than other Brook’s shoes like the Ghost 14 and is made for a lower volume foot. In other words, it does not have a lot of depth from top to bottom.

This is partly contributed to a sown in tongue because this detail gives the shoe a slightly tighter fit.

Despite that minor detail, the Glycerin 19 still fits a variety of foot shapes and is not an end-all-be-all for fit.

Brooks uses a traditional seamless mesh upper and adds a 3D overlay to help the foot conform to various foot shapes.

The overlay also keeps the shoe from having extra materials or lines that press into the foot. This minimizes foot irritations, blisters, and rubbing.

The Glycerin 19, like the Ghost 14, feels almost as if you do not have a shoe on because of how comfortable the upper is.

The Heel:

The heel on the Glycerin 19 is soft yet feels firm and stable.

The heel cup comes up against the foot at an optimal height, not hitting too high on the Achilles, or too low where you might feel some slipping.

The shape and height really lock the heel in place, and the materials used feel like premium quality.

The shoe feels very secure, but if there is any doubt, the laces are long enough to use the lock-lace tie which is a nice touch!

Brooks Glycerin 19

The Ride:

In addition to the high-quality materials and technology used in this shoe, it also has an ultra-smooth ride.

The cushioning throughout the entire shoe allows for a smooth transition.

It is a little heavier than other trainers and is not something to be used on speed days.

This is definitely a shoe to be used on easy or recovery runs. It could be used for long runs if they are “time on feet” but this is not a fast shoe.

The energy return is comparable to other training shoes but is nothing like the energize series or any racing shoe.

The goal of this shoe is to absorb shock, soften the stride, and give a comfortable all-around shoe. The Glycerin 19 delivers in this category.

Brooks Glycerin 19

The Outsole:

The outsole is a blown rubber and it too contributes to the soft ride of the Glycerin 19.

The tread on Brooks can get a bit sloppy and slippery in wet conditions, and the Glycerin 19 falls in this category.

It just is not as substantial as some other Brooks shoes and does not have the best grip on greenways or roads in wet conditions.

This is yet another reason why this shoe is meant for training and not speed or tempo work.

Overall, the outsole is fair and is still above average to other shoes.

Luckily, the durability is pretty high on the Glycerin 19. With the blown rubber outsole, decent tread, and substantial cushioning it can withstand up to 400 miles at least.

brooks glycerin 19

Brooks Glycerin 19 Review – Conclusion:

The Brooks Glycerin 19 is an excellent high cushion training shoe for anyone running a mile to a marathon.

The shoe lives up to the expectation of running with happiness because of its soft and responsive feel.

The Glycerin 19 is uniquely designed with Brooks DNA Loft foam to respond to each individual’s stride and that is unlike any other brand.

It can fit a wide range of foot shapes and sizes. However, it may be a little wide for someone with a narrow foot, and it may be a little tight on someone with a high volume foot.

Otherwise, the overall fit of the shoe is terrific and is versatile.

The Glycerin 19 feels like a premium quality shoe and has the durability to follow.

This is yet another winning shoe for Brooks and you will not be disappointed when you try this one out on your next training run!


Ride: 7/10

Rating: 7 out of 10.

Cushion: 7/10

Rating: 7 out of 10.

Durability: 8/10

Rating: 8 out of 10.

Upper: 10/10

Rating: 10 out of 10.

Outsole: 7/10

Rating: 5 out of 10.

Overall: 7.5/10

Rating: 7.5 out of 10.

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brooks glycerin 19
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