Meet Candice Burt: The Ultrarunner Who Has Run 50k Every Day For The Past 90 Days (And Shows No Sign Of Stopping)

Candice Burt, 41, wanted to break the Guinness World Record Ultramarathon streak.

All she had to do was run a 50k – just over 31 miles – for 23 days straight. But now it’s day 89 and Burt shows no signs of stopping. 

Every day, she breaks the world record for the ultramarathon streak. The Guinness Book of World Records hasn’t officially confirmed her streak yet but Burt diligently gathers data on each run.

And the recent snow in her native Boulder, Colorado hasn’t stopped Burt from running.

On her Instagram, she’s seen almost every day with thick sunglasses, a face covering, puffy gloves, and a winter jacket.

Burt doesn’t even know when she’ll be done.

She writes on her website:

“How long do I plan to go?” is a non stop question and I will not answer it because I have not decided and I do not want to answer it yet. I want to take one day at a time. I cannot go forever as I am sacrificing many aspects of life to do this, however I really love my runs and know I will miss them when I am done.

Candice Burt

Burt is a seasoned runner. She’s been placing 1st in ultraraces since 2010 in the Washington Ultra Series. She’s run ultramarathons for the past decade– but nothing like what she is running now.

In 2020, she completed the HURT 100 mile ultramarathon – which she returned to run this year and included in her running streak, somehow navigating the logistics of travelling to Hawaii from Colorado without breaking her streak!

She holds the fastest known time on the Tahoe Rim Trail which was 171 miles in 2d 12h 47m 34s. In 2021, she ran the 183-mile Arizona trail which extended from Mexico to Mt Lemmon. Last year, She ran the first 400 miles of the Arizona Trail in 10 days.

So far, she’s run almost 3,000 miles in the past three months.

When she’s not running, she’s working at her company Destination Trail – organizing races across the United States that range anywhere between half marathons to 240 miles (including the 200 Mile Triple Crown series).

Follow Candice’s story on her IG or twitter accounts.

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