The Marathon Monks of Japan: The World’s Toughest Ultramarathon

The Marathon Monks (gyoja) of Mt. Hiei, Japan take on kaihōgyō, a spiritual challenge of endurance in pursuit of enlightenment.  The journey lasts over seven years and the stakes are high.  If they fail, the monk must perform Hara-kiri – ‘honourable suicide’.  If they survive, they become a living saint. They wear white, the Buddhist … Read more

10 Bulletproof Steps To Consistent Early Morning Runs

For some runners, early morning runs are actually pleasurable. Frankly though, most of us would rather spend the time in bed. In general, we encourage you to run when you can. It’s always best to build up a habit that’s sustainable, so it becomes a lifestyle rather than a phase. That being said, early morning runs … Read more

How To Make The Leap From Marathon To Ultramarathon

You’ve run a marathon, maybe a few, and you’ve found yourself toying with the idea of an ultramarathon. But what does it take to go from marathon to ultramarathon? And do you have what it takes? A marathon is 26.2 miles, no more, no less. Typically, you can expect a marathon to be a fairly … Read more

10 Lessons I Learned From My First 100k : UK Ultra’s South Downs

By Maria Andrews, all images copyright Stuart March Photography, used with kind permission I have dipped in and out of running my whole life. During my school days I ran cross country. Then, after taking a few years out to be a teenager, I fancied a challenge and signed up for a marathon in my … Read more

How I Ran My First 100k – Race To The Stones

Hey guys, waaaay back in 2015 I ran my first 100k and wrote this article soon after (one of my earliest!). I’ve since run a bunch more ultras and become a running coach, so I’ve gone and updated the article a little with some tweaks and better info. Here is it: how I made the … Read more

Essential Guide To Running Your First 100k + 100k Training Plan

Running 100k is no joke. If you’ve conquered a few marathon-length events, you might be intrigued by the notion of going even further.   100 kilometers is 62.14 miles, to put it in perspective. Stepping up to running any ultramarathon – let alone 100k – requires an adjustment in your mindset, pace, and fuel/hydration strategies.    … Read more

How to Run Longer: Tools and Techniques to Improve Your Running Endurance

How To Run Longer: Distance runners, whether rookies or seasoned vets, often come across barriers, whether physical or mental, as they try to increases their running distance. It’s very common for runners to reach a plateau, where their body is adapted to run a maximum distance – but is uncomfortable going any further. This can … Read more

Ultimate Ultramarathon Training Guide (+ Training Plans)

An ultramarathon is defined as a race longer than a typical marathon of 26.2 miles.  This can be anything from a 50k run to 200 miles; or any distance in-between (they also cover weird events like the 4x4x48 challenge)! Training for an ultramarathon is a huge challenge, and there aren’t many shortcuts. But the reason … Read more

Best Ultra Running GPS Watches: 2021 Edition

In this post, I share the best ultra running watches on our radar, and give you some pointers on what to look for in a GPS watch for your ultramarathon! Finding a good GPS watch for your ultramarathon – the training and the race itself – requires some research.    The requirements of an ultramarathon … Read more

Ultramarathon Training Runs Explained

Training for an ultramarathon requires a totally different training modality to shorter races like half-marathons and marathons. Once you get into races that are 50km, 100km, or 100 miles long, your focus has to change. Instead of training for one concentrated burst, you have to train your body to be an endurance monster. You should prioritise building … Read more

Hitting The Wall at 18km – The Cautionary Tale of My First 100km Ultra

In this guest post, Tim Hopkin shares the story of his first 100km event, the Thames Path Challenge; including how he hit ‘The Wall’ after 18km! Firstly, apologies for what may be a slightly clickbaity title. But if ‘the wall’ is the point in your run when you feel physically and mentally at your lowest, … Read more

Run The Rann 101km – Race Report

Run The Rann is a series of trail races taking part over a weekend in the Rann of Kutch, Gujarat, India.  There are 21km, 42km, 101km and 161km events and the race could probably be more aptly described as ‘adventure racing’ rather than trails  – throughout the epic vastness of the setting you encounter multiple steep climbs, challenging underfoot conditions and forests of thorns – all while self-navigating using the provided GPS device.  I travelled to the ancient kingdom to attempt the 101km race, check out the region’s history and meet the crazy crew that attend and organize this remote and spectacular event.

By Thomas Watson

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