How Long Does It Take To Run 10k? Times For Beginner To Elite Runners

If you’ve never run a 10k race before—the famed 6.2-mile distance—you might wonder, “How long does it take to run 10k?” Of course, the short answer is that it depends on your running speed, which is influenced by numerous factors such as your sex, age, fitness level, experience level, body size, and effort level. But, … Read more

What to Eat Before a 10k: How to Fuel For Success

When you’re training for a 10k race, a lot of your energy and focus has to go into your workouts. Between long runs, tempo runs, interval workouts, strength training, and cross-training workouts, running can occupy not only quite a bit of time during the week, but headspace or mental energy as well.  However, if you’re … Read more

Couch to 10k Tips – All Of Your Burning Questions Answered!

Now that you’ve decided to take on a Couch to 10k, you most likely have some burning questions you’d like answered regarding the training program and everything that goes along with it to ensure success and sheer happiness when crossing the finish line.  Even though running can seem pretty cut and dry, throwing on a … Read more

How To Hit A New 10k PR: 14 Expert 10k Tips To Get Faster

The 10k is a perfect distance for many runners. It’s long enough that it can pose an impressive challenge for beginners to work up to finishing their first 10k, and short enough that more experienced runners can typically fit the training into their weekly routine even with a full-time job. Once you have finished your … Read more

How To Run 10k In 40 Minutes + Training Plan

The 10k distance is perhaps the most popular distance for a wide range of people involved in running. Many newbies to the sport see the distance as a natural stepping-stone to completing their first half marathon. Triathletes enjoy racing 10k races to give help them gauge their potential form in an Olympic distance race, and … Read more