What to Eat Before a 10k: How to Fuel For Success

When you’re training for a 10k race, a lot of your energy and focus has to go into your workouts. Between long runs, tempo runs, interval workouts, strength training, and cross-training workouts, running can occupy not only quite a bit of time during the week, but headspace or mental energy as well.  However, if you’re … Read more

How To Run 10k In 35 Minutes: Complete Guide + Training Plan

Let’s get one thing straight: If you are looking into how to run 10k in 35 minutes, you’re going to be taking on a challenging goal and accomplishing something very few runners can achieve. After all, Running Level reports that the average 10k time across all ages and genders is 49:43, which is quite a … Read more

Couch to 10k Tips – All Of Your Burning Questions Answered!

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How Long Does It Take To Train For a 10k? + 8 Training Tips for Success

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10k Walking Guide: Beginner’s Training Guide To Walk 10k

If you tell a runner that you plan to walk a 10k, they may look at you somewhat puzzled and ask, “Why walk 10k when you can run?” But, walking 10k is a great option for runners who have an injury, people who want to get a good aerobic workout without stressing their joints as … Read more

How To Run 10k In 55 Minutes: Complete Guide + Training Plan

The 10k race distance is an alluring event for many runners because it’s long enough to feel like an impressive achievement but short enough to allow the training to fit in a busy schedule without getting in the way of work or family time.  Although just finishing a 10k can be a fantastic accomplishment, experienced … Read more

Running 10k Every Day: The Benefits, Drawbacks + What To Expect

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How To Hit A New 10k PR: 14 Expert 10k Tips To Get Faster

The 10k is a perfect distance for many runners. It’s long enough that it can pose an impressive challenge for beginners to work up to finishing their first 10k, and short enough that more experienced runners can typically fit the training into their weekly routine even with a full-time job. Once you have finished your … Read more

5k To 10k Training Plan: Complete Guide For A Successful Journey

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Running 6 Miles a Day: Make a Daily 10k Your Best Routine Yet

Running 6 miles a day – or running 10k a day – is a unique and ambitious endeavor. It takes a high level of emotional dedication as well as a hefty time commitment.  It also requires a base level of fitness to make sure you’re up for the task.  There are some envy-worthy benefits of … Read more