Ultramarathon Long Runs: How Long Should Your Longest Long Run Be?

Every runner wants to be fully prepared and confident about their fitness and ability to finish their race when they stand behind the starting line on race day. In order to get to that place, you have to have trained properly for the event to ensure your body and mind have the endurance, strength, and … Read more

Best Ultra Running GPS Watches: 2022 Edition

In this post, I share the best ultra running watches on our radar, and give you some pointers on what to look for in a GPS watch for your ultramarathon! Finding a good GPS watch for your ultramarathon – the training and the race itself – requires some research.    The requirements of an ultramarathon … Read more

How Frequently Should You Take Energy Gels During Races?

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How To Make The Leap From Marathon To Ultramarathon

You’ve run a marathon, maybe a few, and you’ve found yourself toying with the idea of an ultramarathon. But what does it take to go from marathon to ultramarathon? And do you have what it takes? A marathon is 26.2 miles, no more, no less. Typically, you can expect a marathon to be a fairly … Read more

How To Train For And Run 50k (+ 50k Training Plans)

Running a 50k is a great personal challenge and introduction to the world of ultramarathons – especially if you’ve come from the world of half marathons and marathons. But despite what you might hope, running a 50k isn’t just like running a marathon with a little bit extra added on at the end.  How many … Read more