The 6 Best Sprint Workouts For Beginners

When we hear the term sprinting, we most likely think of the famous Usain Bolt and his 100-meter world record time of 9.58 seconds or Florence Griffith-Joyner’s world record 100-meter time of 10.49 seconds. Their arms pumping, an inexplicable force driving these machines of human beings forward at unbelievable speeds; it all just seems so … Read more

5k To 10k Training Plan: Complete Guide For A Successful Journey

Congratulations on making the decision to graduate from running a 5k to a 10k! If you’ve just completed your Couch to 5k program and crossed the finish line of your first 5k race, or have run many 5ks and have now mastered the distance, we have all the information you need to jump to the … Read more

Running Safety On the Road & Trails: 8 Tips To Stay Safe While Running

Right off the bat, running doesn’t seem like an extreme sport. However, there are potential risks and hazards that we can avoid if the correct precautions are taken. Controlling these factors and following some basic running safety rules can aid in keeping us free from harm. From frigid temperature to the gear, GPS tracking systems, … Read more

How To Pick The Right Running Shoes: Our Complete Guide

Welcome to our guide on how to pick the right running shoes! If you’re looking for guidance on how to choose your next, or even your first pair of running shoes, then you’ve come to the right place. Knowing how to pick the right running shoes can be a confusing battle. There’s a minefield of … Read more

All Types Of Running, Explained: Guide To 10 Top Running Workouts

Regardless of your favorite race distance or the distance you usually train for, most training programs for runners incorporate a variety of types of running workouts. Not only does variety itself keep things fresh and prevent boredom and burnout, but each type of running workout in your training plan has a specific purpose and offers … Read more

How To Run On A Treadmill: Basics, Benefits + 5 Fun Workouts To Try

Whether you’re a beginner runner or have logged enough miles over your lifetime in the sport to circle the globe, chances are, you’ve found yourself running on a treadmill at one point or another. Many runners have a love-hate relationship with the treadmill. It’s a great training tool and safer alternative to running in the … Read more

Running Rules: The 13 Unspoken Rules + Proper Running Etiquette

For many of us, running is about freedom and escaping the routines of everyday life. However, it’s important to bear in mind some basic running etiquette and running rules to make sure you’re keeping the experience fun for everyone and that you’re staying safe. Most running etiquette is generally based on these two aspects. However, … Read more

Running Backwards: 5 Benefits of ‘Retro’ Running + 5 How To Tricks

We know what you’re thinking – but don’t worry, this article isn’t about encouraging you to run in 80’s fashion gear. Contrary to what the name suggests retro running is not running back in the day but rather the art of running backwards. Retro running can cover distances anything from a couple of meters on … Read more

The Run Walk Method: The Ultimate Running Method For Going Longer

If you’ve ever stopped to walk during a run or race because you were exhausted or out of breath, and then started running again once you felt bettfer, you’ve incorporated walking with your running. When discussing the run/walk method, however, we are talking about a more specific, planned strategy, using pre-determined times for walking breaks. … Read more

Gaining Weight From Running? Here are 4 Reasons Why you could be running but not losing weight

Gaining weight from running is probably not what you expected (or hoped for) when you got into the sport. If you’re like most runners, you’ve grown to love running and are looking for a way to lose weight and enjoy something you love doing.  Many people start running as a way to lose weight. It’s … Read more

Benefits Of Running On Sand: Make The Most of Training On The Beach

Whether you’re moving to a beach location or just headed out for a vacation, running on sand can be fun, challenging, and totally different from running on hard surfaces.  If you’ve tried run training on the sand before, you’ll know you have to adapt to the soft, moving surface and that your pace will be … Read more