Guide To Weightlifting for Runners

This guide to strength training and weightlifting for runners is by Whitney Heins, competitive marathoner, VDOT certified running coach, and founder of Runners have a reputation that they hate to lift weights. If they are going to break a sweat, they’d rather be running. Plus, they fear that lifting weights may make them bulky … Read more

Swimming for Runners: How to Make Your Pool Workout Boost Your Running Game

The benefits of swimming for runners are astounding – we always recommend cross-training for runners since the body needs variation to reach its full potential, and swimming is one of the best methods you’ll find. It’s also important to keep a blend of strength building workouts and cardio workouts since both are necessary for effective … Read more

The Benefits of Cycling For Runners: How To Use Your Bike To Run Better

We’re diving into cycling for runners, examining the benefits of cycling, and comparing cycling with running – with some tips from expert guest writers on the best ways to optimize your training.  Running and cycling are two pretty intertwined activities: they’re both forms of cardio which get you outdoors and covering terrain on your own … Read more