The Top 11 Benefits Of Running In The Morning

Most runners find that they are most consistent with their training if they establish a running routine, which typically involves running at roughly the same time of day every day that they run. Because of this tendency, runners usually fall within one of several different camps: morning runners, midday runners, or evening runs. While there’s quite … Read more

Walking 30 Minutes A Day: The Benefits And Tips To Make It A Habit

When many people consider starting an exercise program after being inactive for quite some time, they immediately jump to thinking that the only real options for working out involve signing up for a gym membership and getting on a cardio machine like the elliptical or bike. However, while cardio machines and gym workouts are certainly … Read more

When Is The Best Time To Work Out? Maximize Results By Timing Your Exercise

Our lives are busy. It seems like there’s always something going on or something to do, which is why most of us find it helpful to have a routine or schedule as a means of ensuring everything gets done.  Aside from givens like work and sleep, one of the main activities that we try to … Read more

Running Every Day: 18 Benefits + Potential Risks Of A Daily Run

It can be very challenging to start a fitness routine, let alone take up running. If you’ve been inactive for a long time, imagining yourself running every day likely seems nearly as inconceivable as winning the lottery or taking a trip around the world. After all, in accordance with Newton’s Laws of Motion and the … Read more

Walking 6 Miles A Day: 8 Great Benefits To Boost Your Health

When many people think of walking for exercise, they envision themselves walking 2-3 miles a day.  More ambitious walkers sometimes build up to walking 6 miles a day, which nearly doubles the time commitment, but is still quite feasible for many walkers. Moreover, walking 6 miles a day is associated with numerous benefits to your … Read more

Walking 10 Miles A Day: How To Prepare For Success

Walking 10 miles without stopping requires a solid cardio base and well-developed muscular endurance. There’s nothing easy about walking 10 miles a day, and athletes who do so need to take care of their bodies to stay healthy and strong to keep up this habit. It can take several months to build up to walking … Read more