What to Wear When Running: The Gear You Need To Start Running

What to wear when running, whether short or long distances, can play a big factor in your level of enjoyment and comfort during your run.   Here’s one thing you should know: you don’t need to spend a fortune on running gear. However, when considering “what should I wear running?” there are some must-have items for … Read more

Run With Your Phone: Options For Carrying Your Phone While Running

Wondering how to run with your phone? Are you torn between awkwardly running with your phone in your hand, or buying something to carry your phone> One of the most common questions I get asked by beginner runners is this: How do you run with your phone? When I started running, I really didn’t consider … Read more

The Best Ankle Support for Running: Address Your Ankle Sprains Now

If you’re trying to find the right ankle support for running, you’ll need to find the right one to do the job since there are different ankle braces for different folks.  Sprained ankles are a common running injury because of the fast transference of weight from one foot to another. Take into account the often … Read more